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  1. The white man dance
  2. Strike While It's Hot
  3. A New Start
  4. Boom Clap The Sound Of My Heart [M]
  5. Blow Me One Last Kiss
  6. Possibly Calisick
  7. SandStorm
  8. [but first] let me take a selfie
  9. Go Ahead, Get At Me
  10. Can you see what I see? [M]
  11. see you at the bitter end
  12. How am I gonna get myself back home?
  13. Three's A Crowd [M]
  14. [M] Be My Escape
  15. Party Like it's your birthday!
  16. Give It All We've Got [M]
  17. we're too sexy [for this club]
  18. baby , tonight
  19. it's not all i'm waiting for ---
  20. Forever Lost and Found
  21. Now You're Just Somebody That I Used to Bone
  22. Hurricane Drunk
  23. i'm right where i belong
  24. Burning Up for You Baby [M]
  25. One last night
  26. Lost In Stereo
  27. Having A Bit Of Fun
  28. Just Another One
  29. What Do You Do When There's Nowhere To Go?[M]
  30. She Likes Rock 'n Roll
  31. All Hell Breaks Loose
  32. Gonna Come Undone Tonight
  33. a familiar face

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