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Welcome to Sekkai Fractures!
We're a moderate to advanced original fantasy roleplay set in an original world where humans can bond to dragons with the use of magical crystals. The land is currently in celebration after the Tainted Lord has been removed from his black throne and his legions have been freed from his nefarious influence, but whether or not his soldiers will face punishment is yet to be seen.



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 A New Dawn, 3rd Sekkain Laying
Posted: May 2 2012, 05:33 AM

Artistic Veteran

Group: Ancient
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Denkou sulking sadly

Off in the fields of the academy, a Bone dragon rose with the crow of the cock, near lifeless eyes staring out at the grass and trees. birds chirped, the sun was warm with new life, spring. It smelled so nice, so... un Desolation like. He loved it, and felt like crying every morning he awoke in the lands of the Sekkaians. In time, he knew, they might trust him. It would take a lot of time though... He had killed and eaten their comrades, and would still not say he regretted it. He was what he was, and there was no apologizing for doing what he did. In his mind. However... As the females began to fly to the hatching grounds, Denkou keened, hoping someone would hear him. He wanted to know of Kestrel. Of the wyrmling or wyrmlings he had sired...

Hertz glerping over egg

Hertz snoozed by Tez in the early dawn, having spent the night with the fire and his rider once more, with his own rider. He was very happy for Dedric and Legato. It had been ages since he had seen his Dedric so happy! With Legato, he was very happy, which made Hertz happy too. What also made the sonic happy, was the fact that Adirondack was heavy with his egg. He was a sire now, although he often spoke to Tez in worry. He was a sire! How would his own child view him? Would he be a good figure for the wyrmling or wyrmlings? The fire helped him when he worried, talking him out of his anxiety and weaving tales to distract his worry.

Now however, the call of the bone in the fields woke him up, blinking his small, bleary pink eyes. Hertz yawned, stretching like a cat and looking out the entrance and inhaling the smell of sweet spring. He noticed the females flying to the hatching sands now, still smiling obliviously. Then his smile fell and he let a low sound of shock. The females. They were flying. To the hatching grounds. To lay. He skittered backwards, looking at his sleeping rider and the rider whose arms were around him, then back to Tez. What should he do? Should he go down and find Adirondack? Should he wait? Should--- a soft song interrupted his thoughts. She was calling him.

Bouncing from foot to foot, the sonic lurched into the air before he back pedaled and panicked. He flew with anxious haste to the grounds, half stumbling as he skittered into the warm sands. Eyes darted around as he looked for her-- ah there she was! He trotted over anxiously, a soft whistle coming from his horns.

"oh, oh, oh Adi!" Hertz crooned, stumbling over his words as he nuzzled her quickly. He gaped at the egg, trilling a tad loudly before looking around embarrassed. "Its beautiful! You're beautiful!" He nuzzled her again, resting by her and staring at the glistening egg in its nest of forestry.

Galileo admiring egg

He was anxious. Had been anxious for a while now, watching the females heavy with eggs. They were short tempered and often snappish - especially a particular rosemary he worked very hard to avoid- and Galileo fought with himself frequently to seek our Hadassah. She needed time, he told himself, she needed to prepare the egg for laying. But eventually, the morning came. Galileo awoke at dawn per usual, lounging outside the large dragon entry in their room. Skad was sprawled out on his bed as was also usual at this time, snoring loudly and, hopefully, dreaming fitfully. Galileo's violet eyes watched the sun rise, humming to himself as he pondered the meaning of life. Then he saw the females leaving their perches, their rooms, wherever they were, and heading to the sands. Anxiety crept into his chest once more as he stood, shifting weight on his feet.

He turned to Skad, chuckling softly and shaking his head, before taking a leaping bound out the entry. He wasn't going to awake His just yet. He would let the boy sleep, and see his egg or eggs after. His eggs... He sired them. Pride fluttered inside him as he took in the thought. He was starting his own line! Part of him hoped dearly for a karma child, however he didn't want to get his hopes up too high. Karmas were very rare, and he was chosen by a very common element. Chances were slim. However he knew he would swell with pride regardless of the magic his first child or children would posses!

He landed outside the sands, stepping foot to foot in place anxiously, before slowly walking in. Females were every where, admiring their eggs or delivering them as well. So many were there! He'd never seen so many eggs - granted this was the first laying and hatching he would experience, aside from his own. Amidst the glorious colored sands, he found his prize, the autumn colored forest. Hadassah. He trotted over nervously to the sleeping female. He smiled weakly, proud of her in her exhausted glory. He quietly sat beside her, nuzzling her snout softly before admiring the forest.

