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July 1883

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»  Hogwarts 1882-1883, Schedule, Student lists, Quidditch, etc.
Posted: Oct 13 2011, 11:26 AM

Root Account

Group: Admin
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Joined: 28-April 10


--- 09/01 (Friday): Start of term
--- 09/01 (Friday): Sorting Hat and Welcome Feast
--- 09/04 (Monday): Classes start
--- 09/09 (Saturday): Quidditch team tryouts

--- 10/21 (Saturday): Hogsmeade Trip
--- 10/28 (Saturday): Potion Brewing Competition
--- 10/31 (Tuesday): Halloween Feast (no new forum will be created)

--- 11/04 (Saturday): Quidditch Match, Gryffindor vs. Hufflepuff
--- 11/10-12 (Friday-Sunday): Dueling Tournament
--- 11/18 (Saturday): Hogsmeade Trip
--- 11/25 (Saturday): Quidditch Match, Ravenclaw vs. Slytherin

--- 12/09 (Saturday): Hogsmeade Trip
--- 12/17 (Sunday): Start of winter holidays - no classes

--- 01/07 (Sunday): End of winter holidays
--- 01/08 (Monday): Classes resume, First day of optional 12 week Apparation Class - every Monday
--- 01/20 (Saturday): Hogsmeade Trip
--- 01/27 (Saturday): Quidditch Match, Hufflepuff vs. Slytherin

--- 02/10 (Saturday): Hogsmeade Trip
--- 02/17 (Saturday): Quidditch Match, Gryffindor vs. Slytherin

--- 03/03 (Saturday): Quidditch Match, Hufflepuff vs. Ravenclaw
--- 03/10 (Saturday): Hogsmeade Trip
--- 03/16-18 (Friday-Sunday): Dueling Tournament
--- 03/26 (Monday): Last day of optional 12 week Apparation Class

--- 04/02 (Monday): Apparition Testing in the Great Hall
--- 04/07 (Saturday): Hogsmeade Trip

--- 05/05 (Saturday): Quidditch Match, Gryffindor vs. Ravenclaw
--- 05/12 (Saturday): Hogsmeade Trip
--- 05/19 (Saturday): Quidditch Cup: Gryffindor (2nd: Slytherin, 3rd: Ravenclaw, 4th: Hufflepuff)
--- 05/24 (Thursday): O.W.L Testing
--- 05/25 (Friday): N.E.W.T Testing
--- 05/30 (Tuesday): Last day of classes, End of term feast House Cup Awarded: Hufflepuff (2nd: Slytherin, 3rd: Gryffindor, 4th: Ravenclaw)
--- 05/31 (Wednesday): Hogwarts' Annual Coming Out Ball

--- 07/31 (Tuesday): OWLs and N.E.W.Ts results, Hogwarts acceptance letters and supply lists (as well as Prefect and Head Boy/Girl badges) sent out.

Since it was considered improper for young ladies to walk about without chaperon's, Hogwarts provides chaperons through teachers and Head of Houses as well as other staff members. They are assigned to a location and whomever wants to go to that particular location will be escorted there in a group. Seeing as the groups could be rather large, it would be easy to escape from the chaperon's view, though is greatly frowned upon and could result in a detention. Third years and higher are allowed to go on the excursions. Students who have written permission from their parents/guardians are allowed to visit their families in Hogsmeade if there is a good reason, such as a family emergency, a wedding, or a funeral. As a note, students are not allowed to leave school for events like family dinners.

O.W.L.s are tests taken by all fifth years.

N.E.W.T.s are tests taken by all seventh years.

Quidditch game and House Cup outcomes are decided OOC by coin flips. Characters are more than welcome to play these outcomes out. The bolded house names are the winners of the match.

To apply for a quidditch position, simply post in maintenance claiming that position. First years are not accepted as players at this time.

