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Welcome to Sekkai Fractures!
We're a moderate to advanced original fantasy roleplay set in an original world where humans can bond to dragons with the use of magical crystals. The land is currently in celebration after the Tainted Lord has been removed from his black throne and his legions have been freed from his nefarious influence, but whether or not his soldiers will face punishment is yet to be seen.



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 Tainted Dreams, TAG Discordance
Posted: Feb 25 2012, 04:51 AM


Sitting amongst the coals that formed his bed, the only thing that gave away Zar's presence was his twitching tail, the tip curling and uncurling from side to side. Of course, his rider knew he was there, her eyes used to picking his vibrant bulk out of almost any background, even in the reflection on her mirror, and to her it signified his growing impatience and boredom. Well, it was his own fault for refusing to leave their quarters. She refocused her eyes on her own reflection in the mirror, turning her head from side to side to examine today's hair style. She had spent the last few minutes braiding her inky locks, and now it was coiled tightly against her scalp. She tugged a few strands of hair loose carefully and smiled at herself, fiddling with her bangs a little so that they showed her crystal on her forehead but so that it wasn't overly obvious. In the background, Zar shifted his weight, tucking another leg under his bulk. With a soft sigh, Ryna turned on her backless seat to face him. He was going to be unbearable. Then she had an idea and she smiled.

"Alright, Zar, we can go flying," she agreed. The dragon's head shot up. "Finally, How can you stare at the same thing for so long? It looks exactly the same now as it did before." She rolled her eyes as he rambled on and deftly cut across himt he next time he took a breath. "Look, I want to go out, and maybe see if any flowers are left anywhere. And you want to fly. So we should go somewhere new, and somewhere far away, so you have a nice long flight. Listen, this guy I was talking to at dinner the other night was telling me about this place that sounded just amazing. Vien, remember? A bunch of old ruins. That sounds like fun to go exploring. Can we go there?"

The fire dragon snorted, flames flickering from his nose. "Yeah, and everyone also says it's dangerous there. Too close to the Taint. Besides, its' autumn now. No place is going to have flowers. I refuse to encourage your desire to style your hair." As he spoke, Ryna rose and went to were his harness hung, lifting it off the hooks it hung on. "Do you want to go flying or not, Zar?" The dragon studied her for a moment, and then he rose from his bed and stalked over to where she could put the harness on. Ryna had it on in less than two minutes. She'd had two years to practice, after all. Then she returned to her mirror, to check that he clothes were alright. She had chosen her bright yellow, long sleeved blouse for today and her long green skirt. They still looked clean. She straightened the simple gold chain around her neck and then scooped up her jecket with one hand, hurrying over to Zar. The fire dragon had moved to the very edge of their ledge, ready to take off. But she would need the jacket, this time of year. She slipped into it and climbed up her dragon's side.

Zar was patient enough to wait until she was settled, and then he unfurled his long wings, jumping from the ledge and beating down hard at the same time. Ryna couldn't help smiling as the wind caressed her face. She did enjoy flying with Zar. Adjusting, she shifted her weight so that she was more comfortable, settling in for the lengthy flight. Then she leaned over his shoulder to admire the scenery. Zar spiraled up in circles over the Academy, and when it was just a few dots, he veered off in one direction, pumping his wings strongly. Through her bond with him, Ryna could feel how much he enjoyed this experience.
It took them quite a while, although Zar wasn’t flying at his top speed, rather just concentrating on a steady, relaxed flight, letting his muscles stretch and work. Eventually, however, they did arrive at their destination. Ryna gasped and leaned dangerously over Zar’s shoulder, taking in the site of the ancient city, the forest encroaching on all sides, a green carpet down the street. “It’s beautiful!” she exclaimed, leaning forward to hug Zar as he spiraled downwards lazily.

Zar snorted in annoyance, but he was glad. He should have agreed to bring her here sooner. As much as she had habits he didn’t like, he was fond of his rider. He knew of course, that their relationship was very different from most other dragons and riders, and he resented that a bit. But he was slowly learning to give a bit. Ryna being happy made him happy. Gently, the fire dragon back winged to land in the middle of the city, on a wide, grassy road in what could have been a large square. He furled his wings and had barely knelt before his rider was slipping down his side, loosening her jacket gleefully and looking around in wonder, running from side to side before zeroing on a strange plant. Curious if there were flowers, she approached, only to be startled when it moved and seemed to attack her. She closed her eyes and ducked reflexively as a blast of heat rushed past her as Zar launched a small fire ball at the plant, searing it into nonexistence. Slightly singed, she turned and grinned at her dragon before walking back over to him and they set off to explore the town, side by side.