It was not one of his own, but it was his child. And it would be a glorious child! "You will be magnificent, little one," He crooned softly to the green shell.
Posted: May 2 2012, 10:23 PM


Group: Juvenile
Posts: 582
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Joined: 3-March 11

Ore to Metis

The Lava dragoness smiled and said a soft thank-you to Hadassah at the Forest's well-wishes, but before too long the dragoness was again distracted by tending to her egg, which Ore completely sympathized with. She didn't say anything further to the other female, leaving her to curl protectively around her nest and the Forest egg within. Likewise, Ore's attention went back to her own nest, finding herself face to face with Metis as he closed the circle she'd half-formed around the eggs. She glanced down at the book that was now nestled against her chest, and nodded. "The words are just the right size. Big enough to read, not so big as to waste a page," she answered with the hint of a laugh. She watched the expression on his face and in his eyes as he looked at the eggs, and nestled happily against the warm sand, perfectly happy with absolutely everything for the moment.

In vain, she tried to puzzle out what the Ice was saying to his rider, even as her own rider apparently caught some of it and smiled ever so slightly. He nodded to Audra as she got up and left, and went back to making little mounds of glassy sand in front of his crossed legs as Ore tipped her head this way and that. She was very curious as to what Metis had sent Audra after, but she was also happy to wait and find out. When Metis mentioned a nap, she stifled a yawn. A nap sounded like a good plan, at least until Audra returned with whatever she'd been hunting.

"I think I might do that. Thank you," she hummed at her mate, and put her head down on the sand, eyes slitting shut as she gratefully left the Ice to watch over the eggs. She trusted him absolutely to do so, knowing they were as safe under his watch as they were under her's, and so she soon drifted off, only awakening when she heard the clatter and cling of metal. Lots of various shaped metal. It had been a very short nap, but she opened her eyes and raised her head just slightly to see Audra putting down a whole armful of odds and ends. Ah! Metal for a metal egg! She was glad Metis had thought of it, because it certainly hadn't ocurred to her to surround the shiny silver egg with its own element. Looking around for her rider to see what he thought of this, Ore saw he'd disappeared to somewhere, and frowned for a moment before turning her attention back to her mate and his rider.

"You took kitchen silverware? I didn't know that was possible," Ore remarked. Indeed, the kitchen staff was a little... overly motivated to prevent the loss of silverware, and were averse to letting the riders accidentally or intentionally carry any of it away from the dining area. The mental image of a rider ferreting away a lot of it for a dragon's nest, and the subsequent looks on the staffs' faces made Ore chuckle a low laugh. When Metis pushed all the metal over to her, she gently arranged it around the metal egg's half of the nest, though she mosed a few pieces over to Metis, who seemed worried he would damage the shining ovaloid egg. "You're not going to hurt it, don't worry," she said to him with a soft smile.

There was another clatter at her elbow, then, and she turned carefully to see her rider, having just dropped his own small load of things. He'd brought an old knife that she hadn't seen him sharpen in years, metal edging he'd kept from a broken mirror, and an old polished shield with a huge dent in the middle and a chip on the edge. These Ore also pushed into the nest, before Roh produced a neck lace that he wore along with the one that held his crystal. It was a piece of obsidian, one of the first Ore had produced when she'd figured out how to do it, wrapped in a cage of wire and hung on a simple string of soft leather. This he held out hesitantly to the huge black dragoness.

"I thought... since it's metal and lava," he said, and very gently and slowly, hardly even breathing, Ore reached down and took the necklace gently in her front teeth. She rustled some of the lava from the nest around until it made a small raised mound, and set the necklace on it. Then she nodded. This was a good nest, built by Lava, Ice, and rider hands. Perfect.

Cereus to Cissa

((Will finish tomorrow afternoon, cause I gotta sleep now!))
Posted: May 4 2012, 10:46 AM

Gyrfalcon- geddit right bud, or you is food.

Group: Young Adult
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Dhruva to Ana

He thrummed deep in his throat when she returned his affections and brushed his jaw against her brow. Silvery eyes glimmered down on his mate with a multitude of throat knotting emotions he couldn’t name. She had given him such immeasurable comfort to allow him to support her, sating his hollowing need to safeguard something he had allowed his heart to lay roots in. It had driven him to a near maddening frenzy when she refused him in the last battle. He had been warned by his own bonded, that he might be crowding her with his relentless attentions, but the Fire couldn’t resist. Ana would have to tell him if he was. Ever since the passing of his late mate and youngling, this- daring feel more- had been a difficult, inevitable choice he made. With it, came a bone deep fear of losing everything. Again. It was the source of his fervent, protective nature. Sinuous neck twisted around when she rested her head between his shoulders and warm breaths fanned light as a ghosting touch of heated silk from above. His gaze softened upon meeting her adoring lilac. “Then sleep, Mine. I will keep you company,” he murmured, nuzzling his cheek against her jaw. It was his turn to guard their egg, a priceless opportunity he would cherish whenever he was given the chance.

