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Annabella Stewart - December 16, 2010 06:27 PM (GMT)
Historical Fact:- James IV of Scotland married Margaret Tudor in August 1503. Their only surviving child was a son, James, who was born in April 1512. However he had several mistresses and fathered at least 5 illegitimate children. James IV was killed at the battle of Flodden on 9th September 1513, leaving his young son King of Scotland.

AU (I'm going to edit this as I believe Margaret Tudor hasn't married the King of Scots in this rp yet so I'll update it soon I promise!)

James IV married Margaret Drummond, one of his mistresses, in July 1496. She gave birth to a daughter, Annabella, on 1st May 1497 at Stirling Castle. She was proclaimed by those who saw her as "the most beautiful baby in the land" and James was extremely proud of her, despite the fact she was not a boy. Tradgedy struck in 1501 when the Queen died giving birth to a son. Little Alexander died within a few days. King James was inconsoleable and refused to see his daughter as she reminded him too much of her mother. Annabella became estranged from her father, only hearing from him once or twice a year. She was not allowed to visit him and the little Princess was left lonely and with little company for two whole years.

In August 1503 she received a surprise summons to Edinburgh, to join in the celebrations of the King's new marriage to the English Princess, Margaret Tudor. Father and daughter were reunited and the King paraded her about the court as "the Jewel of Scotland". Though her new mother was only 13, they struck up an immediate friendship and little Annabella was delighted to be back in her father's favour.

Annabella received the best education her father could give her and when Margaret gave birth to a son, James, in February 1507; Anabella was allowed to be his godmother. The young prince died a year later and in July the same year, Margaret gave birth to a daughter but she too died within hours.

Blighted with this unhapiness the King lapsed in to periods of depression and Annabella was furiously evicted from his chambers when she arrived to enquire about his welfare. The frequent outbursts from James caused Margaret to worry abot the young girls safety.

In 1509, Margaret's father died and her brother Arthur became King of England. Annabella sent a letter to the new King in place of her father - who had fallen privy to another brought of depression - wishing him well. Margaret sprung on the diplomatic opertunity. She wished to send Annabella to the English court to strengthen the peace which had settled between the two kingdoms. The Queen secretly hoped for the Scottish Princess to marry one of her brothers or a high ranking member of the nobility.

It took several weeks of persuasion on both the Queen and Annabella's part, who wished to meet her English Royal counterparts, to finally get permission from the King. Just as Annabella was about to leave, disaster struck once more when the baby prince, Alexander, died in July 1510. Her visit was delayed as she struggled to console the King. Eventually, she departed for London after sending a letter to King Arthur from Edinburgh.


Name: Annabella Stewart

Age: 13

Appearence: Long, fiery red hair, light blue eyes, pale skin, average height, thin but curvy frame, slender hands, strong posture with a royal air about her when she walks, has a tiny scar on her cheek from when she fell as a child. She has been described by many in Scotland as "the most beuatiful girl in the realm".

Personality: No one could fail to know she was of Royal birth. Charming, elegant and graceful; she is extremely well educated, not outspoken but knows her own mind. Can succumb to bouts of shyness but is generally outgoing. Craves a true friend and still mourns her mother. She always has a positive attitude and though her patience is usually good she can have a terrible temper if pushed too far. Her young age can make her naive at times. She is deeply religious and attends mass regularly. She will not judge someone until she has reason to do so.

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