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Posted: May 6 2010, 08:31 AM

Creator of Forum

Group: Admin
Posts: 53
Member No.: 1
Joined: 5-May 10

Mid Jan. 1973 On road between Grant's Pass, OR, & Eureka Truck driver Bigfoot, nearly 7 ft tall, stepped into path of logging truck which was badly damaged.
26 Jan. 1973 Island Lake, Nr Duluth, MN Bob McGregor (11), Mr. & Mrs. Donald McGregor Bob saw white furry Bigfoot 8 ft tall walking across yard and through unfinished house.
14 March 1973 Lancaster, CA Three marines Dark, 8-ft Bigfoot jumped in front of witnesses' car.
21 March 1973 Bute Inlet, BC Peter Spika, Luke Burmas & Nick Pisac Herring fishermen watched beige, 10-ft Bigfoot walking on beach.
Late March 1973 Lancaster, CA Rim McDonald (19) 7-ft Bigfoot rose up from the grass in front of witness and ran off.
5 April 1973 Nr Estacada, OR Don Stratton Saw 5-ft, very broad, Bigfoot digging at rotten tree stump.
22 April 1973 Sycamore Flat campground, Big Rock Canyon, CA Richard Engels, Brian Goldojarb, William Roemermann 11-ft Bigfoot ran along road, following witnesses' pick-up truck for about 20 secs.
April 1973 Lancaster, CA John Parkhurst 8-ft black Bigfoot crossed road in front of witness' car.
April 1973 Easterville, Manitoba Teacher Driving, nearly hit broad, 9-ft Bigfoot walking along road; it leapt into woods.
6 May 1973 Enfield, IL Rick Rainbow & three others Saw 5-ft, grayish, stooped, ape-like creature near abandoned house; this followed reported sighting of 3 legged creature nearby.
Mid May 1973 Palmdale, CA Ron Bailey Saw 8-ft Bigfoot standing by telephone pole; large footprints found later.
29 May 1973 Nr Sykesville, MD Anthony Dorsey Made first sighting of Bigfoot with luminous eyes. This was after a UFO was seen to drop an object into a nearby reservoir. Other people reported seeing an 8-ft black-haired Bigfoot.
May 1973 Nr Sitkum, OR Engaged couple Met a 10-ft Bigfoot in a mountain park c. 1:30 am.
Early June 1973 Jefferson County, AR Jessie (19), Ricky (17), Sandra (16), Gall (13) Bigfoot looked in at rear window of witnesses' car when they visited rubbish dump, and was seen several times during following hours.
Early June 1973 Nr Pine Bluff, Jefferson County, AR Two boys 12-14 years old Reported seeing a Bigfoot -'great big ol' shaggy looking thing' - in woods.
9 June 1973 Nr Orofino, ID Mr. Harvey Saw 6-ft Bigfoot walking up hillside.
25 June 1973 Big Muddy River nr Murphysboro, IL Randy Needham & Judy Johnson While parked at night, saw 7-ft white Bigfoot with muddy body hair. As it approached shrieking, they drove off; tracks found later.
26 June 1973 Murphysboro, IL Christian Baril (4), Randy Creath, Cheryl Ray Christian saw 'big white ghost' in yard; 10 mins later in neighboring yard Randy & Cheryl saw 7-ft dirty white Bigfoot with glowing pink eyes standing watching them. Went off through trees and left a strong 'sewer' odor. Tracked by police and dog; slime found on weeds.
June 1973 Chapman Creek, Nr Sechelt, BC Timber worker Saw Bigfoot jumping up and down; it left 'humanlike' footprint.
June 1973 Lancaster, CA Bret Baylor (12) & young sister Stefanie Children saw Bigfoot looking at them round boulder.
June 1973 Collowash River, OR Man Witness was sitting by campfire when Bigfoot walked by. When he shot at it, it screamed and ran into the forest.
c.June 1973 Edwardsville, IL Several 3 reports of a red-eyed, smelly Bigfoot seen in woods. It was said to chase people and one man's chest had been clawed.
