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Posted: Mar 12 2011, 02:59 PM

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Group: Admin
Posts: 0
Member No.: 13
Joined: 12-March 11

By logging onto this forum you submit and agree with these rules. This is a list of all the rules and specific regulations strictly for this board. These rules are only for use in the Roleplay and other threads, topics, posts and polls on this board.
Moderators will enforce these rules and Admins will punish when the rules are broken. We will not hesitate to deliver punishment, and with that aside, pleas follow and abide by the ruls listed to keep this community friendly and fun.

Etiquette & Posting Guidelines

•Please do not ask to be promoted to any staff position on this board. We only offer promotions to those experienced members that we find suitable for the position.

•The following content is unacceptable and will be removed on sight, with the offending user warned as appropriate:

◦Profanity in excess.

◦Racial, ethnic, gender insults, or discriminatory material of any kind

◦Rude or inflammatory behavior toward members and staff.

◦Posting private conversations including, but not limited to: personal messages, instant message conversations or e-mail conversations, hidden, altered or removed content.

◦Short, useless posts or excessive repeated posts—i.e., spam

◦Pornography, warez, or any other illegal activities

◦Personal or contact details of yourself or anyone else. This includes, but is not limited to, email addresses, telephone numbers, and IP addresses. If you wish to share your details with someone, use the PM system.

•If you want to post large images or several images in a row, link to them instead of placing them in a post. Be considerate of those on slower connections.

•Post in the appropriate section. If your topic is placed in the wrong section, it may be moved.

•Users have the option to edit their posts in order to add additional information. Please use the edit option instead of making additional posts.

•We reserve the right to edit or remove any posted content, even if it is not listed above. Topics may be deleted or closed to keep the board organized and prevent spam.

•Invisionfree uses advertising to generate revenue. Discussion of ad-blocking software will result in suspension starting at one week.

•We reserve the right to edit or delete your account at any time without warning or explanation. You use this board at your own risk; we make no warranty that the information supplied is correct or accurate.

•You are only allowed one account at this board. Creating multiple accounts to get around suspension or other punishments will result in a tripling of the punishment time or permanent banishment.

•We restrict accounts to remove access to certain parts of the board that members abuse. These restrictions are permanent; do not request to be unrestricted.

•If you have a complaint about a staff member's conduct, please send a PM to Carlantis07.

Signature & Avatar Guidelines

•Your signature, including all images and text, must fit inside this box of 550x150 pixels.

•Limit the size of text in your signature to 2 sizes larger than the base size.

•Any images in your signature should not total to more than 70 KB in file size.

•Avatars should be no more than 35 KB in file size.

•Do not use flashing images in your avatar or signature; these may cause problems for photo-sensitive users.

•Please keep avatars and signatures family friendly.

Advertising & Links

•Do not advertise any board, website, or service via PM, topic, post, or anywhere else on this board. The only exception to this is in the designated section

•You may advertise in your blog, signature, and profile, with the following exceptions:

◦Competing services (forum hosts, domain registars, and web hosts)

◦Referral links of any sort

◦Links to harmful locations (such as the sign out link or “shock sites"


01. First and foremost, no excessive swearing, we don't need your character cussing like a sailor. This is supposed to be a pretty much family friendly forum. Profanity is allowed just do not make it ridiculous.

02. Secondly NO bashing on other members because of opinions, ideas, race, gender, sexuality, religion, or anything else that can be brought up. Not abiding by this rule is a serious offense and will warrant an account time-out or a ban. Do NOT discriminate.

03. Absolutely and positively NO BITING THE NOOBS. This includes, insulting, harassing and making biased reviews on applications. Constructive criticism is allowed by staff members only. We want to create a friendly atmosphere on the site, so please don’t scare away the new people by being jerks! =P

04. Keep all NC-17 related things out of the forum. If you want to have something of this rating happen in an RP, take it out of the forum and to an Instant messenger or email or something of that nature! Anything else needs to be have a fade to black rule.

05. Absolutely, positively, NO SPAM. Spam is hereby defined By: the posting of advertisements, abusive, or unneeded messages on Internet forums, which in more gentle terms comes to mean: unrelated, un-useful threads that don't do the forum any good. If you happen to post a thread which does belong somewhere else on the forum, it will be moved by a member of the staff. It is recommended that new members get to know where things are on the forum. Get comfortable! And if there are ever any questions, the staff will be more than willing to answer them!

06. Harassment is against the rules because even if we did not mind, it is against the law, and terms given by invisionfree. If you believe that you are being harassed, you are to report it to one of the administrators, who will look into the issue. You may play with people, and tease them, but do not go overboard in doing this. Teasing almost crosses the fine lines of harassment and disrespect, so be sure that you know the person.

