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Posted by: Bazookafied Jun 3 2006, 06:30 PM
Many of the Mobile Suits in Gundam start from one design and go on from there. Mobile Suit lines like the GM and Zaku Line rely on this to continually keep up with their opposition. The Titans Test Team also starts this way (as well as creating some of their own). The GM Kai High Mobility Type was the next step from the GM line. The GM Sniper III picked up where the GM Sniper II left off. The Hi-Zack was based off technology from the Zaku II.

We know the Hazel is based off of a GM Quel, but the parts that make it a "Hazel" are foreign to the GM Quel's design. Were these parts all brand new, or can we trace these designs back even further? I personally cannot remember any information about HOW the Hazel's leg thrusters, backpack system, and its other enhancements came about, but the recent news of the HGUC Powered GM got me thinking...

Could the TTT's flagship MS, the Hazel, have roots as far back as the Powered GM? As most of you know, the EFF started testing squadrons to work on new designs for their GM Line. We see this from the very start of the 0083 series. 3 Zaku II F2's against the new Powered GM in a paintball fight to test the thrusting capabilities of the Powered GM. Now, I know most of my analyzations here will be asthetic, but you can tell alot about a Mobile suit's internals from its externals too!

user posted image user posted image
On the left we have the Powered GM from 0083. On the Right, the Hazel Gundam. Asthetically, we can already see that both have upper leg enhancements, backpack enhancements, and even ankle armor adjustments from their base MS. The Powered GM's being the GM Kai and the Hazel's being the GM Quel. The Powered GM's enhancements were designed as part of AE's Gundam Development Project. Though its leg enhancements serve as shock absorbers, rather than thrusters like the Hazel's, the unit's main purpose, to increase thrust on a new type of backpack is still one of the ideas implemented in the Hazel's construction. The Mobile Suit data for the Gundam Development Project was "erased" (though it did eventually but I bet the data tested outside of it, like the data the Powered GM collected, was still around. I also get this hunch because a MS Profile Page on the Hazel II shows a Powered GM off to the side which (if the pattern of existing MS and AoZ MS on the same page signifies their relationship) tells us that they are at least related in some fashion.

Now, if theres actual information out there that tells us the history of the Hazel's Development that contradicts all of this, thats fine. This is just my theory.

Posted by: Zionista Jun 6 2006, 07:49 PM
Well, the MS Profile page illustration comparison might just be considered to be an official origin suggestion. smile.gif

Aside from that, the Powered GM as an origin would make sense, considering that the Hazel I & II are derived from GM types, not from the original RX-78. Also, the Torrington Base MS crew are seen testing the Powered GM in the first episode of the Stardust Memory series, so a collection of MS data, plus reaction data from GM Kai & Zaku F2 types, would be available for use. Since AoZ bridges 0083 & 0087 the way SM bridges 0079 & 0085, it would make sense to have a hat tip to the earlier design. It would also be cool from a UC fan POV, since SM has an excellent stable of MS designs, and the Powered GM (or "budget Gundam" as we called it then smile.gif) got short shrift in the SM storyline.

Posted by: toysdream Jun 6 2006, 08:52 PM
I dunno, the idea of a Powered GM-to-Hazel connection doesn't seem very plausible to me. The whole point of the Powered GM was to test out a new type of backpack (the data from which would then be used in the Gundam GP01), but the Hazel just uses the same backpack as the standard GM Quel. Sure, it's got that extra movable booster pod, but that's a completely different type of upgrade than the new backpack installed on the Powered GM.

Aside from the bulky knee units, the Hazel's other upgrade parts don't really resemble the Powered GM either. Its skirt boxes are inherited from the GM Custom and GM Quel; extra ankle support units are installed on pretty much every GM variant that weighs over 60 tons, including the GM Cannon II; that big crotch block isn't present on the original Hazel, and is added to the Hazel Custom as an attachment point for optional equipment. Even the big knee blocks serve different functions, as they're control units on the Powered GM and thrusters on the Hazel, so their superficial similarity may be a pure coincidence.

From an aesthetic standpoint, both machines are basically GMs with some extra equipment bolted on, which makes for a pretty cool "prototype" look. But aside from this basic concept the actual upgrade parts installed in the two machines don't seem to have anything at all in common.

-- Mark

Posted by: Terrance Jun 6 2006, 10:14 PM
But remember, any design we see in Gundam eventually comes from the MS-01, whether by direct lineage or as a competitive response wink.gif

Posted by: ProtoMMC Jun 8 2006, 01:22 AM
I makes me think whether the Titans were aiming at the GP project. I highly doubt so but I have no idea why that idea is in the head. Though it is worth to mention that when April piloted The Second Form Hazel-RAH for testing, the commander said to someone that her style of piloting the RAH was very close to that of GP03D...

Posted by: Chaos Incarnate Jun 9 2006, 11:20 PM
Perhaps the Powered GM lent something to the idea that the Hazel should have big boosters, but the Powered GM does not fall within the direct developmental lineage of the Hazel. The Hazel is modded from the GM Quell, which is a colony version of the GM Custom. The GM Custom is an upgrade from the GM Kai. The GM Kai is where the branch splits. The Powered GM is a upgrade to the GM Kai, but does not fit into the Hazel lineage.

As for the GP-03D, the basic idea of the Hazel Rah and the Orchis are similar, that being, they are a support mecha that combines with a hunanoid-type MS to increase it's thruster and offensive outputs. The likeness of April's piloting technique to the GP-03D is kinda like saying all professional skiiers ski alike. Well, when you come down to it, there are only so many ways to ski...

Posted by: toysdream Jun 9 2006, 11:46 PM
QUOTE (Chaos Incarnate @ Jun 9 2006, 04:20 PM)
Perhaps the Powered GM lent something to the idea that the Hazel should have big boosters, but the Powered GM does not fall within the direct developmental lineage of the Hazel.  The Hazel is modded from the GM Quell, which is a colony version of the GM Custom.  The GM Custom is an upgrade from the GM Kai.

I see your point, but I think it's worth mentioning that the GM Custom is technically more like a hybrid of the GM Kai and the RX-78NT1 Alex. There are a few elements that it borrows from the GM Kai, like the waist section, the shoulder armor, the knee and ankle joints, et cetera. But major chunks of it - the arms, the backpack, the chest, the calf section - are taken from the Alex. (That's part of the reason why the GM Custom's descendants, like the GM Cannon II and Hazel, can use the same kind of Chobham armor as the Alex.) And of course, none of these features are present in the Powered GM, which is purely a variant of the GM Kai.

-- Mark

Posted by: Chaos Incarnate Jun 10 2006, 07:37 AM
Well, I guess so, but it still doesn't lend to the topic at hand, being, the Powered GM is not part of the Hazel lineage. I do see how the GM Custom is kind of a mass produced version of the Alex, though according to MAHQ, it does say that while the Custom is partly based off the Alex, it is a high performance variant of the Kai.

Posted by: Yazan Gable Jul 1 2006, 09:48 PM
I don't think the GM Powered is the suit the Hazel could claim its lineage from. Obviously, the GM Powered was meant to test equipment that could allow future suits to have higher thrust acceleration. However, the Hazel is probably meant to test equipment that could allow future suits to mantain a longer atmospheric flight. Seeing the trend of transformable suits during this period that could stay in the air without add on booster, to me, it seems likely the Titans would explore this as a concept for non-transformable mass produced suits.

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