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 Talking Figuratively, private
Ninian MacFusty
Posted: Jul 14 2013, 07:20 PM

Upper Class Dragonkeeper
Group Icon

Group: Hogsmeade
Posts: 10
Member No.: 1,824
Joined: 2-April 13

Ninian hadn't really made any plans in a while, but being in the company of dragons for so long didn't do well for one's mental health. He swore he was going to start farting fire one of these days from the amount of time he spent with scaled beasts over creatures of his own kind. So he found himself at the international Market, milling about with other Hogsmeade residents and foreigners alike. Nothing had really caught his eye, seeing as he wasn't one for material things like hats and vests and paintings that he saw in various tents. There had been a broom he was interested in, seeing as his had been quite charred and nibbled by Solas as of late.

Wishing to have some sort of interaction with a human being, Ninny ducked into a tent. He immediately saw that it was a good idea, seeing as the walls (were the sides of tents called walls?) were lined with shelves of exotic candies. While not frequently, he did enjoy a visit or two to Honeyduke's. Though these treats seemed much different than any sugar quill or chocolate frog he'd ever laid eyes on. Ninian wondered what exactly a Chinese firebomb was, and how that worked in someone's mouth, so he decided that he would like to find out. You see, he had a habit of making such decisions when he was bored, no matter how stupid they were in hindsight.

Seeing a woman with red hair a little ways ahead, he walked forward and tapped her on the shoulder. He assumed that she was the vendor, for no other reason than it was convenient to do so. "'scuse me, miss, do ya work here?" Ninian inquired. Merlin he hoped that she did, because as soon as he got a good look at her, he couldn't stop the dumb smile that crept onto his face. Ninny wasn't guilty of anything yet other than being a fool for a pretty woman, and the woman he'd addressed certainly was one.


user posted image
user posted image user posted image
Iona Teague
Posted: Jul 14 2013, 10:12 PM

Upper Class Debutante
Group Icon

Group: Hogsmeade
Posts: 19
Member No.: 2,101
Joined: 9-July 13

Candy! It was the loveliest word in the world as far as Iona was concerned and what it described was even more marvelous. Her love of candy of course dictated that she was in a candy tent that had sweets from all over the world. She was piling them into a small basket, ready to spend plenty of money on the sweets as she did not know if she'd ever see these particular kinds again. Of course, that was what she'd tell her parents if they tried to reprimand her. She knew that even if it were just Honeyduke's she could easily spend just as much there as well. As far as she was concerned, she could live off of candy.

Pushing an errant hair out of her face she looked at some squid flavored chews from Japan and though it didn't truly sound appealing she grabbed them anyways because she simply had to know what they tasted like. She hadn't been expecting to be interrupted but when she was she turned and came face to face with a tall man who was - she noted - the type of handsome her friends would fawn over. Pushing the errant strand again she smiled widely at him as she did for everyone and listened to him speak. Another Scottish man! She rather thought she was running into a lot of them lately though that truly could be an exaggeration.

"Oh, no, I don't work here. But it would be marvelous if I did!" A musical giggle accented her Welsh lilt as she smiled up at him. He was indeed handsome and she was starting to think so from a less than objective manner the longer she looked at him. "But I've been in here before...only once but I might be able to help you if you need something." She offered it in a friendly manner as she would for anyone. After all if it was his first time in here she was already more knowledgeable than he and why shouldn't she help him? She ignored the look from her chaperon and continued to beam up at the man.


ee-oh-na. eighteen. welsh. ravenclaw. sweets aficionado. peppy. sweet.

About Iona

user posted image user posted image

Ninian MacFusty
Posted: Jul 26 2013, 02:15 AM

Upper Class Dragonkeeper
Group Icon

Group: Hogsmeade
Posts: 10
Member No.: 1,824
Joined: 2-April 13

The stupid grin on his face only widened at her little giggle. Ninny didn't usually think such things, but this girl was more adorable than sensual and something about her drew him in. "Ah, my mistake," he offered, glancing down at his shoes for a moment. He didn't really know how to talk to girls - particularly when sober - and this time was no different. It would have all been much simpler if this pretty lass actually worked there, because then Ninian wouldn't have felt embarrassed for assuming so. But, alas, she did not, and that fact was not likely to change whether he stood there staring like a psychopath or if he actually engaged in conversation.

"I was just wonderin' what those Chinese Firebombs were like. They looked interesting," he babbled, turning to point at the jar on the shelf. It was filled to the brim with what looked like red marbles, but the name rather than the appearance was what caught his eye. Chinese Fireballs were not nearly as appealing; Ninny'd only run across one in his lifetime but, in his opinion, it was one too many. And he'd grown up around mean dragons.

Now, though, he wished he'd taken a moment to notice the chaperon by the red-haired girl's side before blundering up to ask her if she worked here. (Ninian did not usually have much luck in making pretty young lass's chaperons think him either a menace or a fool.) "So Ah take it ye like sweets?" he said rather bluntly, gesturing to the morsels she had in her hand. It was a rubbish way to start a conversation - hell, he hadn't even introduced himself - but he hadn't exactly learned the fine arts of sounding detached and sophisticated. That was for people like August to do, not a MacFusty who'd spent half his life on the receiving end of a noogie courtesy of his plethora of older brothers.


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