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 Feel Royal With Rolex Submariner Blue!
Posted by Simmonsb - 01-6-15 11:32 - 0 comments
Rolex watches have always been a status symbol as far as you are concerned. Isnít that right? Now, what about buying a Read 181 times - make a comment   Print email

 5 Books
Posted by Truesilver - 07-11-12 23:42 - 1 comments
The 5 Books "meme". Follow the directions and let's see what we come up with. I'll be doing it myself a little later, but I wanted to get his part posted.

Five Books Meme

1. Take five books o ...read more
Read 178 times - last comment by Truesilver   Print email

 Keeping It Alive
Posted by Khetroid - 06-12-12 12:47 - 8 comments
So, there is definitely some issues right now with people not able to be on the forum due to technical difficulties and such, especially Hermes.

I don't think we should just go ahead when someone hasn't been a round for a day or t ...read more
Read 140 times - last comment by Khetroid   Print email

Posted by Izra_Azul - 06-2-12 21:08 - 2 comments
Didn't we once have a section where you can post just simple bios of the various characters that you play, for those rps that don't have a plotting topic?

It seems useful to have a place to post general bios of characters you ofte ...read more
Read 109 times - last comment by Hermes   Print email

Posted by CJTyler - 05-28-12 22:47 - 6 comments
Hey guys my name is Eric and I come from a site like called Ultimate Alliance. This place looked interesting so I swung by and thought I'd ask if you guys would like to advertise my site? In exchange I will post your sites button to my site and ...read more
Read 128 times - last comment by Hermes   Print email