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July 1883

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»  Thierry Chenier
Thierry Chevalier
Posted: Jul 25 2013, 11:24 AM

Middle Class — First String Beater
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Group: French Quidditch Team
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Member No.: 2,140
Joined: 25-July 13

In Character
Full Name: Thierry Luc Chenier.
Nicknames: Theo.
Birthdate: July 6, 1859.
Current Age: 24.
Occupation: First String Beater – France National Team | First String Beater – Quiberon Quafflepunchers.
Hogwarts House: Unknown.
Wand: Mahogany | 12” | Hippogriff Talon | Whippy.
Blood Status: Pureblood.
Social Class: Middle.
Lucian Chenier | Father | c.1842.
Angeline Chenier (née Bourdon) | Mother | c.1849.
Mariele Chenier | Sister | c.1862.

Thierry is quite the attractive young man, and doesn’t he know it. Born and raised in the south of France, he has a slightly darker skin tone than most others might have. His thick, slightly longer hair is a rich brown and his eyes a light green. His lashes are quite thick and complimentary, which makes the colour stand out nicely. He stands at a slightly above-average 5’9” and is very well-built and lean due to his athletic career. He dresses rather nicely for someone of the Middle class, as he likes to keep his reputation up. His right hand is dominant.

1859 | Thierry is born on July 6th of this year, the first child of Lucian and Angeline Chenier. The two love Thierry so much that they begin trying for a second not long after his birth.

1862 | Sister Mariele is born, and is the last of the Chenier children. Soon after her birth the couple tries for a third, and they find that they no longer have the ability to produce children. Growing up in the middle class, Thierry and Mariele have reasonable childhoods and are certainly not unhappy - though, Thierry can’t help but be a bit envious of the upper class and their seemingly endless wealth.

1865 | At the age of 6, Thierry shows his first sign of magic by fixing a stuffed bear his sister accidentally ripped.

1870 - 1871 | Thierry receives his acceptance letter to Beauxbatons, as his parents had expected. Being a pureblooded family, there was no doubt in their mind that he would be invited. Upon his arrival, he found that he made friends rather quickly, though perhaps not with the best crowd. He had always been a troublemaker growing up, and that had mirrored the friendships that he forged during his school days.

1871 - 1872 | In the fall of 1871, his second year begins and Thierry immediately tries out for the position of beater. He’d always had a strange obsession with Quidditch, and proved himself to be a very good player - he was given the position and remained on the team for the remainder of his educational career. His involvement with Quidditch did help him clean up his act just a little bit, if only because he didn’t have as much free time as he did in first year.

1873 - 1874 | Mariele joins Thierry at Beauxbatons in his fourth year, and his parents are left with an empty nest. He can tell this upsets them greatly, as they frequently write and send care packages more than they ever had in the past.

1874 - 1875 | His examinations are decent, though not as good as they could and should have been, given his tendency to become easily distracted by trivial matters such as shenanigans, Quidditch and the presence of lovely young ladies. However, he manages to scrape by with the help of his sister who, though several years younger than he, is much more academically inclined. Her tutelage was likely the reason he passed at all, and he is forever grateful for that. Not to say that he is not intelligent, he merely does not care enough to try.

1875 - 1876 | Thierry is promoted to Captain of his Quidditch team, and remains at that post proudly until he graduates. he has always known to some degree that he wanted to play Quidditch professionally, but his promotion to Captain sealed the deal.

1876 - 1877 | Thierry graduates Beauxbatons, once again endless thanks to Mariele for her constant pestering and reminding him to study, as well as her help with the more difficult subjects. Upon graduation, he is signed with the Quiberon Quafflepunchers as second-string beater, his dream finally becoming a reality. Both his parents and his sister are indeed proud of him for his accomplishment. While it is not the highest-paying nor the most glamorous or safest of jobs, it is what he enjoys and they fully support him.

1878 | After one year on second-string and having played and proved himself in several games, he is promoted to first-string beater upon leave of the previous player. He remains in this position very happily.

1880 | Mariele graduates Beauxbatons with great academic standing, and debuts very gracefully. Thierry, protective as ever, keeps a keen eye on the men that pursue her. If they do not pass his own personal judgment examinations, they are to be nowhere near her in a million years. He may or may not be exaggerating.

1882 - Present | Having played professionally for quite some time, Thierry decides to try out for the Quidditch World Cup France National Team in 1882. He assumed it would be a long shot, but to his surprise he received notification that he was, indeed, awarded the position. His parents and sister were elated for him, and he might have jumped up and down embarrassingly as soon as he arrived home from the tryout. He is currently in Hogsmeade to compete in his first ever Quidditch World Cup tournament, and is positively elated that the team is doing so well. The Cup is in their reach, and he’s absolutely beside himself.

Personality: Rambunctious. Energetic. Protective. Mischievous. Outgoing. Charismatic. Charming (sometimes). Excitable. Generally optimistic. Stubborn. Forgetful. Easily distracted. Dedicated. Loyal.
Sample Roleplay Post: See Charlotte Everhart.
Out of Character
Name: Tay.
Age: 21.
Contact: PM | character in question & AIM | taylorashleyxx
Other Characters: See CML.
How did you hear about us?: My computer.
{Odira Browne}
Posted: Jul 25 2013, 11:29 AM

Middle Class — Whizzhard Books Employee
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Group: Hogsmeade {Co-Admin} {GH}*
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Joined: 10-January 11


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