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Forum Guidelines
These all quite obvious rules go for every part of this forum. Remember them well.

No spamming or flooding.Meaning that you don't double-post, you don't destroy topics with unrelated comments, and you don't reply on your own thread to bump it up. However, if it has been over a week since the last reply on a thread in the RP Registry, you may bump it up, just once. We will warn you once. Second warning will be a ban.

No interfering in RP sessions and stories.If you're not in the story, don't reply on it. It would be considered spamming or just being blatantly stupid. Both are not very well liked, and will result in saying goodbye to Shadow of the Fallen.
Don't ask for anything illegal.No warez, appz, hacks, porn, or anything considered sick. You ask once, you will be told the rules. You ask twice, you are banned.

Create your threads with relevant titles.Don't name your thread "Help me" or "THIS IS COOL." This seems like common sense, doesn't it? Unfortunately, some people here don't know what common sense is. So, please, name your title something that pertains to your post.

Only one account.Creating multiple accounts is against forum policy. This includes making a new account for yourself to replace a banned one. If you were banned, it was for a reason. Although we can't really trace you if you do get a new account and ip, as soon as we find out you created a new one, no matter how good you behaved during your new account, you will be banned. So yes... all your hard work for nothing. Also, each account must be matched with only one IP. If we see TWO OR MORE usernames attached to a single IP address, they'll all be banned. No questions asked and you will NOT be warned ahead of time.

Try typing using correct grammar.Don't use l33t talk, or anything that's found annoying by members. We understand that not everyone here speaks perfect English. However, being a forum where writing skills matter in roleplaying, we heavily encourage that you try to spell correctly using correct grammar. It's ok to use l33t or some garbled language as a joke once in a while, but don't make it a habbit. It annoys everyone here, and will make your time on the forum short-lived.

Don't disagree with a Moderator or Admin.We are here to provide the best experience for you and the general public. Please don't disagree with our actions. If you have been warned/banned by a mod, and heavily disagree, please don't lash out and fight back. It will make things worse. Contact an admin and discuss your issue intelligently. If you fail to do this, for example, by disagreeing without a reason and lash out at us, then we will not be afraid to just ban you and save us the trouble. Remember, we are willing to work with you, if you work with us first.

No disgusting or x-rated material in your sig, posts, or anywhere else while you're in the forums.
Not even in spoiler tags or links. If you feel the urge to display some thing that's mildly offensive but in a silly way (PG13 content), then you can use a spoiler tag. The reason for this is that lots people view the forums in public places, and smearing offensive stuff all over the forum might alert others, physically around you, that you're nothing but trouble. If you're in doubt if it might offend others, then simply don't do it. Don't use images in your sig/avatar that clearly display signs of hate groups like Nazism and the KKK, even if meant as a joke.

Keep images in your sig under 550px in width.Images bigger than this can destroy the forum layout.

Don't create an account just for shameless plugs.We are not here to help your marketing campaign. If we see you with less than 10 posts giving away links and encouraging users to go to different places on the net, you will be banned. Even if you have more than 10 posts, and we feel that all you're doing is shamelessly smearing your good-for-nothing plugs on the forums, you will be banned.

Don't fill the staff's PM box with approval requests.or may you send a PM simply asking a staff member to look at the thread, as we all know the reasoning behind that. This includes Elders. The staff and elders are all volunteer and will check over the registry when they get the time. Making them go through PMs only wastes that time and annoys them, making them less inclined to approve. An exception to this rule may be made when the staff member you are PMing is a specific person whose approval you need. This may include Village or Clan GMs.

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