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»  Adoptable Family Members, Of Existing Characters
Alicia Denbright
Posted: Jul 2 2013, 05:20 PM

Middle Class — Translator for the Dept of International Co-Ops
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Group: Ministry Member
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Joined: 2-July 13

user posted image

Sophia Christine Denbright is the younger sister of Alicia, born 1860. Like her sister, she has dark hair and dark eyes however she inherited her lighter skin colour from her British father rather than her Spanish mother. She attended Hogwarts between 1871 and 1878, where she was sorted into ____. She is a sweet-natured young woman and has had numerous offers of marriage. It is up to the player whether she is engaged, or whether she has refused these offers, either because she is picky or because her mother does not deem her suitors good enough. She is favoured by both parents above her elder sister for being more classically attractive. Whether she has chosen to work is up to the player, but she is likely to rank marriage above a career. The suggested PB is Maria Valdverde, though any age appropriate, dark-haired young woman is acceptable.

user posted image

Maria Denbright nee Olmos the mother of Alicia, born 1839 in Madrid, Spain. She is of lower class origins and is muggleborn. She met her husband, Jasper, a British pureblood wizard on an extended vacation in Madrid, in 1855 when she was sixteen: an ambitious young girl, she bedded the Brit and was lucky enough to conceive, securing a marriage that was extremely beneficial to her (if not to her husband). Luckily for her she gave birth to a son and the marriage was cemented. Years later she is still ambitious, and determined to make good matches for her three children. She prefers her son and her youngest daughter, Sophia, but disapproves of Alicia working and would prefer to see her married. Cote de Pablo is strongly preferred because of her darker skin tone and Chilean (like Oona Chaplin) heritage but any age appropriate woman with similar skin tone/dark features will do.

user posted image

Jasper Elias Denbright is Alicia's father, born 1827. At Hogwarts he was sorted into _____. He is a pureblooded member of the wizarding middle class, and spent his life in London before moving to Hogsmeade shortly after its inception following the increased conflict. His personality is entirely up to his player, however while he strongly believes a woman should marry rather than work, he is too invested in his son and heir’s future to object too violently to Alicia’s career. He married his wife in 1855 following a holiday dalliance which resulted in pregnancy. He does not love his wife, and resents the fact he was forced (in his opinion) to marry her. He is, however, grateful that she gave him a son. He likely works at the Ministry, though not in the same department as his daughter. His suggested PB is Jeffrey Dean Morgan, though any other dark haired, age appropriate alternative would suffice.

user posted image
Iris MacRoy
Posted: Jul 14 2013, 06:00 AM

Middle Class — Debutante
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Group: Hogsmeade
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Joined: 12-July 13

Silas MacRoy (surname can be changed) is the younger step-brother of Iris MacRoy born in 1871 He is a bright young man, but you can really create any kind of character with him! PB suggestion - David Mazouz

Yvonne Smith (Name can be changed entirely) is the aunt of Iris MacRoy She is a loving lady who lost her husband in the same accident as the siblings lost both of their parents. She took them in so after and gave them a healthy lifestyle within the middle class. PB - Open

user posted image
Delphina Slughorn
Posted: Jul 17 2013, 02:37 PM

Middle Class — Third Year
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Group: Slytherin
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Joined: 12-July 13

The Slughorns

Lorenz Slughorn | Lorenz is Delphina’s father. He is 35 years old and a Slytherin alumnus. He is the firstborn of his family and hails from the middle class.. (He has two younger siblings.) Lorenz works for the Ministry of Magic and makes nice amount of money, enough to keep Camilla from working. His marriage to Camilla was quite a scandal, as he impregnated her during his seventh year. The young couple were married quickly and quietly. He’s rather liberal with his views in the matters of arranging marriages for his children. His agreement to betroth his second youngest daughter, Liviana, to a halfblood, Mr. Valour Rutledge, not only shocked his family, but the community as well. His play-by is open, but he must be fair-haired.

Camilla Slughorn | Camilla is Delphina’s mother. She is 34 and a Slytherin alumna. She is the second-born of her family and originally hailed from the upper class. She is a domestic housewife; due to Lorenz’s income at the Ministry (and her dowry), she doesn’t have to work and can continue to, more or less, live in the lifestyle she was born into. She was impregnated by Lorenz during her sixth year and thus, she never finished her schooling. She is very adamant about her children completing school. Her views in regards to betrothing her children are very conservative; she believes that they should all be wedded to other purebloods. She is not pleased with her husband’s decision in betrothing Liviana to a halfblood. Her play-by is open, but she must have brown hair and light eyes.