4 July 1973 Murphysboro, IL Carnival workers Saw Bigfoot watching Shetland ponies.
25 & 26 July 1973 Nr Durham, ME Tammy Sairo (12), Lois Huntington (13), George Huntington, Jr. (10), Scott Huntington (8), & Mrs. Neota Huntington While cycling, children saw 5-ft 'chimp' covered with shaggy black fur. It 'just stood there and looked.' Next day Mrs. Huntington drove quietly to the place and saw 'chimp' standing beside road. It ran off on 2 legs and was later seen among trees as neighbors searched.
29 July 1973 Kingsbury Grade, SE of Lake Tahoe, NV Mr. & Mrs. Donald Cowdell, Mr & Mrs. Charles Searles Saw 7-8-ft Bigfoot with long shiny black hair and flat leathery face at roadside; it walked into brush.
July 1973 Roscoe Inlet, BC Fisheries patrolman Watched 6-ft gray Bigfoot rooting in vegetation on beach in daylight.
July 1973 Castle Craggie Mtns, CA Naturalist Watched 8-ft Bigfoot with humanlike face for 45 mins.
July 1973 New Sewickly Township, PA Man Saw 8-ft Bigfoot with glowing red eyes staring at him through window; 18-in footprint found.
July 1973 Greensburg, PA Doctor Fired several shots at a Bigfoot after it had tried to enter his trailer home, but it walked away.
July 1973 Greensburg, PA Man Saw Bigfoot's head pass his bedroom window, 9 ft off the ground, several times. When he looked out he saw Bigfoot running towards woods.
July 1973 Nr Bonneville, WA Woman & daughter Saw 6-ft Bigfoot on road.
Early Aug. 1973 Greensburg, PA Four adults, one child Witnesses were on golf course when they saw two Bigfeet, one 4 ft tall, the other 6 ft tall. Witnesses went closer, but ran when they saw a third Bigfoot, over 9 ft tall and with glowing red eyes, heading their way.
14 Aug. 1973 Greensburg, PA Two men Saw huge Bigfoot run across railway tracks 40 ft away; also noted strong smell.
21 Aug. 1973 Nr Derry, PA Woman Awoke to see Bigfoot staring through bedroom window which was 9 ft above ground level.
24 Aug. 1973 Herminie, PA Man Saw 7-ft Bigfoot 30 ft away in his garden, it smelled like 'rotten eggs.' He went to get a gun but it had gone when he returned.
26 Aug. 1973 Lurer, PA - Bigfoot with human-like face seen.
Aug. 1973 Antelope Valley, CA Margaret Bailey & Joyce Baylor Witnesses sitting in car saw silhouette of creature 12 ft tall; giant footprints found.
Aug. 1973 Nr Bovil, ID Man & wife Saw 10-ft Bigfoot in thick brush while they were camping.
Aug. 1973 Nr Mansfield, OH Man Saw 8-ft Bigfoot with very long arms standing by barn; ran away when he shot at it.
Aug. 1973 New London, OH - 7-ft Bigfoot with glowing red eyes seen.
Aug. 1973 Oberlin, OH Rudy Reinhold & five others Goon hunters saw 8-ft smelly Bigfoot with glowing red eyes; it chased them.
Aug. 1973 Beech Hills nr Jeannette, PA - Bigfoot with protruding fangs seen.
Summer 1973 Bay City, MI 2 men Saw Bigfoot while camping in the woods.
Summer 1973 Mojave Desert nr Lancaster, CA Mike Pense Black Bigfoot threw rock at witness' motorcycle.
1 Sept. 1973 Youngstown Cemetery, PA Woman & baby, woman's brother & sister Woman saw Bigfoot walking out of wood towards baby; later Bigfoot seen near house to which she had gone.
2 or 3 Sept. 1973 Whitney, PA Mr. & Mrs. Chester Yothers Saw 8-ft Bigfoot standing outside their trailer home; phoned police who came and found tracks.
17 Sept. 1973 Quartz Hill, CA Two young people Witnesses' car headlights showed Bigfoot with matted hair standing at edge of driveway; footprints found.
