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 BLACKBURN, Augustus Julian, Protectorate/Scavenger
Augustus Blackburn
Posted: Aug 29 2010, 07:57 PM

Always There For You

Group: Admin
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Augustus Julian Blackburn

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Full Name: Augustus Julian Blackburn
Nickname: A.J., August, Captain, Blacky, Burner
Age: 27
Gender: Male
Occupation/Position: Soldier, Protectorate/Scavenger

Canon or Original: Canon


Eyes: Blue
Hair: Brown
Height: 6'1"
Build: Muscular, solid/well built

Distinguishing Features: Augustus bears a number of odd scars that make up his most distinguishing of features. He has a scar going through the left side of his neck meat from where a bullet grazed him there. There are similar scars further down on his left shoulder, where several bullets struck and/or went through. Here and there he bears knife scars. Believe it or not, all of his scars came from before the apocalypse. His hands are also very distinguished, they are the hands of a craftsman, although he is no craftsman by trade....well not exactly. His hands are rather calloused over and strangely stronger than most, perhaps from using his hands in many of his day to day activities. His hair is usually kept unkempt, save for important events.

Mannerism & Style: Augustus is a take charge sort of man, always has been and always will be. He carries himself as a man of both respect and friendliness. He is loving, to both wife and children (birth & adopted). Augustus would sacrifice his own life in order to save the lives of others, some would use the word hero to describe him, he would prefer the word human. He holds the posture of a warrior, as it was ingrained into him long ago, before the apocalypse. When it comes to style, Augustus has all but given up on the dress of the old world (for the most part). While he does have what would be considered a 'normal' style of dress (jeans, shirts), he prefers to dress in more natural outfits such as deerskin. In all respects, he is something like a modern day Daniel Boone or Davey Crockett.

Play By: Christian Bale


All in all, Augustus is a mix of things -- both good and bad -- however, what person isn't....doesn't the mix of good and bad define humanity in itself? The good in him can be described in a few simple words to start; Family man, trustworthy, protective, selfless, and good natured. Being a family man allows for Augustus to treat just about anyone as some kind of extension of his family, because the other members of Pine Valley are more or less like a large extended family of sorts, knowing just about everyone and relying on them in one way or another to get through life as best as physically possible. He is very trustworthy, be it anything from keeping a simple secret to some greater form of trust-requiring task, he will do it to the best of his abilities and not break ones trust. Protective instinct just came naturally, perhaps from the army or even earlier in his life, now it just stays there and is always active. Augustus wants the best for not only his own family but for the entirety of Pine Valley, making sure they are always safe and happy. Augustus is selfless, he does things for others instead of himself...after all, he has all in which he needs for himself in life. Good nature is a hard thing to come by and keep for so long, but somehow or another, he has managed to keep that good nature, and through that good nature it does have it's days where it influences others to follow suit.

There are bad things in his personality -- while not all that bad -- could always be improved upon. Like his good traits, his bad are still relatively few in number, they are; Risky, daring, occasional vice seeker, and taskmaster. Risky and daring are two things that go hand in hand, all within his lines of work. He takes high risks not only for himself but at times others, and because he takes those risks his bravery seems to blind him of the risks he takes (one particular reason his wife doesn't want him out in danger all the time). He does seek out a vice now and again, while they aren't the worst possible vices. He does enjoy drinking now and again, but never in anything more than moderation. To top off his personal vices, he enjoys a weekly game of cards amongst friends. The last and perhaps worst part of his personality, according to many others who work with him in his profession, is that he is a taskmaster. Of course, being the head of the Protectorate, he does need to keep everyone else on their toes, and the only way to do that is to get tough with them. He has never minded being called the taskmaster, as even though others may not like what he is doing with them, it is in their best interest for their own futures.


There is not much to tell about the time that passed from the childhood to near adulthood with Augustus Blackburn. He was always considered a normal kid who did average in school. Sure he played sports but never truly stood out amongst some of the others he played alongside. When he turned eighteen, he enlisted in the National Guard. Even at age eighteen, the entry age for any military force in the United States, Augustus was noted for being a leader-type, and it would prove to make a very interesting career for him while in the military. He was able to finish one full tour in the guard, ending his service with the guard in 2001. He was going to use his money earned from the guard to continue his education and go into the job field after that, but the attacks in September changed all of that. Instead of going about a normal life, Augustus headed back into the military life, this time going into the army rangers.

For nearly another four years, Augustus served his tour of duty with his unit in both Iraq and Afghanistan. During his tour of duty he had risen to the rank of Captain. On Christmas 2004, Augustus and his unit were pulled off the front lines and sent home on leave. Unlike their brothers in arms who had replaced them, they would be the lucky ones. He arrived back in the states a few days after Christmas and was introduced -- by a friend -- to another veteran, Nataliya Cross. The two hit it off almost instantly, they were inseparable, a perfect match for one another. New Years came and then unexpectedly, three days later, the bombs began dropping worldwide. Ultimately, the area in which Augustus and the others were staying was an unaffected zone. Many had gone to see if they could lend a hand with the disaster areas, but some like Augustus had stayed behind to look after the people who needed immediate caring for as they undoubtedly knew someone who had perished in the attacks. Those who left would never be seen or heard from again.

