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»  Fabian Prewett, The Youngest of the Prewett Clan
Fabian Prewett
Posted: Feb 27 2012, 11:32 PM


Full Name: Fabian Voltaire Prewett

Nicknames: ...

Birthdate: November 15th, 1868

Current Age: 13

Occupation: Student

Hogwarts House: Current Gryffindor

  • Cypress 12" - The possessors of cypress wands are rarely called upon to lay down their lives, though doubtless many of them would do so if required. Wands of cypress find their soul mates among the brave, the bold and the self-sacrificing: those who are unafraid to confront the shadows in their own and others’ natures.

    This was what the person who sold Fabian his wand told him, and he never told anyone else, he didn't believe that it really applied to him, but he was told 'Deep down, we can even surprise ourselves'.
  • Firm - Like Fabian's willpower, this wand does not break easily.
  • Feather of a Roc - A rare and mysterious beast. It is known to be smart for just a large animal as well as gentle to those it trusts. This core helps with a wide range of spells.
Blood Status: Pure

Social Class: Upper

Gideon O. Prewett, father (deceased, Slytherin alumnus)
Harriet H. Prewett (nee Potter), mother (Author, Gryffindor alumna)

Faustus A. Prewett, brother (31, Auror, Gryffindor alumnus)
- Jane I. Prewett (nee Pettigrew), sister-in-law (25, Housewife, Gryffindor alumna)
- Jessamine H. Prewett, niece (4)
- Edelweiss S. Prewett, niece (4)
- Iris F. Prewett, niece (0)

Felicia F. Turnbull (nee Prewett), sister (27, Socialite, Ravenclaw, alumna)
- Leslie Turnbull, brother-in-law (52)
- Euphemia M. Turnbull, step-niece (18, Durmstrang alumna)
- Euan Turnbull, step-nephew (17, Durmstrang)
- Annag Turnbull, step-niece (15, Durmstrang)
- Felix P. Turnbull, step-nephew (deceased in infancy)
- Fergus L. Turnbull, nephew (5)
- Flora E. Turnbull, niece (3)
- Faunus M. Turnbull, nephew (3)

Frances C. A. . Crabbe (nee Prewett), sister (25, Housewife, Gryffindor alumnus)
- Taliesin __. Crabbe , brother-in-law (31, Ministry of Magic Employee)
- Crispin C. C. Crabbe, nephew(2)
- _____Crabbe, niece/nephew-to-be (due October 1882)

Fitzroy T. V. Prewett, brother(21, Professional Quidditch Player, Slytherin alumnus)

Felix __. __. Prewett, brother(21, Writer for The Daily Prophet, Slytherin alumnus)

Florence A. Howland (nee Prewett), sister (21, Housewife, Hufflepuff alumna)
- Anders T. Howland, brother-in-law (24, Ministry of Magic employee, Hufflepuff alumnus

Felicity J. Prewett, sister(18, Spell Damage Intern, Hufflepuff alumna)

Frederick Prewett, brother (17, Hufflepuff)

Fiona Prewett, sister(15, Ravenclaw)

user posted image

Taking on what looks like the features of his siblings, Fabian shares the 'red-hair' gene in his family. He looks most like his three closest sisters (Florence, Felicity, and Fiona) in that regard as well as the freckles that cover his face. His family hair is long and curly and in what some would describe as a curly 'mop' on his head. Getting it cut is out of the question, as he likes his hair long, and one of his earliest signs of magic was it growing back really fast.

The only thing about his face that seems he doesn't get from his family is his grey eyes. It is a sort of mystery as to where in the gene-pool those came from, but he has stopped questioning it. He likes those for being something of his own and something he doesn't share with any of his many siblings.

He stands no more than 5'0" at the moment (possibly a bit shorter) but he hasn't hit his growth spurt yet. He also weighs only 100 lbs, so he is quite a skinny kid. He doesn't show too many signs of muscles, except in his legs which is helpful for quick get-aways from those of authority.

He will wear school robes for classes, but outside of that he wears brown pants and a white shirt with a grey vest. If it isn't cold, the sleeves of his shirt will be rolled up.

History: Fabian was born after his father died, so he has nothing of him, except something he found (more later). He grew up the youngest of ten siblings (the oldest of which he never lived in the house with) and had to learn to fend for himself when it came to getting attention as he grew up. It wasn't easy but he never gave up until he was on top...or as close as he could get to. The older of his siblings were able to push him off most pedestals he tried to stand on. He had an attitude that didn't let that stop him until he had something that he would stand out for.

Among his siblings, he didn't like the older ones as much. Not really because he didn't think they weren't good people, he just didn't know them. The oldest, as mentioned before, was out of the house when he was born. The next few were off at Hogwarts most of the years as were the twins not long after. This left his youngest memories of childhood to be with Florence for a little while, but she also went away. He got to live with them in the summer, but that never seemed enough for them to connect on any level that was too deep.

He would grow closer to Felicity, Fredrick and Fiona most, as they weren't too far apart. While Fredrick tried to act like the father of the younger two, due to the lack of one, Fabian never really looked at him as such. It was too much rivalry as close brothers for any sort of 'paternal' feeling to get involved. He liked Felicity, she was kind and could be fun "For being a girl". He thought of Fiona as something of a bookworm. He liked her the most of his siblings probably because she was closest to himself (even though he thought she was a little boring when she read).

