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 Kamdev Vashikaran Mantra
Posted by kamal059 - 10-14-15 10:05 - 0 comments
Black Magic is defined as for solving all the problems which are related to your life. Islamic Vashikaran Mantra is the best and the most suitable method.

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 Joining Groups
Posted by Arheniel - 12-15-07 03:16 - 91 comments
Anyone curious about why some members have red usernames, or green or orange? Those are member groups; the RCO, the AX and the EMPIRE. Whatever your flavor, you can very well leave a post here with the one of your choice and I will gladly make you a more
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 I made a mistake...
Posted by Okuni Sensei - 10-12-07 10:44 - 0 comments
I dunno to who I've to send this note...
I reported Carmilla by mistake, I wanted to quote her. I hope I didn't do something grave ^^;

I apologise for this -____-
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 Shoutbox Rules
Posted by Herit - 11-28-06 01:57 - 1 comments
The shoutbox basically follows the same rules as the other sections of this forum. Meaning, it is prohibited to post anything that:

1) is religiously offensive to any group or minority
2) is ethnically offensive to any group or minor more
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 Spambot Problem
Posted by Herit - 11-17-06 18:27 - 2 comments
As most of you probably already realized, we are currently having a problem with spambots. There post as Guests, but occansionally also have accounts. Their posts usually consist of html-codes and links. Arheniel and me are deleting their posts almo more
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 New Languages
Posted by Herit - 07-2-06 13:37 - 18 comments
After consulting with Pierrot, we came to the conclusion that since we have a lot of members who are no native English speakers, and since the Spanish forum is proving some activity, we should take this as an example and create subforums like this i more
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 2 new groups
Posted by dianas - 05-2-06 06:35 - 1 comments
the Kresnik Super Moderator group:
for now i`m the only one..i will take care of our community till she will come back
so for any complains..questions or sugestions..don`t hesitate to write to me
the SB is back...but this time try to more
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 FAQ section needed
Posted by reinselft - 10-5-05 06:37 - 14 comments
I think this forum really need a FAQ section. To explain the basic things about TB, the novels and etc... because I can't tell you how many times I see posts asking about the Canon, what's the difference between ROM and RAM.. etc.

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 Comments and Suggestions
Posted by Pierrot - 12-8-04 07:23 - 110 comments
CACXOCKO.png Be free to suggest or comment about the forum. If you have some suggestions for a better use of the mess more
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Posted by Pierrot - 12-6-04 13:20 - 0 comments
Please, read te rules before you star to posting in to the Community. These rules is for a better communication between te members of the forum.

1. - NO FLAMES, I will not allow that the members or aoutsiders are insulted inside of more
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