After a while, Ryna tried of walking, and they found an open spot near the edge of the city and laid down in the grass, Ryna on her back in the long grass and Zar stretched out on his side, his muzzle beside her head, his eyes half closed as he enjoyed the sunshine. Presently, they both began to drift off, eyes falling closed and breathing evening out. Ryna rolled onto her side, one hand finding Zar's muzzle, an luxury she normally couldn't enjoy, thanks to his heated bed. We should come here more often, was her last thought.
Posted: Feb 25 2012, 05:52 AM


He was on the move, again. But, this time it was different. This time his mind was not overrun with pain and fear. This time he felt empty; of both body and mind. Endolin had set off with only one desire: to hunt. He had remembered long ago, ruins, surrounded by a thick forest. Now, he was simply in automatic mode. Not thinking, not feeling. He pulled upwards on the air, his powerful wings beating. Below he could see the greens, oranges and yellows of the vegetation, and the dark dot of the relics. He dove, pulling his hind legs further back against his body and his fore legs stretching before him. The ground came rushing up so fast that it seemed he would hit it in full force, but he adjusted his position just in time, dropping the lower part of his body and landing as gracefully as he could.

He furled his wings and cocked his head from side to side viewing his surroundings silently. He could see the slight twitch of the plants that once cause harm to... someone. He couldn't remember. He shook his head to free him from the strange bout of déja vu, then took a couple of steps forward. The forest... that would have plenty of prey. Out here it felt too spacious. He moved, quickening his pace as he neared the woods. Hunger gnawed at his stomach, making him feel like it would eat itself at any moment. He wanted to get rid of the feeling as quickly as possible.

It didn't take him too long to find something. He'd ventured far and concealed himself within a large tree, curling himself around it. The wind, luckily, flew upwind of him. Nothing, no one, would notice he was even there. He had waited patiently for some time, then pounced as movement came from his left.

Now he dragged a deer out by its hind legs from the foliage, shaking it like a dog would a rat. He'd found a quiet enough area where he could eat in peace, then left the carcass to the birds. Endolin trotted along, content for once. It hadn't been much but, it'd be enough to stave off the hunger a little while. As he moved, he found himself veering towards the ruins. He frowned, confused. Why would he want to go there? Something nagged at the back of his mind, something he couldn't quite grasp at. He continued in that direction.

The ruins made his head hurt. He didn't like them. Endolin's head tilted from side to side as he viewed first one thing, then another. Broken walls here and broken walls there. The very floor he stood upon had a cold, hard feel to it that made him feel uneasy for some reason. He'd come here before with someone, but who? He froze and let loose a vicious snarl. There was a dragon laying alongside a human close to the edge of the ruined city. Endolin threw back his head and roared, the sound more akin to an earsplitting scream, then rushed towards them, wishing only to tear them apart.
Posted: Feb 25 2012, 06:10 PM


Zar twitched lightly in his sleep. One paw half-closed and then relaxed; one wing rustled; the tip of his tail flicked. He dreamt as he lay in the grass; in his mind's eye he was curled up in a warm, soft bed of sand in the middle of a scalding, endless desert, his rider safe and sleeping between his forepaws. He could feel the sun shining on his hide and he was content, basking in the heat. But then a strange shadow came over the dream, along with the sound of approaching footsteps--the fire dragon snapped awake, instantly alert as something in his instincts warned him that something wasn't right. The sound of approaching footsteps stayed with him, however, and the dragon bolted upright, to his feet and swaying protectively over his rider, just as the approaching Tainted fire roared and started to charge him.

Ryna was dreaming as well, but she saw herself back in her childhood room and bed, the sun streaming through the window and across her bed, leaving her delightfully warm, and Zar, though in real life he was much too big, was curled up on her bed warming her even more. Then the sun was suddenly blocked from her face as Zar leaped to his feet, and as the Tainted fire dragon bellowed a roar Ryna jerked awake, with a gasp. She turned to find Zar standing over her and cshe felt a terrible anger coming from her dragon, as well as an immense amount of fear. With a scream, she climbed to her feet and stumbled backwards, against the nearest wall of the ruins. "Zar! Son of a Taint, get away from him! We have to get out of here, now! Taint it, ZAR!" Her hands went to her mouth as pure, unadultered fear for her dragon gripped her heart.