To apply for a student staff position, please fill out this form and PM it to a staff member, who will then post it up for scoring in the staff forum. Scoring guidelines can be found in the linked thread. Student must have an average score of 3 to be accepted for the position.
Posted: Nov 10 2011, 11:47 AM

Root Account

Group: Admin
Posts: 0
Member No.: 1
Joined: 28-April 10


First Years: 12 | Second Years: 06
Third Years: 09 | Fourth Years: 16 | Fifth Years: 18
Sixth Years: 33 | Seventh Years: 15

First Years Lugus Cardew
Maxine Wood
Adasia Mohr
Kenton Gallivan
James Grey
Katy Farthing
Reiko Mountbatten
Second YearsKayline Prewett
Henry Fitzgerald
Third Years Castor Allaway
Muireann Sheenan
Isadora Stevens
Dolly Leigh
Myles Swift
Fourth Years Gemma Simpson
Tristan Carmichael
Abigail Ashwood
Fifth Years Ellory Pendergast *
Dawn McClivert
Archibald Ashwood
Walter Pendergast
Sixth Years Elsie Beauregard
Tybalt Kirke
Saoirse Sheehan
Sebastian Beauregard
Charlotte Everhart
Seventh YearsLeopold Trelawney #
Cailean Beckett
Demetria Longbottom *

First Years --
Second Years Cornelia Lestrange
Third Years --
Fourth Years Tamsin Skeeter
Josiah Hatchitt
Audrey Reed
Fifth YearsAndren Lovegood
Ismene Swift
Loretta Browne *
Harvey Beauregard *
Sixth YearsCharlotte Lethaby
His Majesty Merlin Huxley
Georgi Alexandrov
Seventh Years William Pendergast *
Minnie Pendergast
Ivy O'Neill

First Years Adorabelle MacDougal
Benjamin Turner
Charlotte Beauregard
Second YearsCecily Gallivan
Oliver Detheridge
Third YearsPetra Sleptova
Marissa Greene
Rasmus Mohr
Fourth YearsBeatrice Skye
Theodore Gallivan
Fauna Attwood
Fifth Years Joseph Simpson
Thompson Skeeter
Mariah Mohr *
Victoria Hatchitt
Lynette Maroc
Tessa Darrow
Sixth Years Angie Sinnet
Cassius Lestrange
Eli Swan
Blanche Chaucer
Judy Hatchitt
Cecilia Chaucer
Victoria Hatchitt
Fortuna Lockhart *
Fiona Prewett
Marianne Burdon
Portia Blishwick
Emélie Anansi
Seventh Years Odira Browne #
Evangeline Asperhand
Dylan Baines
Gideon Browne *
Lucian Dudley
Jesse Hatchitt

First YearsLaoise Simpson
Kristoffer Lestrange
Second Years Nicolaus Eaton
Third Years Delphina Slughorn
Fourth YearsYarrow Macnair
Mathilda Prince
Fflur Hopkins
Emmett Beauregard
Gwenivier Pendragon
Penelope Darrow
Demetri Yuri Draginoff
Fifth YearsAntigone Baudelaire *
Sorcha MacFusty
Brynn Malfoy
Galina Dragova
Sixth YearsRosalind Pendergast *
Merrythought Galatea
Eva Sleptova
Nóirín Sheenan
Rebecca Grey
Ella Carrington
Harrison Primpernelle
Brutus Kettleburn
Tatiana Lestrange
Cora Featherbottom
Elijah-Thomas Burke
Helena Prince
Seventh Years Noelle Selwyn
Etana Asperhand
Surreal SaDiablo

Prefects have a * behind their name. Years 5-7 are allowed to be elected as prefects, one boy and one girl are elected in their fifth year and carry out their duties until they leave the school. Head Girl and Head Boy have a # behind their name.
Posted: Nov 10 2011, 11:48 AM

Root Account

Group: Admin
Posts: 0
Member No.: 1
Joined: 28-April 10


Head Boy Leopold Trelawney 7th Year
Head Girl Odira Browne 7th Year

Male Prefects -- 5th Year
-- 6th Year
-- 7th Year
Female Prefects Ellory Pendergast 5th Year
-- 6th Year
Demetria Longbottom 7th Year

Captain Leopold Trelawney
Chaser -- vacated March 1883
Chaser Castor Allaway
Chaser Leopold Trelawney
Beater Tybalt Kirke
Beater Cailean Beckett
Keeper Tristan Carmichael
Seeker Henry Fitzgerald

Male Prefects Harvey Beauregard 5th Year
-- 6th Year
William Pendergast 7th Year
Female Prefects Loretta Browne 5th Year
-- 6th Year
-- 7th Year

