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»  WALSH, Elizabeth, [Property of Lilly; Hogsmeade Citizen]
Elizabeth Blackwood
Posted: Jan 1 2012, 05:20 PM

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Full Name: Elizabeth Rose Blackwood Walsh
Nicknames: Liz, Lizzie, Rose, Little Rosie (only her Mother calls her this).
Birthdate: She was borne on November 26th in the year of Our Lord, Anno Domini 1863.
Current Age: She is 19 years of age.
Occupation: She is a citizen of Hogsmeade and currently is an Auror in Training, wife and mother.
Hogwarts House: She was placed into the Hufflepuff house, graduating class of 1882. She is now a wife and a mother.
Wand: She is connected to a 10" Elder wood wand with a unicorn tail core. The design of the wand is elegant swirls along the very straight shape. It is the tone and color of Elder with some mixture of very subtle lavender and purple. She has her name engraved in Celtic along the length of the wand in-between the swirls.
Blood Status: She is a Half-Blood, borne of a Pureblood and another Half-Blood.
Social Class: She is a Middle Class girl and is currently in training to become an Auror for the Ministry of Magic.
Family: Her mother, 38, is a Pureblood Charms specialist who attends to her brother, 6, and her sister, 10. Her father, 43, is a half-blood Auror for the Ministry of Magic. She recently was married to Nolan Walsh, a middle class, half-blood who is a seamster. She has two children, fraternal twins borne on the 15th of October, 1882; the girl, Éabha Léan Walsh who will be an absolute natural at Animagus abilities, and the boy, Seanán Ciar Walsh who will have Metamorphmagus.

Appearance: She is narrowly five foot and five inches (5' 5") tall and has been a healthy, athletic build and weight, particularly in the last year. She keeps in good shape and tends to get as much exercise and physical fitness into her life as possible. Whilst she didn't play any sports or engaged in much physical activity prior to her final year at Hogwart's, her ambition to become an Auror changed all of it so she could really pursue her dream. Even with having twins, she still maintains a very small, demure and lovely, now curvaceous, figure. She has long gentle blonde hair and subtle jade-green eyes with speckles of gold. Her heritage is of a mixture of ancient Celtic and British. Her personal passion is in soft pastel colors that are very feminine. She has a, mostly, strict code in Victorian values upon women.

Her Patronus is a female Arabian purebreed horse in adult age. Her Boggart is seeing her children and her husband dead before her in a most brutal manner; it used to be herself destroying everything and everyone she has ever loved. Her Amortentia is the smell of sweet lavender & lilacs, the smell of fresh clean spring air, fresh cloth being spun and damaged blood.

History: She was borne on a chilly early morning in Manchester, England. She had a typical childhood for her social class and was a gifted young girl in school before they were exiled to Hogsmeade. Upon coming to Hogsmeade, her parents purchased a small house in the middle class residential neighborhood and made it a warm, inviting, open place where Elizabeth could bring her friends.

Starting Hogwarts just before the exile, she quickly excelled at Charms, hexes and healing magic. She was also a fan of herbology as it helped in the methods to heal others. She has had a relatively uneventful life since her exile. She hasn't really made any attempts to have any romantic relationships beyond friendships. In her final year, she has chosen to become an Auror like her father and help defend the magical world from the evils that lie within the world. Coming into womanhood, she has started to consider the possibility of finally starting a romantic relationship with someone so that she might be married after she graduates.

Her wish came true in the most unlucky of forms: Nolan Walsh. This young man, while older than Elizabeth, was shy, quiet and socially awkward, which is quite the opposite of Elizabeth. They met during the Annual Flamel New Year's Eve Ball, where they hit it off, albeit awkwardly. Elizabeth quickly became enamored with the man and soon after, they started courting. Over time, they became very in love and eventually, Nolan proposed to Elizabeth with permission from her father. Some time during their betrothal, Nolan disappeared, only to return in a very terrible state.

She quickly discovered that the love of her life was a werewolf, but it didn't deter her from loving him or wanting to marry him. They both got through his strange transformation and eventually, Elizabeth graduated Hogwart's with full honors, was given an Outstanding in 9 of her 12 OWLs and performed Exceed Expectations for her NEWTs exams despite her pregnancy. Her dream of becoming an auror was slowly becoming a reality. Despite all of the issues of being pregnant in the last term of her final year at Hogwart's, she managed to get accepted by the Ministry of Magic for the Department of Magical Law Enforcement as an Auror in Training, prohibitive of the fact that her duty as a Mother comes first.

Her lovely children, fraternal twins as boy and girl, were borne in the waning months of 1882. A challenge arises for them all in the future of how long they ALL can keep the secret of her husband's parentage as a Werewolf.

