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Title: "Rosette" Enhanced Land Battle Form

Kirbykun - May 24, 2006 06:39 PM (GMT)
Founded on 2Chan. From the new Dengeki hobby.

"Rosette" Enhanced Battle Form is what I can decipher
from my very limit kanji knowledge.
If someone would be kind enough to translate the whole page then Youd be my hero! ;)
user posted image

Bazookafied - May 24, 2006 07:14 PM (GMT)
... :blink:

...oh my... I knew we had Rosette information coming, but I didn't expect anything like this!

It can't get any closer to being the RMS-108. I wonder why they haven't changed it over to the Marasai's designation. They were able to change the GM QUel Hazel Reserve unit so quickly to Hazel II status, why not change the 107 Rosette to the Marasai? Or perhaps theres still significant base design differences, or perhaps they simply don't want to change it to Marasai? I mean, this MS is the same color, same basic design, many of its differences it once had are now basically line-for-line, the RMS-108 Marasai.

toysdream - May 24, 2006 07:29 PM (GMT)
That should be "Enhanced Land Battle Form" - like the rejected prototype design featured in the June issue of Dengeki Hobby, this version of the Rosette is intended specifically for ground combat. Anyways, the text in the scan is pretty hard to make out, but I'll give it my best shot:

RX-107 "Rosette" Enhanced Land Battle Form
The enhanced land battle form of the RX-107 "Rosette" is a ground combat form of the RX-107 used when the Murphy Team assaults Karaba's Kamchatka base. This form is equipped with option parts so that the RX-107 can perform high-speed combat on the ground, and is capable of high-speed hovering movement. The optional hovering skirt unit contains powerful thermonuclear jet engines whose thrust enables the machine to float. Unlike thermonuclear rockets that generate thrust by consuming propellant, these thermonuclear jets use the atmosphere as (fuel? propellant? the term is illegible here), and thus have the merit of reducing propellant consumption and extending the mission operating time.

Note: This is presumably the main difference betwene this version and the rejected prototype plan seen in the previous issue, which carried huge propellant tanks to fuel its thrusters and nonetheless had a relatively short operating time.

The captions on the smaller sketches are pretty much illegible, although I note that the image on the upper right shows a planned Minovsky craft version of the hovering skirt unit, which was abandoned because the system couldn't be made small enough. I also note that this version is still armed with an Asshimar beam rifle, and its chest is protected by the same kind of armor unit previously tested on the Hizack Cannon.

-- Mark

Bazookafied - May 24, 2006 07:38 PM (GMT)
Using air as fuel/propellant? Thats quite the source to use in the atmosphere! Its like a super-Dom. I wondered why the first design we saw looked so different. Still, it doesn't answer the asthetics question. I wonder if a normal Marasai could also operate this system.

ninjascience - May 24, 2006 11:01 PM (GMT)
oh yeah, this is much cooler than the unit posted as a gunpla from the June issue. I like the use of more goldenrod in the color scheme too. Nice find Kirby! Can't wait to see more of this bad boy.

I was right too about that being an Asshimar Beam rifle with a modified grip. That means this guy can wield this as a beam axe or beam scythe.

Bazookafied - May 24, 2006 11:07 PM (GMT)
Beam Axe or Scythe? How so?

ninjascience - May 24, 2006 11:20 PM (GMT)
user posted image

Master P Rayer - May 25, 2006 05:15 AM (GMT)
Looks like this one is asnwer my questions. This is the Rosette carried by Fiver in May's DHM small pics (with the bazooka). While the model from June's DHM is the Rosette i saw in January's DHM.

I don't think that big asshimar beam rifle can be used as schyte or axe, it's not 100% same with above pictures.

ninjascience - May 25, 2006 03:44 PM (GMT)

I posted this guy on FichtenFoo and they all hate it! Did the same on 4chan and again, almost universal hatred.

I love it!

wavehawk - May 26, 2006 10:52 AM (GMT)
QUOTE (ninjascience @ May 25 2006, 03:44 PM)
I posted this guy on FichtenFoo and they all hate it!

The USAF and US Army used to hate the A-10 Warthog for being horribly ugly--until it started kicking serious butt. This Rosette Land Battle version will most likely do the same. ;)

The_Marshal_AEB - May 26, 2006 05:21 PM (GMT)
Damn, more The O into it I really like these new big designs ...

ninjascience - June 12, 2006 08:14 PM (GMT)
Prototype Plan:

we've seen this done in gunpla, but thanks to this photo from Sandrum, we now have some artwork of this. Looks like the gunpla version was VERY inaccurate (that's why you don't see ANY gunpla pics with MS profiles on the wiki).

user posted image

Just as we saw some possible Stutzer influence in the winch arm of the Fiver, I see one little detail that really reminds me of th e shoulder thruster from the Gelgoo Stutzer. It's the look of the knee thrusters on this guy (vents?). Maybe it's just a look that Fujioka-san likes or maybe it's an intentional connection, who knows.

Major Blah - June 13, 2006 03:12 PM (GMT)
I like this version much better.

The Barzam-esque chest is interesting.

Bazookafied - June 13, 2006 06:33 PM (GMT)
Actually, that "Barzam-esque" chest is just the armor we see on the Hi-Zack Cannon.

RMS-106C Hi-Zack Cannon w/armor unit

ninjascience - July 10, 2006 04:14 PM (GMT)
Here's some more from my scans of July DHM. Thanks to Kirbykun for finding the early versions of this and too Sandrum for posting photos as well.

Here's the Rosette Enhanced Land Battle Form compared to the Psycho Gundam in MA mode.

user posted image[/URL]

I thought Mark said that this version of the Rosette was not a Minovsky Craft, but that there were plans for it, but those plans were scrapped because it was too big. Could it be that the Titans just thought, "We need a bigger MS so we can make it a Minovsky Craft!" and voila: Psycho Gundam?

wavehawk - July 15, 2006 06:49 AM (GMT)
QUOTE (ninjascience @ Jul 10 2006, 04:14 PM)
Could it be that the Titans just thought, "We need a bigger MS so we can make it a Minovsky Craft!" and voila: Psycho Gundam?

That is SO par-for-the-course Government Efficiency at it's best. They couldn't make an MS small enough to use it? Make the thing bigger! :lol:

Zionista - August 3, 2006 07:49 PM (GMT)
QUOTE (ninjascience @ May 24 2006, 11:20 PM)
user posted image

Is it me, or has someone been admiring the Pallas Athena? ;) interesting idea, since at this stage the Titans shouldn't have seen the results of Scirocco's workshop.

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