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»  Selina "Sel" Blackburn
Selina Blackburn
Posted: Sep 6 2011, 08:27 PM

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Full Name: Selina Amber Blackburn
Nicknames: Sel
Birthdate: January 14, 1860
Current Age: 21
Occupation: Healer in the Artifacts Injuries division at the Hogsmeade Hospital
Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw
Wand: Rosewood, Dragon Heartstring, Nine and a Half Inches, Supple
Blood Status: Pure Blood
Social Class: Upper
Family: Selina has been her family's favorite all her life.  After many failed pregnancies, her mother finally was able to bear her one and only child Selina.  Because of her mother's difficulty at child bearing, her family cherished Selina, they treated her as if she was made of glass and would break at any given moment.  Selina's mother however, despite the numerous miscarriages, despised Selina.  Helena, Selina's mother, wanted a boy- and only a boy.  Girls couldn't pass down the family name, therefore Selina was deemed worthless.  

After Selina turned four her father began to turn on her as well.  Anthony Blackburn was a heavy drinker and he enjoyed participating in domestic abuse.  Lina's abuse started the night before her fifth birthday, it was nothing major.  Something a parent or governess would do to their child, it was a simple slap across the cheek.  But if only someone caught on to what the emotional toll would do to Selina, maybe her life would've played out differently, rather than the scarred and quiet girl Selina became.

Her grandmother was Caroline Smith, a middle class proprietor who married up.  Caroline never enjoyed the wealth she acquired, she much preferred the solitary of her parlor than the glamourous life.  Caroline took pride in her only granddaughter. She was determined to give the girl the life she never enjoyed as a child.  Selina took most of her beliefs out of what her grandmother taught her.

user posted image

She is 5'6".  Selina takes pride in her body although she does not flaunt it.  She has very small hands, almost too small for her body.  She is very slim from her countless hours of riding her horse, Mitchell. Her hair falls in chocolate brown waves to the small of her back, but she normally keeps it pinned up or tied up in a ribbon. Her eyes are almost slanted but not compltely, and they are a dark brown, only slightly darker than her hair. Her jaw line is sharp, and she has a cleft chin, said to be from her mother's side of the family.  
History: Selina was hit for the first time the night before her fifth birthday, January 16, 1865.  Her father was drinking heavily and his breath smelt like stale ale.  Unsuspecting Selina went up to him with his wand in her hands, she had been trying to make a spark to prove to her parents she wasn't a squib, whatever that meant.  Lina tripped over a tear in the carpet and fell to the ground, the wand was broken before it hit the ground.  

The abuse carried on through the years, Selina was considered no better than a servant, she had three gowns, and received a new one whenever a relative came to visit.  One time her aunt Maureen caught her in her rags, what she normally wore around the house, and demanded an explanation from her parents.  Years later and Selina could still feel the scars.

Caroline died when Selina was fourteen.  Caroline had been ill for some time and her death was long expected.  However, when Selina found out several weeks later, it caused her great grief. Lina was never the same after that.  Her grandmother had been her lifeline, the one who taught her right from wrong.  Losing her at such an young age added to the emotional damage Selina suffered from for many years.

During her years at Hogwarts, Lina wasn't very well known. She tried to lay low due to her visible, and non visible scars. During her fifth year she had a rather lengthy stay in the hospital wing, and the nurse at the time understood Selina's predictament and promised to keep her secret to herself. It was during her stay at the hospital that she decided that she wanted to become a healer as well. She wanted to help others the way she had been helped. When she went to apply for the job as a healer, at the time the only position open was for a artifact healer. At first Selina didn't want to take the job because she had no prior experience with artifacts but she received encouragement from the nurse and accepted it. It took her a few years to fully grow into the position, by age twenty she felt like a know it all when it came to artifact related incidents. Meanwhile she wasn't even close, she was simply an overconfident novice with a gentle touch. When she acquired the job her colleagues thought she was mad for working, why the need to work when you already had riches? Selina only wanted to help others.

On July 14, 1877, Seline's mother and father were killed by a rogue assassin.  Because they had
left no male heir, Selina received all her father's money.  Although she didn't live to show it, Selina was probably among the richest witches and wizards.  Her father had been a very successful businessman in the muggle world and an official in the magical.  Selina's first purchase was her house in Hogsmeade.  It wasn't anything special, but it was home. After purchasing her home, she ordered the manor to be destroyed and rebuilt closer to the village that she grew up in. Just looking at the old manor made her sick to her stomach as she remembered the awful years that her parents had put her through. She sold all her parents' possessions and used the money to furnish the manor, which she now uses to house girls with no where else to turn.

Personality: Selina is very reserved.  Due to her upbringing she doesn't speak unless spoken to or something that had been said strongly affects her.  She hates the fact that she is so wealthy, what she hates more is how everyone knows it.  Lina is said to speak with a fire when she is angry, and that is something that comes on rather quickly.  She has a short temper and an even shorter fuse, but she tries to control it when out in public.  If her anger problems become too overbearing, she tends to disappear for hours on end, riding her horse Mitchell through the woods that surrounded Hogwarts.

She likes to believe that she is strong, and she always manages to put up a front where she is okay.  But Lina constantly feels like her father is lurking around the corner, ready to jump out and hurt her all over again.  It had taken years of learning magic to be able to protect herself from him, and now that he was dead, she is afraid to walk past a portrait because she fears her father might be lurking there.
Patronus: A humming bird
Boggart: Her father
Amortentia: Lilacs, Vanilla candles, an unfamiliar smell, and the smell of the woods.
Sample Roleplay Post: Lina groggily rubbed the sleep out of her eyes, she had forgotten again to close the heavy blue velvet curtains again last night.  They were draped to the side, the white lace that was under the ocean blue curtain billowed slightly in the wind.  'Anyone could've gotten in last night.' She thought bitterly to herself and laughed at her foolishness.  It was something so simple as to drawing the shutters, and she just couldn't do it.  There was a mental block there, as if she wanted someone to break into her house and cause her potential harm.  Who wouldn't want that?

She heard the loud bangs of the kitchen staff downstairs.  Her three elves were, as always, preparing her a five course meal for breakfast, meanwhile the most she'd end up eating would be
a freshly picked apple and a glass of ale.  The elves had come with the wealth she acquired from her father, now it wasn't something she embraced, but they made life easier for her.

The bright June sun shined brightly through the window.  The beams of light reflected off her looking glass and made an asymmetrical pattern on the high vaulted ceiling.  Her uniform was lying on the chair in front of the looking glass, thankfully unwrinkled.  The white petticoat with the pale green skirt made Lina feel like she was making a difference just by looking at them.  

Her elf, Jodie, rang the morning bell, letting Seline know that she had thirty minutes to eat breakfast and leave her house for work.  She quickly donned the familiar uniform and hurried down the stairs, her white slippers making soft thuds as she proceeded.  "Good morning Jodie." She said smiling at the Elf.  Showing them simple curtesy was the least she could do for all they did for her.   

Name: Sarah
Age: 16
Contact: none
Other Characters: none
How did you hear about us? from a friend.

Selina Valerius Blackburn is played by sarah

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Posted: Sep 7 2011, 10:48 AM

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