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»  Niamh O'Callaghan
Gromlaith Turnbull
Posted: Mar 18 2011, 10:57 PM

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In Character
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Full Name: Niamh O'Callaghan, although legally she's Gromlaith Niamh Turnbull née O'Callaghan

Nicknames: Laith, but only to Lucian as he knows her true identity

Birthdate: 7 July 1854

Current Age: 27, although she claims to be 21

Occupation: Debutante

Hogwarts House: Slytherin

Wand: oak and dragon heartstring, 12 inches, supple

Blood Status: Unknown; she claims to be a Pureblood

Social Class: Upper Class; born into the lower end of the Middle Class


    Felix Turnbull was her husband of seven years, at least nominally. He is now a ghost, and she stole everything from their house and vault when he died.

    Molly O'Callaghan, her mother, is an ex-prostitute. Rowan O'Callaghan might or might not be her father. She has three younger sisters and a little brother, all of which are Rowan's children.

Appearance: Although she is not exactly a tall woman, Gromlaith stands slightly above average at 5'6. She is slim, but buxom for her otherwise willowy form. Her clothing tends to be daring and aimed at grabbing attention, but at the same time she manages to stay just within the bounds of respectability. Bright red hair, a result of her Irish heritage, falls in curls that are shorter than is strictly fashionable or without being scandalous. She has light sea colored eyes in a pale face, and she is constantly is fighting to keep her unfashionable freckles from showing. Laith is right handed.

In order to disguise herself, Laith has charmed her hair dark brown.

History: Shortly after discovering she was pregnant Molly convinced a kindly yet simpleminded patron that she was carrying his child and that they should wed. Rowan might even have been the child's father, but that hardly mattered to Molly. After the wedding she was living better than she ever had in her life, and found herself content in her retirement.

Perhaps Molly had some grand views of the future, because the name she gave her first daughter was anything but simple. Gromlaith was her mummy's little princess, and was always a bit spoiled. It was mostly a result of the fact that she is what got Molly out of the business.

Gromlaith was Sorted into Slytherin when she started at Hogwarts. While bright, Laith was not overly fond of applying herself and barely made it through Hogwarts; she was the only one of her siblings to do so because her family's finances were tight. She immediately started looking for a rich husband, and after a while found one in Felix Turnbull. Laith loved Felix's wealth and position; Felix was drawn in by Laith's beauty and wit. There was no illusion that the marriage was based on anything but convenience. Love never entered the picture.

After her husband died, Laith quickly gathered up everything they had owned to maximize her own profit from her husband's death. With that wealth, she left for the American West to start a new life. Unfortunately, she found that the frontier did not agree with her (primarily because it was too much work), and so several months later she disguised herself to escape prosecution for theft and returned to Hogsmeade, claiming to be a young lady by the name of Niamh O'Callaghan and looking once more for a wealthy (and preferably elderly) husband.

Personality: Cold. Rational. Self-serving.

Patronus: unknown

Boggart: Herself, ugly and poor.

Amortentia: Her own perfume.

Sample Roleplay Post:

While Gromlaith was more than prepared to act bored, she assumed that the only reason she actually would be was if she got shunted off into a room filled with empty headed wives. Although she knew that she had to feign disinterest, she actually enjoyed the ministry business and backhanded conspiracies that she found her marriage. Other than the lavish lifestyle that her marriage provided, knowing the tasty tidbits she could file away for when they were needed was the best part of her marriage.

Such of the fact that not only had her husband known about the conspiracy, he had also been a part of it. Oh, he had been good at hiding it from both the ministry and the public, but he could not hide it from his wife.

The Irishwoman reached out a gloved hand daintily, waiting for a kiss. "Charmed to meet you, Mr. Allaird," she said sweetly, full of false warmth and faked sincerity. She held her eyes a touch wider than she normally did, trying to convey a sort of womanly innocence with her blue-green gaze. She was good at what she did, good at faking warmth and gentleness. "You simply must call me Laith," she added with a warm smile. "Being called Mrs. Turnbull makes me feel so old." She glanced briefly over at her husband before returning her gaze to their host. He was pleasantly unmarried, something that Laith heartily approved of. The more single men she could interest in herself, the better chance she would have of remarrying quickly once Felix finally keeled over.

Out of Character
Name: Emily

Age: 24

Contact: PM is preferred

Other Characters: See Staff Intro

How did you hear about us?: various ads, RPG-D

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{Violet Ollivander}
Posted: Mar 20 2011, 05:34 PM

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Very interesting! ;D



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