21 Sept. 1973 Greensburg, PA Ten boys Told police they had seen tancolored Bigfoot in woods; hair samples and footprints found, and the boys saw creature again during the search.
24 Sept. 1973 Greensburg, PA Two boys Found Bigfoot asleep on pile of grass clippings; when they returned with adults the creature had gone.
24 Sept. 1973 Greensburg, PA Boy Boy delivering papers saw tall, tancolored Bigfoot walking with stooped posture 'like it was drunk'.
27 Sept. 1973 Beaver County, PA Two teenage girls Saw 7-8-ft white Bigfoot with red eyes run into woods. It held a luminous sphere in its hand.
Sept. 1973 Nr Latrobe, PA Woman Woke at 2 am and saw dog attacking Bigfoot, which then broke clear and ran away with tremendous leaps.
Sept. 1973 Nr Woodinville, WA Man Met 6-7-ft Bigfoot running down the road towards him with its arms up in the air.
1 Oct. 1973 Doctor Rock area nr Big Flat, OR Rick Blagden Hunter saw 6-ft-plus, dark, 'barrel like' Bigfoot standing near him; after looking at him it slowly walked away.
Early Oct. 1973 Nr Galveston, IN Jeff Martin or Jim Mays (one name is probably a pseudonym, as the initials are the same) Saw Bigfoot on 2 occasions, also lights or UFOs in the same area.
16 Oct. 1973 Nr. St. Joseph, IL Bill Duncan, Bob Summers, Daryl Mowry, Craig Flenniken Stopped car to investigate campfire; saw 5-ft Bigfoot close by.
22 Oct. 1973 Middletown, NJ Girl (16) Saw Bigfoot with two young, standing in front garden.
25 Oct. 1973 Nr Uniontown, PA Young man & twin boys Witnesses were in field watching glowing sphere when they saw two Bigfeet walking by fence.
Oct. 1973 Massillon, OH Several Witnesses reported a 7-ft Bigfoot with a strong smell.
Autumn 1973 New Buffalo, MI - Bigfoot sightings.
Autumn 1973 Nr Midland, PA Several Woman saw Bigfoot with glowing green eyes; other reports of 'strange animal'; UFO seen and possible landing site found with 3-toed footprints nearby.
Autumn 1973 Albany, KY - Dark, 6-ft creature with bushy black tail,'ape human' face and 9-toed tracks seen by many. Killed livestock but was itself unaffected by gunfire until wounded by farmer Charlie Stern; sightings of this, another and a youngster then ceased.
Nov. 1973 Nr Johnson Siding, SD Three men 10-ft, shaggy, dirty-white Bigfoot seen in headlights. It picked up a dead deer and ran into undergrowth.
Nov. 1973 Nr Uniontown, PA Man Saw Bigfoot at night and fired at it with revolver, whereupon it disappeared. Later shot at it again with rifle and it screamed.
Nov. 1973 Fort Norman, North West Territories - Bigfoot seen.
Late Nov. 1973 Nr Fouke, AR Orville Scoggins, his son & grandson Saw 4-ft Bigfootwith black hair, walking slowly.
27 Dec. 1973 Palmdale, CA Young woman & her brother Saw Bigfoot, about twice as tall as a man, walking across desert; it then ran off very fast.
Oct. & Dec. 1973 Nr Seven Persons, Alberta - Sightings of Bigfoot with reddish-brown fur moving along Sevens Persons Creek.
1973 The Buttes, Mojave Desert, CA Kent Lacy & others Research team saw hair-covered figure at night; strong'rank odor' was smelled.
1973 Nr Dublin, OH Two security guards Large Bigfoot seen on golf course; 12-in footprint later found.
1973 Lancaster, PA Two brothers While bringing in load of hay, saw gray Bigfoot with white mane, 'tigerlike fangs, curved horns and'long grizzly claws'; their horses bolted.
1973 Lancaster, PA Farmer Evening after previous sighting, witness was scything when a similar Bigfoot charged him and tore the scythe from his hands as he fled. Next day the scythe was found with all the wood eaten away.