Liviana Slughorn | Liviana is Delphina’s younger sister and the third-born of the family. She is recently turned 13 and was sorted into Gryffindor her first year, much to her family’s surprise. She was previously played. She shares her mother’s views of blood purity and is unhappily betrothed. She was very fond of her older brother, Junius, and has been deeply affected by his death. Suggested play-bys are Maria Chukova and Valery Zaikeva, but any girl with brown hair and light eyes will do.

Tacitus Slughorn | Tacitus is Delphina’s favorite brother. He is 11 years old and will be starting at Hogwarts this fall (1883). His House is open, but he’s best suited for Slytherin or Ravenclaw. Tacitus’s name dictates his personality: he’s a very quiet boy. He’s not particularly social and prefers to observe rather than interact. Tacitus has been rather affected by his brother’s death as he is now become the heir to the Slughorn family. He’s quite nervous about his family’s new expectations about him. His play-by is open, but is required to be either fair-haired or dark-haired, and light-eyed.

Herminia Slughorn | Herminia is Delphina’s youngest sister and she is 9 years old. Her personality is open. Her suggested play-by is Alisa Mironova, but any child with fair hair or dark hair, and light eyes is acceptable.

Emerentius Slughorn | Emerentius is the second-to-youngest child of the Slughorns and is 8 years old. His personality and play-by are open, too. The child must either be fair-haired or dark-haired, and light-eyed.

Octavius Slughorn | Octavius is the eighth child of the Slughorn family, hence his name. He is 4 years old. His personality and play-by are open to the player, but the standard for his appearance still applies: fair-haired or dark-haired, and light-eyed.

If you are interested in playing one of the Slughorns, please send a PM to Hymn on Delphina's account.

Important Note: There is a naming convention to the Slughorn children. Please PM Hymn on Delphina's account for more details on this naming convention. You may also look at Delphina, Junius, and Liviana's profiles to get an idea of how the Slughorn children have been named. :)

This post has been edited by Delphina Slughorn on Jul 23 2013, 05:05 PM

Elisabeth Fairfax
Posted: Jul 19 2013, 11:30 AM

Upper Class — Owner of Gladrag's Wizardwear
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Group: Hogsmeade
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Member No.: 377
Joined: 4-July 11

Elisabeth Fairfax is a muggle born witch who was born into the lower classes but who married a wizard of the upper classes. He died of the fever a year into their marriage and now lives in hogsmeade with her male friend Jude Hardcastle and runs Wizhard Dress Makers. She still owns a muggle linen mill and some muggle businesses which her brother runs.
    user posted image

    This is Mister Nicolas Higgins, he is the elder brother of Elisabeth. He is 26 years old and is the manager of all of Lissys muggle ventures, so while socially he was born into the lower class, he has lived most of his adult life as a member of the middle class and would be considered this by anyone he meets. He is likely to be moving to Irvingly to be closer to his sister and since his mother has recently passed away. I would love for him to move to Irvingly and then to marry a witch, mainly because Lissy would be trying to set him up left, right and centre! He accepts his sisters magical nature but still thinks a lot of the things she sees as normal are a bit strange, like owl post. His suggested face is Rupert Evans

This is Yue Zhen Shao she is a traveller with the summer solstance carnival who passed through Hogsmeade in July and August but who fell in love with the town and swore she would return, perhaps to settle here with or without the carnival. She was raised by the Tong, a crime syndicate in China when she was orphaned along with her siblings. She, along with her siblings were raised to be assassins and acrobats. While still in China, a job they were working on went wrong and they were captured. Yue later escaped but she believes her siblings have been executed. Yue is currently inactive because she is out of Hogsmeade, however, if someone takes on her sibling she will be coming back to town.
    user posted image
    This is Huan Fang Sháo, he is the brother of Yue Zhen Shao and is 23 years old. He is a swordsman and escapologist for the Tong, he was raised in the same way Yue was, to be an assassin and thief. He was almost executed and believes that Yue betrayed them to the authorities. It is up to the player if he is still angry at Yue or if he forgives her because she was only 14 at the time. His suggested face is Takeshi Kaneshiro

    user posted image
    Meiying Sháo is Yues elder sister, she is 21 and was also raised within the circus. She was a traditional dancer but operated mainly as a smuggler rather than as an assassin. She too was captured with Huan and can believe or disbelieve Yue's guilt. Her suggested face is Ziyi Zhang
    user posted image

