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 Non-Human Characters and Half Breeds
Ministry of Magic
Posted: Oct 4 2010, 02:26 PM

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Centaurs are half-horse and half-human. They originated from Greece and have traditionally Greek or Gaelic names. They reside exclusively in the Forbidden Forest. The average life span of a centaur is unknown. They grow quickly during their first year of life and reach sexual maturity by the age of two years. They have their own small hierarchy that is similar to a herd of wild horses. There is a male and female leader who lead the herd, with the female centaur residing over the other females and the male over the other males. It is the leader's job to keep the herd in order, protect them, and deliver punishment to misbehaving members. Both leaders are able to choose a successor and must do so once they reach 57 years of age. Beneath the successor in rank are the other herd members.

Recommended Reading: HP Wiki on Centaurs, Centaur Doc for Charming

Merpeople are half-human and half-fish. They originated from Greece and most often have Greek names. Their life span is unknown. A Merchieftainess serves as the sole leader of the colony. Traditionally, the species of selkie is what is found in the Black Lake. However, there are also sirens, who are often depicted in muggle literature as hauntingly beautiful as well as merrows who are less attractive. All of the species have an affinity for music. They are able to be above water for periods of time, although it is unlikely that they are unable to leave the water completely.

Recommended Reading: HP Wiki on Merpeople | HP Wiki on Merpeople colony in the Black Lake | Merfolk Doc for Charming

See the documentation on Vampires to learn more about them as well as half-vampires.

House-elves are magical creatures who serve witches and wizards as slaves. They are granted freedom from servitude if their Master presents them with clothing. Their average life expectancy is 200 years. They usually have simple two-syllable names given to them by their Masters in a way that would suggest they are regarded as pets. (Ex: Dobby, Kreacher, Hokey, Winky, Hooky) They can serve either a wealthy wizarding family (Upper-Class only) or work in the Hogwarts kitchens preparing meals for the students and faculty.

Recommended Reading: Hp Wiki on House-Elves

Goblins are most well-known for their high level of cleverness. Most wizards consider them subservient. However, they highly value the silverwork that Goblins can create. They can most often be found in the Slums. If a Goblin's talents are great, they can work their way up to the middle-class. However, they are often considered and treated as if they are Lower Class, hardly better than house-elves. They are able to breed with humans. Their names are often unique and consist of two-syllables. Generally, they usually have at least one 'g' in their name. Ex: (Ragnuck, Gringott, Filius Flitwick, Eargit, Urg, Ug, Alguff, Ragnok, Bogrod, Griphook, Gornuck, Nagnok, Brodrig)

Recommended Reading: HP Wiki on Goblins

The Ghost characters on Charming are only available to members who win the opportunity to play a special character. The opportunity can be passed to another member with permission from the winner. Ghosts are pale, semi-translucent beings that glow a pearly-white. Only a wizard or witch can be become a ghost. They do so because they are afraid to die - they remain in this state forever, unable to move on. Nearly Headless Nick tells Harry, "Wizards can leave an imprint of themselves upon the earth, to walk palely where their living selves once trod ... I was afraid of death. I chose to remain behind. I sometimes wonder whether I oughtn't have ... Well, that is neither here nor there ... In fact, I am neither here nor there..." Ghosts can pass through solid objects as well as people - when they do so, the living person feels like they've been hit by a sheet of ice. They do not eat, though there is some speculation as to whether or not they can almost taste rotten food. They are often tied to their place of death - Moaning Myrtle and her bathroom stall, for instance. It is also believed that they can move liquid and gas. As a rule however, ghosts cannot effect the physical world. They communicate with each other through ghostly letters and when a decision needs to be made, hold a ghostly counsel. They celebrate their deathday, rather than their birthdays.

