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Description: DrakenHoth

FrevfareZulu - April 26, 2008 02:10 AM (GMT)
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In the Shining Hinterlands, close to the heart of the New Drakorian Empire within
the Milkyway Galaxy, the Karos Graveyard is littered with the hulks of countless
ancient warships. There has always been a question as to the origin of these
derelicts. Could they be captured remnants of the ancient Drakorian fleets, rusting
here for three millennia? And who sets the Junkyard Dogs and the Autoguns to
watch over this moldering armada? Do the mighty enemies fear the ghost ships of
the conquered? Or is the Graveyard merely a dangerous relic of the past, kept
inviolate by its ravenous automated guardians, who add any would-be trespasser
to the collection?

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Not much is know at all about the junkyards in PX000, but it is said it is perhaps
the oldest site in the galaxy. Predating even the elder races. A trove of history
from all who set foot in the void of space in the galaxy, be it new, or old. The only
fact about the place is upon Drakorians first steps out of the dragon heart and into
PX000 from there own galaxy it was already the home of a mysterious blue wolf
named Drakenhoth. Whom seems to stay still as the years pass as if time dosent
exist to him. Day by day month by month he spends endless hours wading
through the endless expance tinkering and sifting, for what is anyones guess. One
thing is certian, many have tried to assault the place in search for treasures, only
to be destroyed or assimilated and made apart of the yards guard. Who oddly
seem to bend to his beckoning and his alone....

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FrevfareZulu - April 26, 2008 02:53 AM (GMT)
The Leech is the most common parasite drone in the junkyard, and is designed to
get in and heavily damage enemy ships in situations where a conventional attack
craft would be destroyed in seconds. Able to evade all conventional and just about
all unconventional sensors, the Leech can come right up to an enemy vessel and
clamp on. The drone is unarmed except for a payload of molecular acid, which it
uses to bore through enemy hulls so that it can access the plasma-drive conduits.
Once bonded to the enemy ship, the Leech uses the ship's own drive plasma to
melt through the hull, damaging it slowly. Meanwhile, the Leech's AI infiltrates the
enemy ship's systems and relays false messages, silencing damage alarms and
repair routines; in general, the crew of an enemy vessel doesn't realize anything
is wrong until it is too late. The Leech carries a resource pod as well, so that it can
actually absorb the mass of the enemy vessel instead of simply venting it into
space. This mass can be returned as raw materials to the Command ship, if required.

Work is currently underway to build a micro-class ship, colorfully named Leeches.
Based on the micro-drive and expert systems used in Drone Frigate drones, each
Leech will carry onboard geological sampling arrays. Depending on how it's set,
this specialized sensor package can then look for the sensor signatures of almost
anything, including other ships.

Development has slowed recently as prototypes are easily lost during test flights
due to the fact that they are all but invisible to standard fleet sensors. Once the
bugs have been worked out, these tiny ships can be fitted with all manner of
equipment and tools. It's unlikely they'll be useful for large scale harvesting, but
their use in core sampling may prove important

FrevfareZulu - April 27, 2008 01:00 AM (GMT)
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The standerd Fighter Unit in the Karos Junkyards. Fast, powerful, and well
armoured. This unit is well rounded atmo capable star fighter used for intercept,
patrol and recon dutys. It was once the main Imperim Star Fighter until the Nache
Drache was developed. The fighter even has a slot for two Tri Cobolt Tropedos for
dive bombing purposes if needs be, or the slot can be filled up with optiona parts
that increase fireing rate, fire power, and various aspecs of the fighter. There is
no cockpit windows on this oddball design which leads some to belive it was a
UCAV type unit. But weither this is true or not is unkown.

OOC Note; The junkyards is basicly my land fill for nolonger used units in a way. Weither, or not, i end up drawing them much less posting. It is the attic of my faction.

FrevfareZulu - April 27, 2008 01:13 AM (GMT)
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Abandoned Forge World Zulu.

*details to come*

FrevfareZulu - April 27, 2008 04:19 PM (GMT)
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FrevfareZulu - April 27, 2008 05:44 PM (GMT)
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This rather unorthodox looking ship is a result of a very unlikely alliance. Sporting
Drakenhoth style Imperium Engineering and GRF hybrid weaponry, this ship line is
ment to test out cannonless weaponry aswell as a plathera of various other
combinations from both star nations fused into one. nearly all aspecs of the ship is
at current, classafied to anyone not part of the project.

FrevfareZulu - April 27, 2008 05:50 PM (GMT)
====DrakenHoth File 0000013; Dark Fire Project====

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Ghost Tigers Scouts

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The Infamus Ghost Tiger, Number twenty of the Loki MKII Series...

Project is still Classafied, all that is unclassafeid to this date is what they look like.

FrevfareZulu - April 27, 2008 05:53 PM (GMT)

FrevfareZulu - April 27, 2008 10:37 PM (GMT)
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A good measure of time ago proto types where made using Takimora technology.
A dozen test beds, and all of them survived there combat trials. There perhaps the
only model from drakenhoth that uses an entirly new type of drive system and
turretless weapon systems. The only turrets that are housed are perhaps the
largets tracter beams ever constructed. Ment as a two stage anti fighter and
corvet, maybe even frigat snare. To imagine metophoricly how it works imagine
that strange stick spider that hangs from a branch with legs spread wide holding
that square web patch. And that fly, is the fighter. The first stage acts as that web
snagging it off course and out of place while the main beam then snags on like a
lasso around a bull. In hopes to hold a fast mover in place to be pelted by heavy
turrets from other ships. But it itself does nto need this, having ultra fast tracking
phaser banks able to snap fighters out of mide strafe. The proto type has become
an offical drakenhoth item now. But still is under testing with the already equiped
tractor beam turrets. The onyl difference from the previous is more phasers, less
turrets, but more tractor beam devices.

FrevfareZulu - May 4, 2008 01:17 AM (GMT)
[ ]

The legendary vehical of choice of Drkaenhoth, one of the payments made by the
Imperium. It was a hard to aquire item belonging to a eldar harlequin groupe. His
prefeard source of treasure, and the most dangerious foe the Imperium has to
face. The tank has many mysterious abilitys and features that relate to his current
setting of choice. Brutality, Fear, Speed. overwhelming the target with blindingly
swift terror and power finishing the fight before the enemy knew what was going on.

FrevfareZulu - May 10, 2008 09:57 PM (GMT)
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FrevfareZulu - May 11, 2008 09:15 PM (GMT)
The Imperium commissioned a new Imperial Navy under the command of Commissar Braniff Von Thrasek. THey adhear to the normal Imperial Guard Codex and are allowed access to newtype units for replacements that they loose every time they return from battle till they once again reach there force agreement levels.

Holy Crusaders Attack Task Force. This does not include invasion ships that normally follow up space battles that take the fight to the ground. They simply are not in play until the space battleground is secure, then there called from the warp.

22 BlitzKrieg Battleships Type 8
10 Blitkrieg Battleships Takimora District variant
40 Drakenhoth Class Battleships
80 Dagger Clas2 Destroyers
100 Blockade Runners

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