A low chuckle shook his frame when she teased him for his restlessness around her. She had been egg heavy just moments ago, and the few days before, he couldn’t contain his anxiety for she was nearly due. Dhruva had been quite disappointed with himself when he did not arrive swiftly enough to escort her to the sands and soothe her while she went through her laying. He pressed his cheek against hers, a firm assurance that he wouldn’t be going anywhere anytime soon. “Whatever you need, my heart. You will find a hard time driving me off for a long while, Ana.” He curled his frame closer, folded his tail over hers to coil in a gentle, tender gesture around their egg. One pale wing lifted and extended to blanket mother and egg both in a hush of scale against leather.

His gaze was drawn irresistibly towards the smooth fiery shell of their dormant offspring, an overwhelming sense of wonder lighting his eyes bright. Anamchara had given him a youngling of his blood. He was going to be a father, and this time, no war or Taint will deprive him of it. A young born in times of peace, away from bloodshed. Hot breaths blew across the surface of the crimson shell, soft still from its first few moments out of its mother’s womb. Pale tongue wiped gingerly across its surface, washing away sand and drying fluid with utmost care. He assumed the task with quiet pleasure, unhurried and focused, knowing the days would pass too quickly before he would get little chance to lavish his affections. When he was finally content, Dhruva rested his jaw beside it, nosed the kindling more securely beneath and around the egg before he finally rested. Alabaster cheek touched the amber shell, mercurial eyes ensnared by the smooth flawless surface.
Posted: May 4 2012, 06:08 PM

The Majestic Space Duck
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Lumiére to Proxy

The uneasiness stilled in his belly when Proxy spoke, explaining the ordeal of bringing their egg onto the sands. Even if she was of a larger breed, Celestial eggs weren't known to be very accommodating to any but their own kind. He stopped fidgeting in place, allowing the feathers along the edges of his wings and tail to smooth back into alignment and his crest to lie flat. Lumiére bobbed his head apologetically as he weaved the sand gently beneath his toes in lazy circles with his talons. "I'm sorry you first child had to be such a large one. I figured that my kin were elusive enough that they wouldn't plague a first-time mother, but fate has a funny way of turning what we take for granted upside down."

Lumiére's expression relaxed as the Fire dragoness took the somewhat roasted cattle and began to devour it. At least she appreciated it, though he had little idea of what she favored most. He noted to ask her at a later time, but her offering of a piece of the beef took him aback. "I've eaten my fill last night," he replied, faintly shaking his head as she nudged the last tidbits of the bovine toward him. It wasn't entirely a lie. He had eaten, but his stomach hadn't been quite up to the gorging he had done in the weeks of recovery with the thoughts of Laying looming over the horizon. The man on his back thumped him once, frowning at Lumiére with what looked to be a disapproving glance. Coughing awkwardly, the Celestial quickly changed his mind with a pang of momentary shame. "But...thank you." He finally relinquished at her suggestion and lowered his neck to quickly snap up the latter third of the cattle. It settled uneasily in his stomach, but it would at least keep his metabolism something to work while while he fretted about.

The approach of Proxy's rider shortly thereafter caused his crest to rise. From what he knew about Layings, which was, granted, very little, the riders didn't typically speak outside of pleasantries. In any event, he didn't particularly mind, and lowered his neck to eye Ouray with a curious gaze. He cocked his head slightly to dampen the sound of the man's voice from Makani with his crest. Crude, but it worked. The rider shifted, trying to hear at first, but gave up and slouched forward on the Celestial's shoulders while his dragon listened attentively. "Ah," Lumiére replied attentively, blinking slowly as he absorbed the knowledge. Ouray was right; Proxy's markings hadn't flared up with vibrance yet, like they had during her Flight. The thought made him relax a tad more, slightly comforted in the knowledge that he had so far failed to visibly agitate her. At least he had that much going for him.

Makani thumped the dragon's shoulder again to attract his wavering attention. The dragon peered back at him with an inquisitive eye. Pointing to the back of his head, the aged rider whispered, "Hey, show her what else you brought."

