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July 1883

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 Moonfall, private
Vera Rose
Posted: Jul 22 2013, 01:15 AM

Lower Class Honeyduke's Manager
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July 18th, 1883

Vera didn't realize how stupid she'd been in taking a trip to Irvingly before it was too late. She'd been so out of it since she'd been to the infirmary. A baby. It was all too much to handle. Somehow being away from Hogsmeade helped her with that - handling things, as it was - but it also apparently made her completely forget about the moon. The best idea she could commend herself on having was taking a walk by the lake before nightfall, when she had gone through the agonizing transformation. After that, well, Vera was gone.

Padding off into the woods, the hunting instinct took over practically from one breath to the next. The woods were unfamiliar; new territory - and prey - to explore. It was a welcome change of scenery, for the wolf had grown bored of the northern forest it had belonged to for almost four years.

There wasn't much of a difference between the two places, the wolf decided after it's third deer of the night. Fur matted with the blood of it's kills, she let out a single howl. It had been many a night since she'd run with her brethren. Although the wolf called for them before, she was rarely answered. Hunting in a pack, sharing the thrill of ripping out the throats of unsuspecting prey... She wanted that sometimes more than to do it all on her own. Wolves were pack-minded, and so she howled again, stopping and perking up her ears hopefully.



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