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 Life Trouble
Posted by shinegotower - 09-27-06 21:31 - 2 comments
boyfriend issues....I'm...really very depressed right now.

i can't work on the comic like this...I'm sorry. I'll try to get the next page up this weekend.

But really, what's the point...no one reads this d ...read more
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 Congrationlations, Fan Art Contest Winner!
Posted by shinegotower - 08-28-06 04:15 - 0 comments
Finally, the delayed results of the fanart contest from back in January. We had a few runners up, but I felt that this piece better portrayed the holiday theme than any others. read more
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Posted by shinegotower - 06-3-06 09:07 - 1 comments
** I feel that Pink and Green is, these days, and overused color scheme, and too bubble-gum punk/emo/emocore. While I like these colors, that's not the image I want for this site. So... I'm hesitant on this one. But if you guys like it, the ...read more
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Posted by shinegotower - 05-11-06 07:35 - 1 comments
I'd like you all to know that...

I'm quitting my job.




XD So I'll have more time to be around here and get off my lazy artistic bum.

Also ...read more
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Posted by shinegotower - 04-2-06 19:02 - 1 comments
I apologize for the slowness of updates around here, I really should be sticking to my schedule better. Sure, a lot of things have came up reccently, but I'm also just downright terrible with managing my time. Anyway, I hope I didn't scare ...read more
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 Valentimes Day?!
Posted by shinegotower - 02-15-06 17:28 - 1 comments
How was the update? Not risque enough for you?! Well, BAM!

user posted image

Uncensored version!! ...read more
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Posted by shinegotower - 01-17-06 06:47 - 2 comments
not enough entries for the fan art contest.

I'm...just really bummed about this.

I was supposed to update this weekend, but I just think I'll wait. It's not like anyone reads this anyway.
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 New Url
Posted by shinegotower - 12-28-05 19:02 - 0 comments
The old url still works, but that should stop in a few weeks. Everyone, the new URL for the comic is:


Please bookmark it!

We have the same server, they've just merely ...read more
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 Thsi Week's Update
Posted by shinegotower - 12-4-05 17:20 - 4 comments
This page was supposed to be up and running mid-day on Saturday. But Keenspace's server is insanely crowded this week, (There's currently around 9800 queries in waiting) so the update is late because of this.

I apologize for the ...read more
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 Happy Birthday To
Posted by shinegotower - 11-12-05 08:38 - 3 comments

Our second anniversary almost snuck up on me! November 14th, 2005! One year is good...but TWO years is actually impressive!

There will be contestly-type-stuff. Oh yes.

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