    This is _______, goes by the pseudonym General Shan or simply The General. He was the leader of the Jade Dragon Crime Family. He is not a military leader but insists on the rank anyway. He took in the orphans when their parents died and raised them. He was not a warm parent but the only one they had. He was captured along with Huan and Meiying but unlike the siblings he knows that Yue did not betray them however, has not told the Shao siblings this. He may be hoping that finding Yue, who he knows is in England, will give him a way of moving his operation into England permanently. His suggested face is Ken Wantanabe


Endyiomon Prince was a man from a solid middle class family, that is until scandal and a preference for alcohol robbed him of his position and credibility. In recent months he has attmpted to retake his posisiton in society, having been recently made the overseer of the new insane asylum in Irvingly. His daughter Helena is currently 6th year at Hogwarts in Slytherin house. Endyiomon is enstranged from his brother Icarus who teaches at the school and his three children Viola, Mathilda, and Icarus
    user posted image
    Evadne Prince is a 40+ year old pureblood, who was born into the middle or upper class.. She is the mother of Helena and wife of Endyimon. She is very aware of her position in society and taught Helena middle class manners and expectations after their poverty made them lose their position in society. Loves her husband but she is a proud woman and close to her daughter. Her suggested playby is Rachel Weisz


Meserimus Valenduris , the current alchemy professor at Hogwarts. He is a paternal sort of person, who has been married 3 times and has many children! His currently played children include Nadia Valenduris

    user posted image
    _____ Valenduris is Meserimus brother, he is younger than Meserimus but is still 145 years of age. He is a high ranking Wizengemot member and like his brother is upper class. He too has a large family and has been married multiple times, his current marriage is also to a much younger woman. Meserimus still treats him as though he is 15 and not a man in his mid hundreds! He is very family orientated and despite their ages both men still have a very puckish relationship, they believe and behave as though they are much younger than they are. His suggested playby is Patrick Stewart
    user posted image
    _____ Valenduris is Meserimus' 3rd wife who is 25. She is Eastern European and speaks at least Bulgarian and English. He met her while he was headmaster of Durmstrang and she was a student there. Their relationship caused something of a scandal but it has abated now they are married. They are very much in love and he affords her a great deal of independence. She may have a profession if she chooses and has a sisterly/close relationship with his other children. She is completely faithful. Her suggested face is Sarah Gadon but a blonde/eastern European/russian look would be fine.

[/list]Also available for Adoption as part of the Valenduris Clan are:
SON ____ Valenduris // 54 // from 1st Marraige
SON ____ Valenduris // 46 // from 1st Marraige
DAUGHTER ____ Valenduris // 37 // from 1st Marraige
DAUGHTER ____ Valenduris // 27 // from 2nd Marraige
SON ____ Valenduris // 24 // from 2nd Marraige
DAUGHTER ____ Valenduris // 21 // from 2nd Marraige
SON ____ Valenduris // 8 // from 3rd Marraige
DAUGHTER ____ Valenduris // 6 // from 3rd Marraige
DAUGHTER ____ Valenduris // 3 // from 3rd Marraig
Most of the elder children are now married and may have any name you choose. [/list]


Reiko Mountbatten is the only claimed child of Lord Edward Mountbatten, the English Ambassador to Japan. She was the result of an affair he had with a Japanese geisha Megumi Katsumo who he seduced with promises of love and marriage but who he then abandoned upon discovery of her pregnancy, now knowing she was, in fact a muggle born witch. When is transpired the child had magic he took her from her mother and brought her back to England to be raised as his claimed daughter.
    user posted image
    Lord __________ is a early 30's year old pureblood, from the upper class.. He likely is involved in some manner of International relations or politics. He knew Reiko's father from school where they were best friends. He is a kind, patient, and considerate man, everything that Edward Mountbatten was not. Reiko liked him because he was always warm and had time for her when he came to visit. It was he who wrote Edwards love letters to Megumi and Edward imitated his friends behaviours to win Megumi's favours. Since Edwards murder he has been Reiko's official guardian and charged with the care of her estates until she is of age. His suggested face is Rupert Friend


Georgi Alexandrov had the unfortunate luck of being bitten by a werewolf when he was a child while on holiday with his family in the Black Forest. He and another of his siblings was infected and were unable to attend Durmstrang which does not allow in half breeds. Instead they were sent to Hogwarts where is in Hufflepuff.