Zar wasted no time in letting the Tainted dragon get close. "Crystal-breaker!" he cried angrily--angry at the Taint for interrupting their peaceful moment, angry at Ryna for bringing them here, angry that he hadn't opposed it, and angry that he felt such fear, both for himself and his rider. He opened his jaws and launched a blast of fire at the other--sure, they were the same element, or had been, but it was his only long-ranged attack. His tail lashed as he backed, protecting Ryna. If only he dared take his eyes off the other dragon long enough to let her climb up his back--but he doubted he would have time and he would be defenseless is he turned his back. He launched another fire ball at the incoming dragon as he considered his options.
Posted: Feb 26 2012, 04:30 AM


His tail lashed out, the glowing lava-liquid seeping out over the edges and falling in little droplets onto the floor. His elongated maw hung open, his cerulean eyes showing only hate. The Sekkian Fire was up now, stood protectively over his Rider in a fashion that stirred up a hidden memory, lost over the months of the Taint's progression. He charged on, getting nearer and nearer to the enemy. A scream made him falter, pulling up, his talons clacking against the hard surface. Endolin snarled, then crouched as the smaller Fire launched a blast of flames. He leapt over them, pulling open his wings to gain a moment of flight, then dropped to the ground again. Without hesitation, he hurled himself forward once more.

Endolin snorted as the dragon spat out another fireball; did he think he was slow? Stupid even? Fire against Fire... There was only one way they could truly fight. He quickened his pace, lowering his head as the flames came to meet him. Closing his eyes he threw himself straight into it, feeling as it licked against his bright scales, burning against them. Then he was back in the cool air again, eyelids snapping open to view the opposition. "You'd have to do better than that," he growled, his deep voice resonating about the ruins. He turned his head to one side to eye the pair. "You know there's only way we could truly harm each other."

It was as his gaze flickered away from Zar to view the girl that the faded memory came back; vivid in his mind. He could see himself standing over his own Rider defensively. Whether it was simply an illusion brought on by the Sekkian's, or a true event of the past, he didn't know, but it hurt. Endolin froze dangerously close to the pair. ... She looked like her. ... Maybe it was her, and this Fire was simply there to protect her in his place. He took a step toward them. ".. Olivia?" His hopeful, yet somewhat sorrowful gaze remained on the Rider, half-hidden behind her dragon companion. "Are you... her?"
Posted: Mar 4 2012, 09:16 PM


Zar let out a vicious, angry growl that rumbled deep in his chest, one that even startled his rider, as she had never heard such a sound come from him before. The fire bared his teeth and hissed at the Tainted fire, who continued advancing. He hadn't honestly thought his fiery attack would have much effect on the other fire, but he had hoped it would slow him down more than it had. Now he braced himself as Endolin barreled towards him, digging his claws into the ground and leaving furrows.

He snarled at the other fire as he spoke. "That's just a taste," Zar shot back. "Come here and I will show you what I am really capable of!" He gave a great roar and swiped a threatening claw at Endolin even though the other fire was still far out of reach. He suddenly wished his crystal was not in such an exposed position such as his forehead. He spared a glance to his rider. He could feel how terrified she was, especially for him, and while it ignited anger in him that she was so distressed, it also threw him off guard and made fear flicker around his heart too. This was not a good situation. He did not want to fight the Taint; he was small, as far as fire dragons went, and his strengths lay in agility and hit-and-run tactics. He needed to collect Ryna and leave as soon as possible.

Then the charging Taint stopped.

He seemed a bit confused, actually, as if something had just occured to him, a memory, maybe, and Zar realized that compared to other Taints he had seen, Endolin seemed to be a newer one; he didn't have too many mutations yet. It was possible that he was remembering something, and they might be able to gain an advantage from that, He was about to leap forward and attack the distracted Taint when he spoke again--and thought Ryna was his former rider? Zar froze.

Ryna was shaking, her knees weak, but she was managing to stay on her feet and not faint. She watched the Taint coming closer, terrified for Zar and ready to throw herself out of the way when it became a physical confrontation. Then the Tainted fire stopped in his tracks and spoke to her. Olivia? She didn't know anyone named Olivia. But maybe, if the Tainted dragon really thought she was his rider, she could use that. Perhaps she could get them out of this, if she was careful, but she worried about how unpredictable the Tainted dragon was. Ryna started to step out from behind Zar slightly, opening her mouth to speak.