Personality: She is a quiet, shy girl who prefers to stay in the background versus staying in the limelight. She loves to help others more than anything and often spends much of her time assisting other students, no matter their house. She is unfailingly loyal and kind-hearted, keeping a happy and sweet attitude. She believes that friends and family are extremely important and doesn't keep people away from her.

When she finally opens up to a friend, they will find she is engaging, powerfully attentive and a sweet conversationalist, finding interest in even the most insignificant things. She loves studying herbology and healing magic. She spends holidays with her family and holds modest parties for her friends and their families. She believes in the ancient magics and wishes to learn more about their function and purpose.

She is a bit torn by the fact that she had to leave all her Muggle friends behind and seeks to learn more of the Muggle world, much to the dismay of her father who believes that the Muggles are only seeking to harm the magical world with their greedy technological superiority complexes.

She is almost never seen attempting any romance and prefers to study when she is not with her friends. She can be a bit mysterious due to her shyness and only her closest friends really know her true personality.

Sample Roleplay Post: Hermione could not believe the events of the last day and a half. There were no words. No spells or rituals. No declarations of selflessness or desire to help could ever change what had happened. Harry was an absolute mess. She wasn't much better off at the moment. Harry had been able to stave off his intense pain and remorse for the loss of a very important person in his life to come to the evening's events. Hermione wished so much she could push it all away, push it aside, forget it, unremember it. She loved Dumbledore like a second father and to not feel his presence or his smile or his footsteps in the Great Hall... it was as though her own father had died.

She felt so intensely sorrowful that she spent most of the morning sobbing her eyes out with most of the Gryffindor girls. She stepped down the hallway with heavy, thoughtful steps. The heaviness and weight of sorrow and pain filled every motion and behavior. She only acknowleged people when she finally came into the Great Hall.

None were the delicious smells of food or the sounds of laughter or the fervent feeling of happiness or silliness amongst any of the students or staff. It was truly, the worst day of their lives. The most terrible, horrible event next to Sirius Black's death and the return of Lord Voldemort. Nothing she could say to Harry or Ron would be appropriate or adequate. She stepped past a few Slytherin and Hufflepuff students, gazing over at Draco with anger and loathing before taking a seat beside her friends at the Gryffindor table.

Her eyes met Harry's, who was silently glaring between Draco and Snape. He knew that Draco hadn't killed Dumbledore, but that Snape took his place. She didn't want to discourage him from wanting to harm the two, but she didn't condone his hatred for the Professor and Draco. They certainly weren't good people, but there had to be more. Something more definitive, something more concrete. She would find out one way or another and she would do whatever was necessary to help Harry.

School didn't matter anymore... it truly didn't. What mattered was defeating Voldemort and finding a way to prevent even more horrible tragedies from occurring. However, she would have to finish her sixth year at Hogwart's whether she enjoyed it or not. Lucky for her, Snape only hated her know-it-all attitude, rather than any actual skill she possessed. Snape admired her for her very good knowledge and apparent instantaneous skill using all magic, but that's where the admiration ended. She didn't need Legillimens to know Snape thought she was a snobby little brat of a girl who deserved to be punished and possibly expelled from Hogwart's.

She saw Keira sitting across from her and nodded to her in acknowledgement, but she really couldn't speak, her eyes were already tearing up seeing Dumbledore's tabard hanging from the ceiling. She started to softly sob, trying to hold in every emotion within her. Ron seemed intense with pure anger, simply just glaring at Snape like he was the Devil Incarnate.

We will finish this, Albus. We will end this! She thought clearly in her head. She stopped for a moment as she gazed at Ginny who was gently pushing herself into Harry. She enjoyed seeing them loving each other. She knew that Ginny loved Harry more than any other person on Earth, well, except maybe her Mother heh.

She took one last gaze around and then focused on Snape, waiting for him to speak before the feast would be brought up, which only made her think of those poor house elves beneath their feet, working so hard for nothing and no one, especially Dobby and Winky.

Name: Lianna, but I'm known by my friends as Lilly, Lia, Lee, Lili, Leeloo or Lea.
Age: I am currently 27 years old.
Contact: The best method of contact outside of a PM on the board are AIM: liannababeli and Skype: liannababeli.
Other Characters: Several, but only this one is active. ;)
How did you hear about us? Stumbled upon while searching RPG-D. ^^

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Seanán Ciar and Éabha Léan
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{Violet Ollivander}
Posted: Jan 1 2012, 10:01 PM

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Thanks for deciding to join us, we hope you have a blast! :D


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