"Oh!" Lumiére said, brightening, and turned back to Proxy. "I brought a few things for the nest. That is, if you wish to have them." The dragon shifted, reaching up behind his remaining horns to unhook the bag once more. Placing it on the ground, he pulled the drawstring back with a careful fore-claw and pushed the fabric away to reveal a set of mirrors. They weren't huge, at least in comparison to the Celestial, but to an egg the size of a grown man, they would serve well enough. "While we don't technically require anything within the egg, such as a bed of embers or a pool of water, we flourish light bright sunspots. I thought maybe this might suit the egg on the off chance that one did arrive on the sands."

Posted: May 5 2012, 06:54 PM


Group: Juvenile
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Cereus to Cissa

When he'd first arrived, Cereus hadn't seen Cissa's rider, he'd been so focused on the Air dragoness and her eggs, but when the rider stepped away from him, he noticed the motion and instantly felt guilty for apparently steamrolling right through whatever moment the pair had been sharing before he'd shown up in such a hurry. He hummed at the man and shuffled his huge feet closer together so he needn't worry about being trampled on.

"I apologize, I didn't notice you. Did I interrupt?" he asked, surprisingly not loud for a big Earth dragon. He was good at speaking quietly when he wanted to, which was most of the time. Cereus had never been a very loud dragon, no matter how much more outgoing he'd become recently. He still looked concerned about the Air dragoness who'd just laid two Earth eggs, his yellow eyes flicking to her when she shifted, all of her feathers fluffed out. What did that mean? He didn't exactly understand the body language of feathers, having never really had a lot to do with the bright denizens of his opposite element.

But she insisted she was alright, if a little sore, and so when she beckoned for him to sit, he did so, and feeling like he was still gawky and in the way, tucked himself down into a surprisingly small area with his tail wrapped around in front of him so it was not where it could be trod on. At her mention of any other duties, he shook his head quickly. No, it was his duty as the father of the eggs to be around if the Air needed food or company or anything else to be comfortable. Whatever the other male dragons were or weren't doing, Cereus was taking his duties to Narcissa and her eggs very seriously. "Oh, no, don't worry, I would be more than happy to bring you something. Tell me when you're hungry and I'll be about it," he reassured her, "But I am also happy to keep you company." A little less single-mindedly focused on Narcissa and her eggs now, he took a brief glance around the room and noted that some of the males were giving the females things for the nest. He wilted subtly, his wings drooping to brush the floor as his nose dropped a few inches. "I didn't bring you anything for the nest... I'm sorry. But maybe... I can make something?" he said, already racking his brain for what Earth eggs liked. They liked... well, earth of course, but they were already nestled in such under Cissa's feathers.

For a moment, his nose dropped all the way to the ground as he exhaled softly on the sand, kicking it up into whirling puffs of light grains that danced as motes in the air briefly before condensing into cloud-like clusters in front of his paws. These he nudged around until they were all in a row, looking like strings of clumped pearls. Again he dropped his nose to touch them gently, joining one to the next and re-solidifying them. When finished, he nudged them self-consciously over to Narcissa, looking abashed. His creativity tended to lie more in the area of big, showy things like the ramp with which he'd competed in her flight. He'd never really attempted something so small or mostly-functionless before, and wasn't sure whether the attempt was successful or not, but if she wished, the Air could encircle the nest with the earthen bead-clumps.
Posted: May 8 2012, 04:41 AM


Proxy to Lumieré

The female fire smiled softly as the large Celestial apologized for the size of their egg, drawing circles into the sand with his talons: "It is not your fault. You didn't get to choose your breed before you hatched... ...and if I remember correctly it was me who picked you as my mate and not the other way 'round.", her smile grew a little more rueful at that "If anyone is to blame, it would probably me, so don't apologize." She actually begun to chuckle as he changed his mind on the matter of the offered food and coughed awkwardly before eating it. She was either growing more and more relaxed... ...or was simply too tired to try and keep him at a safe distance. "Oh you silly thing...", she chuckled, her posture growing more relaxed as tension begun to vanish from her muscles. "I am no vain creature, Lumieré. I prefer honest answers over pleasantries, altough the former may sometimes be... infuriating... they usually turn out to be the better way to approach something on the long run." she paused, then decided to say a little more to the situation as talking kept her tired mind awake for the time being. "What do I gain from you eating something if you feel sick afterwards? And no, please do not hack it up just to please me either." she smiled at that once more, revealing quite the number of sharp, ivory teeth. It was a tired smile though and she didn't do much besides staring whilst the Celestial and her rider talked.