    user posted image
    Lisel Alexandrov is a 15 year old Halfblood, who was born into the middle class.. She was infected with werewolfism in the same attack as her brother. She wanted, as a child, to be a squib so she could go to a school for dancing, specifically ballet, rather than for magic but she showed magical aptitude and so is now enrolled at Hogwarts. She is any house and sneaks out regularly to practice her dancing at night, knowing that her family disapproves of her past time. She is concerned that her father will arrange a marriage for her. Her relationship with Georgi is quiet close, since they both transform in the same place her wolf is aware that he is the alpha of their little pack. Her suggested playby is Elizabeth Olsen


St.John Pillsworth is the rector of the school in Irvingly. He moved to the town with his sister who is engaged to a wizard. He has decided to start a school for muggle children and squib children to receive an education and a trade. He is a religious man who finds his sisters magical abilities a little frightening, but decency demands that he live with her so she has company.
    user posted image
    Laural Pillsworth is a 23 year old Muggleborn, middle class lady. She is engaged to a man she met while at Hogwarts. She is in any house and may have a profession if you choose, something like a Governess would be appropriate. She wants her brother to understand the benefits of her life and tries at every turn to include him in wizarding life. She lives with him in Sallowbury[/url]. Her suggested playby is [b]Mischa Barton


    This is Reuben Hagrid he is a middle class and pureblood wizard. His father founded a company which imported and bred dangerous and wild beasts from across the globe. Reuben has been involved with the company since he left school at 16. Their father has retired from the family business for a quiet life. Now meet the family!

    user posted image
    Reuben Hagrid Snr. is a grizzled gentleman in his 50's. He was a Gryffindor in school and was rather more gumption than brain in school and he is a pureblood. He does have a way with animals and still treats his children as though they are all under 11. He loves them all and is a little unconventional in his attitudes towards his children and others. He does not hunt animals anymore, as he is now too old but there is still no one more expert in the breeding and mating habits of almost every magical creature, as well as the best ways to trap and kill them. His suggested face is Mark Addy[/url]

    user posted image
    This is his wife, [b]Alera Hagrid
    , she had a conventional childhood and raising, and was a Hufflepuff at hogwarts. Like her husband she is a pureblood but not a blood purist. She married for love and has a deep affection for her husband despite his multitude of faults. She is bustling and motherly, but also strong with a head for business.. It was really she who turned her husbands penchant for gathering wild animals and turned it into a business. She fusses and worred about her boys a great deal. Her suggested face is Romy Rosemont

    user posted image
    This is Gideon Hagrid
, he is 23 years old and he was born while his father was working in Borneo. He was in Gryffindor house and was equally as puckish as his brother. He has only ever wanted to go into the family business along side his brother. He is much like his older brother and the two have a comfortable, teasing sibling rivalry where each likes to undermine the masculinity of the other. Like Reuben, he is a man's man's and also left school after his OWL's to join the family business. He and Reuben compliment each other in their working relationship. His suggested face is Hans Matheson

user posted image
Malaci Hagrid is the third son and the first of the children to be born in the UK. He is the only of the children, thus far, to have completed their NEWT's. He was in Ravenclaw and is the least physically capable of the sons but the most academic of them. He tends to run the business end of things, working the books and paper work. He does take part in the hunting but not as much as his brothers. He does think he is smarter than them. His suggested face is Adam Brody[/url]

user posted image
and Cecily are twins and so very identical to each other. They are 18 year old fraternal twins and look identical in almost every way. They have a strange twin connection; they seem to know what the other is thinking and are girls out of time! They have their brothers wrapped around their little fingers and use it to get their way in almost everything. They could have been in any house, they left school after the OWL's and went to finishing school in Switzerland for 2 years. They came out last year and are unmarried but looking for husbands. Their suggested face is Erica Dasher

user posted image
Cenric is the youngest of the brothers. He is 16 and in any house. He loves competing with his brothers. He has something of a competitive edge about him because he was feels he has big shoes to fill and feels like he needs to prove himself all the more to his elder brothers. It has led him to take some silly risks in order to prove that he just as strong and brave as his brothers. They dont think worse of him but they know he is self conscious about it and so sometimes tease him to wind him up. His suggested face is Robert Sheehan

They are a close knit family who will mock and make fun of each other on a regular basis but they are fiercly loyal to each other and should anyone else consider taking the same tone with them they would rip them apart of it.

