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July 1883

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 Zero Burton
Zero Burton
Posted: Jan 7 2011, 11:33 PM

Middle Class Owner of Burton's Brothel and Bed

Group: Inactive
Posts: 2
Member No.: 84
Joined: 7-January 11

Full Name: Zero Aura Burton
Nicknames: Mistress Z
Birthdate: April 21st 1862
Current Age: 18
Race: Half-Vampire
Occupation: Owner of Burton's Brothel and Bed
Hogwarts House: Slytherin
Wand: Ivy, 8", sturdy, Acromantula web and one Dragon heartstring(if I must get rid of one I shall)
Blood Status: half witch, half vampire
Social Class: middle
Family: Noel Burton- mother dead, Carl Burton-father dead.
Appearance: Zero has some color to her skin, being only a half vampire, and because she doesn't bathe herself in the sun, knowing that it is not lady like for her to have sun kissed skin. She has canines that are slightly longer, and far sharper than that of the average witch, but it's not as noticeable as full vampires. She has long white-blonde hair that she does up in different, and sometimes crazy ways, only every so often leaving it down and alone if she deems a break necessary. Zero's eyes are a steel blue, and see everything in her establishment.

Zero is five feet five inches tall and wears heels and rather eccentric clothes. She wears dresses with a lot of lace, pearls, or fake jewels. She owns may different colored dresses, from neutrals to bright vivid colors. She is known for putting fake gems on her face and painting marks around her eyes.

History: Zero was born in London, her mother not knowing that her husband was a vampire until Zero was five. Carl left Noel and Zero to find another wife. The two never heard from him after that day. Noel being born into a wealthy family and Carl leaving her with plenty of money she sent Zero to a tutor so that her daughter could possibly go to Hogwarts and possibly marry up.

On Zero's eleventh birthday she received a letter from Hogwarts saying that she was accepted and that she would start school that fall. Her mother was overjoyed and grateful that her daughter would be able to hide her vampire side and live as close to a normal life as possible.

Zero's thirst for blood was so minute that she only needed a blood pop to get rid of her craving and therefore all seven years of her schooling were easy to get through without biting someone.

On the night of the sorting Zero was sorted into Slytherin, having traits that lined up with house and because of the lingering darkness that was half of her. She wasn't like the other Slytherins, she was kind and fair, only being rude and insulting when she needed to be and couldn't stand seeing another be hurt. Her wit and flirtatious antics sent her to detention more times then she could count and her mother was furious with her manners.

Her fifth year at Hogwarts she got some shocking news one night. Her mother had died of the most recent plague that was in England. She had no other family and was left the estate in which she had lived her whole life in. During her winter break she sold her estate and moved into a smaller home, not needing the large home, nor wanting to be haunted by the memories of her mother yelling at her for not being what she wanted her to be.

By her seventh year she had found out that her father was a well desired vampire and was being hunted. Having no real connection to the vampire that was her father she showed no emotion when she found he had been killed by a group of hunters. She later received a letter stating that she had inherited her father's establishment in Hogsmeade, called Burton's Brews. Not wanting to let the opportunity slip by she closed down the tavern and waited until she had finished school before moving into one of the rooms and renovating the entire shop and renaming it Burton's Brothel and Bed, a place for prostitutes with no home and who were willing to work in the establishment. She hired a cook and a bartender and a couple of girls who were working the street and were willing to serve and clean along with servicing in other ways to patrons.

Personality: Zero is coy and loves to flirt. She is generous though, taking in those who need work the most and whom she believes will succeed. She loves to be different and is independent and bold, not like how a woman should act, but she loves to have freedom and thus acts how she feels. She is organized and clean, and likes her home and work place to be the same.

Zero loves to take part in all sorts of different things, from helping thieves escape, to helping children. She isn't a cruel person, and her kindness is sometimes mistaken as innocence. She knows when someone is trying to use her and does have a temper that she reserves for those who do something she does not approve of.

Patronus: Gray hound
Boggart: any of her girls getting hurt/abused
Amortentia: spring rain


Name: Phoenyx
Age: 19
Contact: MSN: Phoenyx_isabella_raven@hotmail.com, E-mail: multicolored_glasspieces@yahoo.com
Other Characters: none
How did you hear about us? Google is a very good resource.

"If you aren't careful I''ll chop you up into little bits and feed you to my hounds,"
user posted image
Ministry of Magic
Posted: Jan 8 2011, 12:03 PM

Root Account

Group: Admin
Posts: 0
Member No.: 1
Joined: 28-April 10

Very interesting! :] Just one thing - since it is January of 1881, she wouldn't turn 19 until April. If you could just adjust her age to reflect that I can go ahead and accept her.
Zero Burton
Posted: Jan 8 2011, 12:16 PM

Middle Class Owner of Burton's Brothel and Bed

Group: Inactive
Posts: 2
Member No.: 84
Joined: 7-January 11

Updated and fixed.

"If you aren't careful I''ll chop you up into little bits and feed you to my hounds,"
user posted image
Roderick Elkins
Posted: Jan 8 2011, 12:21 PM

Upper Class � Head of Improper Use of Magic Office

Group: Inactive
Posts: 271
Member No.: 30
Joined: 27-June 10

Awesome, thanks!


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