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Posted by: Devon Feb 13 2011, 03:48 PM
Name: Blade Adene

Moniker: None

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Class: Soldier

Moral Alignment: Chaotic Good

Character Image:
user posted image

Height: 6'2"
Weight: 180 lbs
Eye color: Gray
Hair color: White with Black stripe
Skin tone: White

Personality: Blade is intelligent. He is very humble but friendly and will talk to almost anyone. He prefers to be nicer to people. Blade is calm and collected and will think out all of his decisions. He enjoys working and doing things properly and better than they should (perfectionist). Blade has a very long fuse and will only fight to protect the people close to him. He puts on a "mask" to hide his emotions. He has very protective instincts and would gladly take a fatal hit to save a friend or sister. But he is a very skilled at fighting and will more often than not try to avoid a direct confrontation with an enemy. He hates people that are cocky and people that attack the weak and the defenseless.

Talk text Color: Gray

Quote: "..."

Birth Place: New Londonna

Residence: Roaming

Alliance: Unaffiliated

Backstory: (2-3 paragraphs)

Weapon 1: Saber
Weapon image:

Weapon 2: Bow and Arrow
Weapon image:

Weapon 3: (Projectile weapon)
Weapon image: (picture link here)

Weapon 4: Shotgun
Weapon image:

Weapon 5: Bayonet
Weapon image:

- High Strength
- High Endurance
- High Speed
- Able to use a multitude of weapons
- Balanced speed, offence, and defence
- Dual wield: can equip more than one weapon
- Bayonette: the skill to use a gun mounted blade.
- Firing line: accurate covering fire.

-Akako Adene, Twin Sister, 17, Alive
-John Adene, Father, 50, Imprisoned
-Kim Adene, Mother, 46, Imprisoned

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