As he grew though, these siblings also left for school. He became a bit more independent in terms of entertainment (to the eventual headache of his governesses). He found that he liked to cause mischief. It was never intended to be mean, but he would go about playing pranks on people for a laugh. Sometimes they were funny enough for people to just call him a 'scamp' and he would get away, to sometimes he went a little far and did something more than he meant. It never got too bad, but in the latter, he would get a stern 'talking-to' and occasionally punished. He had a group of (lovable) children from the nearby neighborhood who helped him with these plots. While this was supposed to have the blame spread out among them, he always was the one caught. The others thought of him as slow or something, but he was in fact letting himself get caught so the others wouldn't get punished.

When his lessons began pre-Hogwarts, he was not the greatest student when being taught, but somehow he was able to get pretty good grades. He would not really pay attention during lessons, but he was quick when it came to teaching himself. He would go back over things that he was supposed to have been taught and learned it all. He never got as good as Fiona in his grades, but he was better than some of his other older siblings in this regard.

He began Hogwarts in 1879. As he sat with the Sorting Hat on his head, it was said he had it on for quite some time. He was looked at as being put into Slytherine or even Hufflepuff as a side. He told the Sorting Hat that he wanted to be in Gryffindor. They talked about it actually in his mind and then the hat shouted the name Gryffindor. He smiled and walked off to the table. It was a little surprising as all of the siblings he had there were in Hufflepuff (minus Fiona), so some just expected him to be sorted in that house. He still didn't tell anyone why the hat decided to put him in there, and that is a secret to this day (even partially to himself; he just felt an urge that he didn't belong anywhere else).

He didn't change much. He would play pranks on people (getting beat up more than once for doing it to older students) and getting in trouble for them. He gained some close friends, but he was also was seen as a little awkward when talking to girls beyond his sisters. He hadn't really interacted with any besides them and to him they were still a bit of a mystery. He wasn't the most confident really with anyone...that is unless he pulled a prank. He would have some friends help him set it up and he would (once more) take the heat. He would dramatically try and escape before a professor caught him, or when he was being lead off, he would act like he was a hero. His pranks would get him mixed reactions from his classmates.

Beyond that he and his friends were explorers. They would wander through the halls when they probably weren't supposed to and just see what they could find. They found that the school had many passages that weren't mentioned by anyone. They used these and found more and more. They were also caught at one point trying to go into the 'forbidden forest' on a dare. They almost made it but were caught in the last few seconds.

His grades, as with his lessons previous to Hogwarts, were pretty close to the top. His professors had no idea how he did it and they would suspect him of cheating, but when they tried to catch him, they found nothing. He was actually learning on his own quite well. He showed the proficiency with Defense against the Dark arts as well as Divination, Ancient Runes and Charms. He enjoys most of his subjects though (despite popular belief) but has no idea what he wants to do with his life.

He has tried in the last year to try and become more socially confident, but he still hasn't given up the want for attention, which pranking seems to give. He is still a little lost as to what he wants out of life. The closest thing he can think of is something to do with adventure. He plans on taking 'Care of Magical Creatures' as he wants to see what sort of nasty creatures he can learn about and possibly learn to take care of.

  • Center of Attention: If Fabian isn't being paid attention to, he will soon be. He wants people to acknowledge him for something in his life that his siblings don't have. It is hard to do that, when you have 9 others who are older than you and all are pretty well off.
  • Kind: Despite being a trickster, he is a kind young lad. He just doesn't show that side too often. He doesn't get to know to many people (minus his siblings) who know about this side.
  • Clever: The bane of the existence for many governesses. He is quick to think on his feet as well as resourceful. This combination helps him learn for himself, as well as pull masterful tricks, some that will be talked about for years to come.
  • Brave: He needs courage to do what he does in terms of pranking, some which are not only elaborate, but dangerous. His 'adventures' also require him to be fearless.
  • Loyal: He won't let anyone else be hurt or get in trouble because of his pranks. This shows that he has a side that he will go as far as to go for his friends. They don't forget this either and do not take advantage of it.

Sample Roleplay Post: *Bang* A flash of color as sparks flew everywhere around the hallway, not harming anyone, but causing quite the shock. Professors looked everywhere for the source, but they seemed to be coming from different areas. Only one was able to catch the bright orange of the hair of the perpetrator. He was running with a group of other students, assumed to be the accomplices. He was too fast for the professor to catch on foot, but a quick spell was able to stun him and have him slide of the smooth stone to a gentle halt.

He was lead up to the headmaster's room once more. It was the second time in a month. He was going to get detention and he was going to get an letter to his mother and one back...he looked for ways out of the situation, but he just sighed and stood there with a smile on his face. He had gotten a cheer from that prank. The students had been shocked first, but he had set the sparks to create pretty pictures and patterns. At least THEY were able to appreciate art when they saw it.

Name: Charlie
Age: 20
Contact: PM Maxwell Southerland
Other Characters: Maxwell Southerland, Alexander Fletcher
How did you hear about us? ...
{Violet Ollivander}
Posted: Feb 29 2012, 12:25 PM

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