It made her a little suspicious as she couldn't quite hear what Ouray was saying but she didn't move. She was merely... ready to. But her rider returned safely and Lumieré did seem a little more relaxed afterwards... ...perhaps it was just her vision growing blurry. She blinked and perked her head up as he mentioned having something for her, pulling a bag from behind his horns she had not seen before - she peered down into it and nodded approvingly as she saw the mirrors: "More light can never hurt. I want our child to be as healthy as possible.", she said firmly. She had heard of the female Celestial of her own clutch who had withered away much too early. Some had blamed an Influenza-created disease, others had said that females were weaker in general... but Proxy suspected it had merely been too little true sunlight from above as the hatching grounds had been shrouded in darkness ever since bricks had replaced the glassen dome above. But that had been fixed now. And their child would survive. Proxy had no doubts about that. She hesitated to pick up the mirrors though and glanced at her egg, then at Lumieré, frowning thoughtfully.

Finally, she seemed to come to a decision and spoke again: "Would you... ...mind placing the mirrors properly? I must admit my mind feels too fogged to do so right now... besides, your knowledge of light and proper arrangement is most certainly far greater than my own." she had hesitated suggesting this, knowing how fragile and vulnerable the fresh egg was... ...but she had come to the conclusion that since she was not able to do it herself and Lumieré had more knowledge of these things than her rider - who in comparison would have a much harder time dragging those small mirrors around. So she might aswell invest some trust into him, no matter how much as every instinct protested. If she made a mistake now... their child would suffer for it and dearly. So hopefully... Lumieré was worth the trust she was putting forth.

...and she wouldn't leave it at that, slowly withdrawing one of her paw-hands from the egg so he could reach it more easily: "And... after that...", she hesitated "...would you terribly mind staying and watching over us while I sleep?", she asked very carefully, almost afraid he might refuse. "If you do... please stay on this side... between me and... ...her....", Proxy added after only a brief pause, flicking her tailtip into the general direction of another female who had decided to have her clutch quite close. As it turned out... ...it was none other than Kokopelli, the Sonic Lumiereé had visited before. Considering his size he could probably watch over both clutches if he desired to do so. And Proxy could ignore the other female more easily with the golden body of the Celestial blocking the direct line of sight. So if the Celestial decided to hang around... ...that was probably the best spot for him. Ouray would be watching over them aswell whilst she slept, but oddly enough she would feel more comfortable if it were another dragon keeping an eye on their egg.
Blood of the Beast
Posted: May 8 2012, 09:58 PM


Adirondack to Hertz, being lovey and gleeful

Caught up in the moment, Adirondack hadn't quite been paying much attention to the onslaught of males arriving in a steady stream to find their mates and croon over their offspring. Instead, now that Nevereki had already laid the foundation for the nest, the sprightly Forest female was now busying herself with arranging the provided leaves and branches into a suitable nest for her first and only child. Her own nest when she had hatched had been somewhat simple, as she had been born in Disarrya's first clutch and her Chaos mother had been in the same situation years ago. For now, all she could do was create her nest carefully, cushioning it in a soft bed of fresh, young leaves. With that done, she craned her neck over to grab a mouthful of larger branches with the intent of creating a sort of sheltered cave of leaves for her egg. That way, when the air rushed in from the wingbeats of visitors, the leaves would rustle and the branches would creak and sing their own natural songs to the child... and maybe it would grow up into a musically-minded little Forest, just like its mother.

So engrossed was she in arranging the branches that she almost didn't notice Hertz's jubilant entrance until he began to trill his joy. With eyes sparkling, she trilled right back and leaned into his nuzzle before sneaking in a light lick on the tip of his nose. As he flopped onto the sand beside her, she tucked her wings tightly next to her in order to reveal the nest fully, and crossed her front paws neatly. "Aww, thank you, dear! But Hertz, you must give yourself credit too!" She rested her head against his neck and crooned, allowing her tail to uncurl and gently twist around the tip of his tail. "Our little miracle wouldn't exist without you, handsome!" She then lowered her head to rest it on his paws, and turned her gaze to her mostly-finished nest. "I wonder if it'll grow up to sing like you can!" she chuckled before rustling her wings and sighing. "Would you like to help with the nest? I know you'll be careful, dear."

From where he sat a little off to the side, Nevereki smiled softly at the pair. "Don't worry, Hertz... you'll be a fine father, I'm sure of it. Adi would not have chosen you if she didn't trust you utterly."

Lithia to Salus, confirming that she has the BEST MATE EVER ;U;

((I will have to get this written tomorrow, when I'm not about to piss myself out of fear of scary roof noises. And I'm sleepy as heck and want my coherency back. Sorry Carni, I'll make it worth the wait! <3))
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