Emélie Anansi
Posted: Jul 20 2013, 06:10 AM

Upper Class — Sixth Year
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Group: Ravenclaw
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Member No.: 2,133
Joined: 19-July 13

user posted image

The Anansis were a well-seated family on the western shores of Yorkshire in England until the day that the muggle hysteria broke out. First traceable ancestor is Bermudas Anansi, who was a supposed immigrant during the Renaissance. Creating quite a renommé for his skills in trade, he soon revealed to the Wizarding society that he was in fact a pureblood heir, though none have ever found evidence that this is true.

Taking inspiration from the area he was situated in, he soon establsihed a home which he named Craven Manor [read: land of the rocks]. From here on, the Anansi family have always been deeply involved in politics and only once has the family had a female head, which they pride themselves upon immensely.

Because of Bermudas Anansi's supposed genius with trade, the Anansis have later made an effort to distinguish themselves from the lower class rather than the muggleborn in order to express that there is no longer a need for the men in the family to trade.

Please note: If you take any of these lovely people off my hands, they're yours to do with as you please.

rabastan arcturus anansi
user posted image

40 as of October 24th, 1882
Uncle to Emélie and acting Head of the family
Rabastan was second son to the previous Head and always jealous of his older brother, Bartholomew. Using his niece to get rid of her own brother, he double crossed her and presumably played a hand in the following murder of his brother. However, this is all speculation, as so much else in the Anansi family.
Now that he finally has his hands on the heir title, he does not intend to let go of the power. As acting guardian for Emélie, it's his responsibility to find her a good match, but more importantly, to find her a husband that he can control. In this endless struggle between niece and uncle, I foresee many twists and turns, so if you're an avid plotter, let me welcome you into my web. Intriguingly, Emélie trusted Rabastan very much, but he has taught her never to make that mistake again, and she will do anything in her power to take him down.
General traits are implied, and though he seems like a Slytherin, he's up for any house.
Preferred FC is Willem Dafoe

amycus casimir anansi
user posted image

8 as of March 20th, 1883
Brother to Emélie and recently disinherited
I won't go into too much detail about Amycus and who he is, but rather briefly describe how Emélie sees him: he's always been pampered and loved best by her father and therefore, she's always hated him. She believes him to be soft, though this can all be a cover. It's up to you!
Preferred FC is Gulliver McGrath

the pontefract-neuilly sisters
user posted image user posted image user posted image user posted image
Evangeline _____ _____ -- Rosaline Aurora Anansi -- Jeanne ____ _____ -- Mirage _____ _____

Preferred FC from left to right: Juliette Binoche, Demi Moore, Courteney Cox, Julia Louis-Dreyfuss
Ages are relative, though the pictures show eldest to youngest from left to right, and Rosaline [Emélie's mother] is currently [July 20th, 1883] 36 years old.

The Pontefract-Neuilly family has always been maternal between the lines. The four sisters are all half-veela, and all are, of course, married to influential men. Brought up with the added skill of knowing how to control the men in their surroundings, the sisters stick together and are all very concerned with Emélie and her female counsins' position in society.
Intrigant and meddling, they never forget their graces, but whether or not they exploit their beauty and alluring countenance for power or love is up to fate to decide. Please note that the sisters have maintained a good reputation so far and only mingle with the pure upper class. Officially.

They have an older brother, who is currently Head of the family.

rebecca ____ ____
user posted image

Age [ >16] and occupation/marital status is up to you
Daughter of Evangeline and cousin to Emélie
Rebecca is Emélie's favourite cousin. Throughout their childhood, she has always looked up to Rebecca, though somewhat warily, as she never quite knew where she had her mentor and presumed ally. Rebecca is a well-spoken, intelligent young woman who's probably much more well-hearsed and less tense than Emélie. Never one to speak her true opinion in public if it clashes with what is expected, Rebecca maintains the tradition that their mothers have created.
That is not to say, of course, that she agrees.
Preferred FC is Jessie Ware

Extended family might come soon.