07. There will be no applying for staff status, not through PM, nor through any other means (i.e. IMing staff, threads). Doing so will probably merit a banning or a stern warning. Staff opportunities come from seniority and hard work.


01. No spamming in RP threads, we aim for IC threads that are not cluttered by OOC (Out Of Character or Out Of Context) thoughts. If there must be an OOC post or comment, make sure to use the following symbols ((YOUR TEXT HERE)) or [YOUR TEXT HERE], or at the very least indicate that it is OOC to prevent confusion.

02. Regarding post-length -- Provided you are capable of maintaining a quality, well thought posted, we will not begrudge you based on length. SOTH is about stepping outside reality and enjoying yourself. You are not expected nor required to write a novel. Merely type at a length you feel comfortable with, in reason. We do ask for 150 words. So there is a minimum, granted a minor one.

03. When in fights, there is to be absolutely no god modding, meta gaming etc. The definitions and examples of these two things are listed below:

"God Modding" is in essence when someone’s character has the ability to do practically anything without limits or boundaries. And example is when they simply cannot be harmed by any and all means other RP-ers try.

-It can be killing or injuring a character without the player's express permission.
-It can be when they simply can’t be hit and dodge all attacks or anything for this matter aimed at them.
-It can also be using other characters that other people RP with. In other words, if you do not RP as
A gang Member, then you cannot have The Gang Member say anything, or do anything, without the player's express permission.

Another RP example of this would be:

Player A: Punches Player B
Player B: Dodges attack, grabs Player A and throws him. Player A flies at Player B, who warps behind him and slashes Player A in the back.

Metagaming is a broad term usually used to define any strategy, action or method used in a game which transcends a prescribed ruleset, uses external factors to affect the game, or goes beyond the supposed limits or environment set by the game. In other words, sometimes using out-of-game information, or resources, to affect one's in-game decisions. In role-playing games, a player is metagaming when they use knowledge that is not available to their character in order to change the way they play their character (usually to give them an advantage within the game), such as knowledge of the mathematical nature of character statistics, or the statistics of a creature that the player is familiar with but the character has never encountered. In general, it refers to any gaps between player knowledge and character knowledge which the player acts upon.

Look at it this way, Not all heroes get out of situations without even a scratch, and “know it alls”. Sure, your character can think they are well prepared, but often times they are entering a situation which they ultimately cannot control.

04. You must have an accepted application before you start RPing in threads. All threads that are posted prematurely will be deleted.

05.Proper grammar and punctuation are to be followed, because that is common sense. We do not want posts lyk tis. It really isn’t that hard to use the spell check, and it is suggested that you type anything up using Microsoft Word, or any equivalent program before posting just to be sure.

06. No 1337 speech. Save chat talk for MSN, AIM, etc. We do not want it in RP posts. You will have to correct it yourself.

Character Rules

01. You are not allowed in any circumstances to ever have a character that is godlike. Meaning your character can not dodge every attack thrown at them. Or kill in one move.

02. Please for the Staff of this forums sake, NO Mary-sues or Gary Stus. Those terms are defined as follows:
Mary Sue, sometimes shortened simply to Sue, is a pejorative term used to describe a fictional character who plays a major role in the plot and is particularly characterized by overly idealized and clichéd mannerisms, lacking noteworthy flaws, and primarily functioning as wish-fulfillment fantasies for their authors. Perhaps the single underlying feature of all characters described as "Mary Sues" is that they are too ostentatious for the audience's taste, or that the author seems to favor the character too highly. The author may seem to push how exceptional and wonderful the "Mary Sue" character is on his or her audience, sometimes leading the audience to dislike or even resent the character fairly quickly; such a character could be described as an "author's pet".

A male "Mary Sue" is usually referred to as a 'Gary Stu' (or similar masculinized term). References to male characters being a 'Gary Stu' are less common than those to female 'Mary Sues'. They are generally identified as being much cooler, tougher, and sexier than the canon characters. Gary Stus are often shown as the popular, excessively popular, and the jock of every story. Girls in the story will fall over themselves to capture a Gary Stu's attention.

03. The Character limit is as follows: You are allowed only ONE character

04. When completing your character application, do not bash other races, sexualities, genders, etc. in your character’s likes and dislikes section. This section is supposed to be for creativity; give your character some depth! If it does happen that this rule is not followed, it will lead to the complete deletion of that character’s profile.

05. Sex-crazed characters are particularly frowned upon. Keep the flirting reasonable and REMEMBER to keep anything else in the mature board.

Chatbox rules

01. NO disrespect for other members in Cbox. Cbox is for fun banter between members and for new people to drop in and say hi.

02. Keep arguments in PM and out of Cbox.

03. Making out, screwing, boozing, or doing drugs in Cbox is not allowed. That’s kinda dumb, come on, grow up.
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