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Description: vampire and human rpg

Play the Game - July 18, 2010 02:11 AM (GMT)
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The children of the seven covens were told bedtime stories.
Stories of the dark creatures that crawled the Earth. Stories of their inhumanity. They were told that one day they would rid the world of these creatures. They trained, they fought, they learned, praying for the chance to prove themselves.

Decades went by. Centuries went by. Generations went by.

The most powerful vampire clan, Priscus, created a school for their kind. A safe haven from those hunters that decreased their numbers every day.

But not all the covens wanted to kill the vampires. Three of them stopped their battles. One of them made an alliance with the bloodsuckers. In return, the vampires allowed them to train on their school grounds.

Priscus, Lamia and Empusa were forced to open the school up to humans so authorities (and the hunters) would not suspect them too much.

Too bad the word went out about one of the covens partnering up with the vampires.

The other covens took their chance. Their prayers had been answered. They had a chance to prove themselves.

At Worthington Preparatory Academy, once a school for vampires is now a battlefield.


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