Recommended Reading: HP Wiki on Ghosts, HP Lexicon on Ghosts, JKR on Ghosts

The Hag characters on Charming are only available to members who win the opportunity to play a special characters. The opportunity can be passed to another member with permission from the winner. Hags, also known as crones, are similar to witches. They have been known to come from Russia, England as well as Europe and are often named just like a human would be - with a first and last name that coincides with where their origins are located. Some go by nicknames they have been given by the muggles, witches and or wizards - usually they aren't flattering. They are known for being savage though they do possess the ability to speak and write like a human. They are also known for having green skin, being extremely ugly and are rumored to have four toes on each foot (though no one has ever wanted to get close enough to check.) Their eyes are often black and gray while their hair can be any shade of green as well as black and/or grey. While they are similar to witches in that they do have magic, it is ancient and wandless. The spells they can perform are very rudimentary and often lean toward dark magic. They have difficulty disguising themselves from muggles and are often ostracized. "Hags are often malevolent, and some have shapeshifting skills, or at least maintain the illusion of shapeshifting." (Hp Wiki) Some live in shacks in the slums while others choose to live in caves in the Forbidden Forest. They have been known to eat children and raw liver (which certainly doesn't help the idea of inviting them into society.)However, about a century or two ago, the Ministry classified them as having the Being status. After which, the Centaurs and Merpeople decided to be classified as Beasts so that they would not be associated with Hags. While it is possible for them to cross breed the same as a human, it is highly unlikely. When humans and hags do breed and the baby is a girl, she will always be a hag.

Recommended Reading: HP Wiki on Hags, HP Lexicon on Hags, HP Lexicon on known Hags


Veela are semi-human, semi-magical creatures that have the appearance of a beautiful and sensual woman. They are young and of a caucasian race, with long and flowing dark or light hair with usually blue eyes. Their beauty is enchanted and once they begin their sensual dancing, men who see become extremely foolish in order to get nearer to them. Their voices can also have similar effects, though men will brag dramatically in order to impress them. They are magical beings and can do magic without a wand, though it's a much more wild and unpredictable magic than what wizards use. Veela are known for having very bad tempers. When angry, their face becomes that of a cruel-beaked bird and scaly wings sprout from their shoulders. They can throw handfuls of fire, as well. They can be found all over Europe and have european names, though it is thought that they originated from Bulgaria. While they can live in society, they prefer to live in the wilderness. It has been said that they are extremely jealous of beautiful women. Veelas can marry and breed with humans, though they tend to stick to wizards. Their children will be half-veela and retain the temperamental tendencies as well as the innate beauty.

Recommended Reading: Hp Lexicon on Veela, HP Wiki on Veela

While similar to ghosts, Poltergeists are not actually ghosts. They are an "indestructible spirit of chaos" that haunt a specific location. They are able to move physical objects and were never living humans. They have existed and always existed and cannot live or die. Therefore, they cannot breed. They can fly as well as become invisible and take part in vandalism, malicious mischief and aggravation and embarrassment of people. Most poltergeists either "came with the building" or chose to enter it at some point. Peeves took part in unscrewing chandeliers, writing rude words on chalkboards, throwing water balloons and walking sticks at people and stuffing keyholes with chewing gum. There is no way to get rid of a poltergeist once it has chosen that location to bother. It's possible to get them to settle down for a short while, but never to get them to stop their poor behavior. They also seem to be vulnerable to hexes. They generally choose their own name though it often has to do with being obnoxious, annoying and chaotic. They wear clothes that are often clownish appearance. Peeves wore loud, outlandish clothes with a bell-covered hat and an orange bow tie.

Recommended Reading: Hp lexicon on Peeeves, HP Wiki on Poltergeist

Canon half breeds (including werewolves, part-veela, part-giants, etc.) are allowed as playable characters. You are expected to do a reasonable amount of research into both the non-human parent and any existing examples of the half breeds and be familiar with the breed you intend to play. When in doubt, please ask a member of the staff for assistance.

Denotes a limited supply of active characters. Check the Site Census to see the current fractions. The first number signifies how many are active, the second signifies how many are able to be played. If the numbers are the same, it means there is currently no room for another to be added. However, an extra creature can be made as an exception to the fraction if the creature is won in a contest held by the staff. Male Hags and Veelas are not allowed and therefore have a n/a (not applicable) in those spots.
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