Captain --
Chaser --
Chaser --
Chaser --
Beater William Pendergast
Beater Andren Lovegood
Keeper Josiah Hatchitt
Seeker --

Male Prefects -- 5th Year
-- 6th Year
Gideon Browne 7th Year
Female Prefects Mariah Mohr 5th Year
Fortuna Lockhart 6th Year
-- 7th Year

Captain Dylan Baines
Chaser Theodore Gallivan
Chaser --
Chaser -- vacated 08/82
Beater Jesse Hatchitt
Beater --
Keeper Dylan Baines
Seeker Cassius Lestrange

Male Prefects -- 5th Year
vacated March 1883 6th Year
-- 7th Year
Female Prefects Antigone Baudelaire 5th Year
Rosalind Pendergast 6th Year
-- 7th Year

Captain Harrison Primpernelle
Chaser Harrison Primpernelle
Chaser -- vacated February 10th, 1883
Chaser -- vacated October 25th 1881
Beater Brutus Kettleburn
Beater Yarrow Macnair
Keeper -- vacated March 1883
Seeker Emmett Beauregard
Quidditch Captains must be at least a fifth year and have played on the team for at least one year previously. Quidditch players during this time period were typically male, due to the rough nature of the sport. As of 25 October 1881, females are banned IC from playing Quidditch. Hogwarts does not have second string quidditch teams.

For a list of people who have held student staff positions in the past and what the teams looked like before the ban, click here.

For a list of Hogwarts Professors, click here.

To apply for a prefect position during the school year, please fill out the form below and PM it to a staff member. To apply for a prefect position over the summer, you must wait until July when applications are being accepted.
[b]Full Name:[/b] [b]Blood Status:[/b] [b]Social Class:[/b] [b]House:[/b] [b]Position Applying For:[/b] [b]Why are you suited for this position?[/b] (Filled out from an IC standpoint. Threads may be linked for proof/reference. IC behavior, participation in any class threads, good grades, etc. would be helpful to include.)

The Form Cheat Sheet:

Full Name: No scoring on this.
Blood Status: Scoring will be 1-5 for HoH (if any) depending on their blood purity views, staff will not score
Social Class: Scoring will be 1-5 for HoH (if any) depending on their views, staff will not score
House: Not scoring on this.
Position Applying For: Not scoring on this.
Why are you suited for this position? Score will be 1-5. Grades, classes attended, behavior, actual responses and proof of leadership/good behavior/role-modelness will be all taken into account. They should also represent their respective house's values. Ex: Gryffindor = chivalry, Hufflepuff = harmony, Ravenclaw = knowledge, Slytherin = ambition. Should be filled out through the character applying from their point of view. Staff will judge OOC, HoH will judge IC when applicable.

Scoring will be done with averages. A 5 is the highest score, with a 1 being the lowest. All five staff members will give a score and the respective Head of House will give a score for each category mentioned below (if applicable) These scores will be averaged out.

Posted: Jul 20 2013, 08:47 AM

Root Account

Group: Admin
Posts: 0
Member No.: 1
Joined: 28-April 10


Below are the grades required for students to enter into NEWT-level classes in a particular subject. Please note that Art, Music, and Etiquette do not have OWLs or NEWTs, but the first two are offered from third year forward, and the third is mandatory for all years. Hogwarts professors may PM any member of staff to have their requirement added to the list; until they do so, and for unfilled classes, the default requirement is a pass (A)

Alchemy Meserimus Valenduris Acceptable (A)
Ancient Runes Stellan Vinter Exceeds Expectations (E)
Ancient Studies Hamish Darrow Exceeds Expectations (E)
Arithmancy -- Acceptable (A)
Astronomy Antonius Browne Acceptable (A)
Care of Magical Creatures Edgar Graves Acceptable (A)
Charms Violet Ollivander Acceptable (A)
Defense Against the Dark Arts Nikolai Sleptov Exceeds Expectations (E)
Divination -- Acceptable (A)
Earth Magic -- Acceptable (A)
Ghoul Studies -- Acceptable (A)
Herbology Mason Skeeter Acceptable (A)
History of Magic Will Rutledge Acceptable (A)
Muggle Studies -- Acceptable (A)
Potions Icarus Prince Exceeds Expectations (E)
Transfiguration Brendan Beckett Exceeds Expectations (E) - The best sales, coupons, and discounts for you

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