Imogen van Helsing
Posted: Jul 20 2013, 10:28 PM

Lower Class — Daily Prophet Photographer
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Group: Hogsmeade
Posts: 109
Member No.: 1,369
Joined: 7-August 12


First off, a couple of notes:
  • The family tree can be found here
  • The Van Helsings are Lower Class by reputation, but Upper Class by wealth
  • All ten of Marit’s children are illegitimate, and therefore, do not have any contact with their fathers.
  • Training for killing/defending themselves against vampires begins at age six years.
  • The names are completely changeable - I was just starting to get annoyed that the children didn't have names since I mention them a lot in posts.
  • The Van Helsings have Dutch origins, but their main headquarters is a mansion in Bavaria, Germany - they have another mansion in Britain in order for the children to attend Hogwarts.
  • All personalities are completely up to the player, but I'm just giving out how I perceived each child to be like.
  • I'm only writing want ads for the school-aged children, but if anyone is interested in any of the younger children, they can be found in the link up above.
  • If you have any questions or at all interested, please PM Imogen Van Helsing or Catherine SaDiablo - thank you! <3
user posted image
17 (born 1866) | Lower Class | Halfblood | Upcoming 7th year | House is up to the player
Adrian was the first son born to Marit. His father was a man who was on the Order with Marit and the two had an affair, which soon ended once his father had learned that Marit was carrying his child. he feels as if it is his duty to ensure that his mother, elder sister, and younger siblings are protected. He is quite family-oriented and determined to prove that, despite his family’s reputation, they could still be a great and powerful family. He has a bit of a temper whenever certain things do not go according to plan, but can usually keep his temper in check. His passion is dabbling in potions and transfiguration, and has lately been studying how to become an animagus. He most likely plays on his house’s quidditch team, and last but not least, he has aspirations to become a Auror. Adrian is: determined, loyal, hardworking, defensive, clever, protective, diplomatic, bossy, prideful, and slightly arrogant. Suggested PB is Dave Franco, but I wouldn't mind if another PB was used instead.

user posted image
15 (born 1868) | Lower Class | Halfblood | Upcoming 5th year | House is up to the player
Biddy is the second daughter born to Marit. Her father was a Veela who managed to seduce Marit into his bed one night and then had disappeared without warning the very next morning. Therefore, Biddy is considered the most attractive of the Van Helsing children due to her heritage, but she is rather humble about her beauty because she does not desire to appear conceited. Biddy is a rather naive and innocent young lady who strives to make everyone happy, even if it means making herself unhappy. She loves to see everyone with a smile upon their faces, and feels triumphant when she succeeds. Her passion is fashion designing and she frequently creates gowns out of love/boredom for her friends and family. She has aspirations to become a seamstress/fashion designer after Hogwarts, and she has given marriage very little thought. Biddy is: affectionate, chipper, naive, gullible, humble, encouraging, sweet, trusting, and slightly maternal. Suggested PB is Heather Marks, but this is not set in stone.

user posted image
13 (born 1870) | Lower Class | Halfblood | Upcoming 3rd Year | House is up to player
Kristian is the fourth child and second son born into the family. Whom his father was, and how he met Marit is up to the player. Kristian is an energetic young boy who is just entering his teenage years. He is energetic and lively, disliking when he is overlooked. Much like his eldest sister, he can be rather impulsive and dramatic, but unlike his eldest sister, he does not acknowledge his mistakes and shrugs them off - therefore, he can be considered immature. He also has a tendency to speak his mind, thus resulting in his words usually coming out of his mouth before his mind can register what he is saying. If he isn't already, he will most definitely being on his house's quidditch team, and the sport is his passion. He has aspirations to become a professional Quidditch player after Hogwarts. Kristian is: Witty, energetic, adventurous, imaginative, talkative, valiant, impulsive, and athletic. Suggested PB is Nick Jonas, but any other age-appropriate brunette would suffice, as well.

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11 (born 1872) | Lower Class | Halfblood | Incoming 1st year | House is Unknown/determined by the player
Astrid was the fifth child and third daughter born into the family. She shares a father with her younger sister, Cecilia (the two look so uncannily alike that they could nearly pass for twins). Astrid is a young girl whom discovered at a young age what she desired out of life, which was to escape her family because she believed that she was "born for something better than this". Ever since she was a young girl, she had been determined to act and appear like the perfect picture of a lady. She loves material things and appearing her best, and at times can seem to be rather vain since she is well aware of her beauty. Astrid is also considered to be the drama queen of the family since she tends to blow things out of proportion, and she is not above correcting others - in fact, she rather likes correcting people and feels smug afterwards. She is entering her first year of Hogwarts in September of 1883. Astrid is: graceful, poised, dramatic, believes she is superior to others, perceptive, intelligent, cunning, proper, neat, and ambitious. Suggested PB is Sofia Plotnikova, but this is not set in stone.
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