Zar was furious, and as Ryna moved, his shock wore off and his anger came to the fore. He moved with her, pushing her further behind him. This was his rider, and he would never let anyone ever think otherwise. Ryna belonged to him and him alone. He roared again. "How dare you, crystal breaker! Ryna is mine. Mine! And mine alone. You had your chance already, with your own rider, and clearly you failed her. Now leave or I will shred your wings and rip out the heart that should have been sacrified for hers!" Ryna gasped, her eyes tearing and her hands going to her mouth. She was fond of Zar for his fierce loyalty, but he was being a bit crueler than she would have liked, and he scared her slightly. Also, their chances of avoiding a fight were nearly gone now; the Taint was surely not going to leave, and probably angry enough now to attack.
Posted: Mar 11 2012, 04:30 PM


There was silence for a moment as the hopeful Fire kept his sights upon the human Rider, then she had stepped forward. But, swiftly, the creature that had made himself her protector pushed himself forward, keeping the girl from Endolin's vision once again. He seethed, his eyes burning with ferocity. The Sekkian Fire opened wide his jaws and roared, spitting out his words in a angry flurry. The Tainted one drew back some, struck by the power of the other dragon's growing wrath. Endolin's expression turned bleak. "Failed her?" he muttered, grinding his forepaws into the floor. "... Ryna?" Images, remembrances of the past, danced through his head and he shook it violently, falling further back. She wasn't... her. The Tainted Fire's lips curled upwards and he dropped his gaze.

"I.... failed.... Olivia, did I?" Endolin growled, his head snapping up to view the Sekkian pair. "I did nothing to help her... right?" His maw dropped open as he let loose an aggressive snarl. "She died... she died during war... war against the same beasts that corrupted me." He thrust open his wings, emitting a shrill scream of pure hatred. "... How dare you...? How dare you say such things!" The Taint could take no more. He could plainly see the blood encrusting the seat where she had settled, see where she had been only a few hours ago...

He lashed out, aiming for the monstrous Fire's jugular, howling. He would kill him! He would be the one to rip out his heart! Endolin would tear him to pieces and eat the remains! He would...!

((So sorry for the late post. D: Not been able to write much due to an illness. ;u;))
Posted: Mar 20 2012, 02:17 PM


Ryna screamed and gasped at the pain in the other fire's eyes and the angry and hatred with which he roared at her own bonded. As Endolin attacked, the rider scrambled out of the way of the two titans at Zar's order, running, crawling, and dragging herself up through the long grass and through a hole in the stone wall, where she ducked down, out of sight, and peeked around every few minutes to watch the battle, terrified and still crying but unable to look away. If only she could help Zar somehow! But she had no weapon. She was terrified, every instinct told her to run, as fast as she could, and save herself, but she couldn't leave Zar. He was her world now. On impulse, she picked up a stone in each hand; perhaps she could throw them at the Tainted to distract him if he gained an advantage over Zar.

Zar roared back just as fiercely and stood his ground as the Tainted dragon charged him. The smaller fire reared back, avoiding the slash at his neck, and wished, not for the first time, that his crystal had not been placed in she foolish a place as the top of his head. After the other fire's paw swept past, Zar lunged for the opening with his own paw, intending to scour the other's shoulder. He would have used his maw, but he needed to protect his crystal. Even as he struck with his paw, he twisted his long body in order to swing his tail at Endolin's head, hoping to nock his out or inflict some sort of damage.

((OOC: Sorry it's late! I had midterms last week.))
Posted: Mar 20 2012, 02:49 PM


He gnashed his teeth as the other Fire avoided him, just short of getting that grip on his throat. In his hatred and mind-filled agony, he did not see Zar's retaliation until it was too late. It scored a mark deeply into his scales, the blood now flowing freely from the injury. But, too caught up in his own emotions, he barely registered that he'd even accumulated such a painful mark. His cerulean eyes caught the movement of the dragon's tail and he moved to evade, dropping low so that it whistled straight over his head. His head snaked upwards as it passed and he opened his jaws wide in preperation to clamp down on the appendage.

Olivia, dear Olivia... He would not let anyone dirty her vision with stupid words. He would not allow anyone to hurt her! He growled lowly, the sound rumbling deep in his chest before erupting from his open maw in a vicious cacophony of noise. His eyes grew wide with the build up of anger, and he lost all reason. There was nothing, no one anymore. It was just him and the enemy. "Disgusting... beast...!" he spat, his fire building in his throat once more. He didn't release it however, just intent to tear at the Fire. As his head moved to snap at the smaller dragon's tail, his wings blew out, hoping to catch Zar off guard and buffet him.

((OOC: That's alright. ^.^))
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