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 Tipster, Clarity Question
James Riley
Posted: Feb 27 2012, 03:17 PM

Upper Class Asst. Head of Spell Damage

Group: Inactive
Posts: 293
Member No.: 621
Joined: 23-October 11

So, since the Tipster thread has been a little underloved, I'm not entirely sure what the protocol is for submitting something. Basically, what I want to know is, is it only a link-drop off, or can we also "start rumors" of sorts in the tip thread?

For example: We have a thread between Male Character A and Male Character B in which nothing particularly scandalous happens, but it takes place at Padmore Park after dark. The thread itself isn't really tip-worthy, but if I wanted to leave a tip along the lines of "Character A was seen sneaking around after dark with another man--his male lover?!" or "What was Character A doing in the park after dark? Does he have something to do with the vandalism in Wellingtonshire over the past few weeks?"

I feel like that would induce people to use the thread more often, because you could come up with some pretty ridiculous accusations and it would be a lot of fun... but I've been hesitant to try anything because I wasn't sure if this would be considered crossing a line and infringing on other player's RPing rights. Y'know, if Male Character A doesn't really want people to be wondering whether he's homosexual or a vandal or anything like that. =P I know we have the little "don't use this" tag for that sort of thing, but I'm afraid to start this and have it spiral into complete paranoia. XD

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Eleora Etherium
Posted: Feb 28 2012, 01:47 PM

Upper Class Freelance Daily Prophet Writer
Group Icon

Group: Elsewhere
Posts: 378
Member No.: 79
Joined: 2-January 11

I'm going to say that spinning a story is fine so long as you have a character who could be the IC source of said spin (even anonymously). So like ... my Una could see something at Hogwarts and spin it so it looks scandalous ... and she probably does, seeing as she's nasty like that.

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graphic set by Soph
James Riley
Posted: Feb 28 2012, 05:42 PM

Upper Class Asst. Head of Spell Damage

Group: Inactive
Posts: 293
Member No.: 621
Joined: 23-October 11

Sounds fantastic, thanks<3

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