Five days later the sightings, disappearances, and attacks began occurring. Rumors began floating about that dead people and mutated people were being seen on the outskirts of town. No one really took them seriously, Augustus was not so certain that they were untrue, however he felt they might just be sick people who survived the bombs. When people began to disappear, any military or law personnel left began to look into the matters. Not long after the investigations began the terrors and zombies began to actually attack. This caused a panic and sent everyone packing. Even amidst the chaos and confusion, Augustus kept a cool head. He gathered all his friends together and they made their way to the military base, where they would be the safest from harm. The group, numbering about three hundred at the time, was safe within the base for about a month and a half. During that time, Augustus and Nataliya were married and she became pregnant with Ben. When the defenses finally gave way -- thanks to the terrors -- the survivors made an escape attempt, losing about fifty people in doing so.

With Augustus at the lead, they made their way from Michigan into the woods of Northern Wisconsin. There was not a sign of life to be seen, most of the buildings and homes they passed were in ruin, undoubtedly from the same things that had driven them from their safe haven. After perhaps a days drive in total, some of it in circles, the group came upon a spot which would serve them quite tactically in case of future attacks. The next day construction began on what would become Pine Valley... the possible last human settlement on Earth. Come January 2006, a year after the apocalypse, Pine Valley was a thriving community, protected by a wall that would keep out anything. Augustus had been one to oversee the construction of the defenses, so that the survivors would always be safe, and feel safe.

By the time the town was finished, Augustus was already a father, as Ben had been born a few months earlier, in September of '05. The next thing on the agenda for Augustus was to get law and order back to the people, and so the protectorate was established. Initially the protectorate ran everything from governing the people to protecting them. But after a few months things did not work out as planned, and so new steps were taken to properly run things in town. The Pine Valley Council was established to oversee the government side of things in the town, a law enforcement group was also established and given training by members of the protectorate. In addition to this, a council-established group known as the scavengers was created to allow for new supplies to be brought into town by those brave enough to travel outside of the wall. Augustus, while still being the head of the Protectorate, also took to this new line of work as a scavenger, even against the wishes and pleas of many for him not to do so.

For the last four years, he has made sure that his family and the citizens of Pine Valley have been protected. While he himself has sacrificed his own well being many times for their protection, he feels it would be a fair trade to forfeit his own life in order to save countless others as he has done in the past. More often than not, Augustus finds himself at home with wife and son nowadays, although duty times and scavenging trips frequent his life. While his wife has voiced her opinions about him giving up scavenging -- and he has listened to it --, it has not exactly sunk in as of yet. As of more recently, the council has been pushing him to use the protectorate to help the scavengers when they go out, perhaps because he has sway in both camps. He has not yet decided whether or not to go with the councils urging, but always keeps the thought somewhere in his mind.

About six months prior to the current date, Augustus came across an young, injured wolf in which had been abandoned and left to die. It had been a hard choice not to kill the wolf pup, but in the end he had done the right thing and patched her up. The pup, being so young, took to Augustus. With proper care and food, the pup soon recovered and became healthy. He tried releasing her back into the wild, but she would not go, and so he kept her. He named her Ghost, due to her coat of silvery-gray hair. Like Augustus, Ghost also took to the rest of his family, although she never really mingles much with other people as she is somewhat wary of them.

Now, he really just waits to see what the next day will bring for not only himself but the entire town of Pine Valley...


Name: Hank
Age (Optional): 21
Member Title: Always There For You
Other Characters: N/A

The television set crackled to life, the bartender flicking through the channels in order to get to the nearest news channel.  He looked quite pale, something had obviously upset him from the phone call he had just received.  The television stopped on one of the few news channels broadcast in the area, on the screen was a scrawny little female reporter, the anchor for the evening news, she was speaking but the sound wasn't that audible until the bartender turned it up.

"We interrupt our evening stories to bring you this shocking information."  She said, shuffling papers about while trying to keep her composure.  "The United States of America has been attacked.  There are also reports other countries around the globe have had similar attacks.  Survivors are few in number and relief efforts are already under way.  It seems as though the terrorists in which we have been fighting so hard to stop did indeed have weapons of mass destruction.  For now you are advised to stay in your homes with loved ones and await further information on the damages and losses sustained in these attacks."  Said the woman.

Then the channel went into the emergency broadcast, emitting that annoying warning blare.  The bartender switched to other channels, all doing the exact same thing.  They had undoubtedly been instructed to do so until further notice.  Augustus had been in the bar throughout this whole ordeal, in this particular instance he was with friends from his unit, most of them were already on their phones trying to contact loved ones, making sure they were okay....most of them getting no response other than the satellite broadcast message that the number they were trying to contact was no longer in service.  Many in the bar were already heading out the door back home, trying to figure out their next plan of action in order to find out about just what had happened, what came about of those they loved, etc...  Augustus on the other hand just kept drinking, everyone he cared about was in town and safe, and that was all he needed.  When most of the bar was empty, he himself got up calmly, laid a tip on the bar and headed out, going home to be with his new girlfriend, Nataliya, as she might need some comfort having undoubtedly learned of the attacks as well.
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Augustus Blackburn
Posted: Aug 30 2010, 05:20 PM

Always There For You

Group: Admin
Posts: 21
Member No.: 1
Joined: 20-August 10

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