1973 Lancaster, PA Woman Witness was feeding hens when Bigfoot came and made off with a goose in each hand. She chased it and the Bigfoot threw a goose at her which knocked her down.
1973 Nr Beacon Park, WA Louis Awhile & young daughter Saw Bigfoot cross the road.
9 Jan. 1974 Hollywood Boulevard nr Fort Lauderdale, FL Richard Lee Smith 7-8-ft, dark Bigfoot ran off limping after witness ran into it in his car at night; others saw it in the area.
9 Jan. 1974 Highway 27 nr Fort Lauderdale, FL Patrolman Robert Hollemeyal Bigfoot survived gunshot wound and ran off at around 20 mph.
Mid Jan. 1974 Rowena, OR Deputy Sheriff Harry Gilpin At 4 am on a freezing morning, saw 7-ft Bigfoot on road.
Jan. 1974 Aurora, IL Several 'Big Mo, huge and dirty white, seen around, and large footprints found.
6 Feb. 1974 Uniontown, PA Woman & son-in-law Bigfoot disappeared when shot at; others seen close by, plus a UFO.
8 March 1974 Florence, OR Nick Wells (9) On his way to school, saw 6-ft Bigfoot in scrub beside road. It growled at him but did not chase him.
March 1974 Nr Nemo, SD Two small boys Saw huge Bigfoot with orangebrown fur on a hill.
11 May 1974 Nr Big Horn Dam, Alberta Ronald C. Gummow/Gummell Came upon two 12-ft Bigfeet standing in road. He stopped and they watched him for a few seconds before they jogged away.
9 June 1974 Nr Maple Valley, WA Tony McLennan Stopped by 'injured dog' at roadside. When it stood up he saw a 6-8-ft Bigfoot with glowing red eyes. He drove away and fetched police, but the Bigfoot had gone.
4 July 1974 Oakland, NE Emery Wickstrom & sons Nick & Tom In the early morning an animal like a 'medium size dog with a monkey face' and curved tail, ran, or leapt, across road at speed.
5 July 1974 Nr Oakland, NE Dale Jones Saw 6-ft Bigfoot in cornfield; it ran away.
18 July 1974 Nr the head of Harrison Lake, BC Wayne Jones Sitting by campfire at night, watched 7-8-ft Bigfoot for 5 mins before other people disturbed it; it was licking mud off fingers.
Late July 1974 Nr Oakland, NE Connie Johnson, Sheryl Rupert & two brothers Saw Bigfoot coming towards them when out walking. It screeched, and fled when one boy threw a firecracker at it.
July 1974 Murphysboro, IL - 'The Big Muddy Monster' seen again.
July 1974 Nr Pointe du Bois, Manitoba Man Saw 'overgrown ape or monkey' about 6 ft 6 ins at night on the road.
July 1974 Nr Freeport, NH 2 In car lights saw 6-7-ft Bigfoot at close range. It had a triangular face, pointed chin, prominent nose, large shoulders and dark fur.
July 1974 Fir Mtn, Hood River National Forest, OR Jack Cochran, Fermin Osborne, J.C. Rourke Cochran saw Bigfoot watching crane worked by three loggers. Next day all three saw it at same time; 6ft Bigfoot walked quickly away from them.
July 1974 Nr Rutland, VT Couple Saw 8-10-ft Bigfoot in meadow at night; later ran across road in front of police.
July-Aug. 1974 Watova settlement nr Nowata, OK Mrs. Margie Lee, Deputy Gilbert Gilmore & Deputy Buck Field Many sightings at the Lees' home over 2 weeks; Bigfoot uninjured when shot at by deputies.
Mid Aug. 1974 Nr Oklahoma campground, nr Willard, WA Fisherman Saw Bigfoot sitting on roadway where it ended at stream; ran for his car and drove away.
Late Aug. 1974 Big Rock, CA Bruce Morgan Saw shaggy, white-haired Bigfoot with long arms on hands and knees and 6 ft tall in that position, near group sitting with a psychic.
End Aug. 1974 Siow City, LA Man Saw Bigfoot outside his house.
Aug. 1974 Sioux City, IA Woman Saw Bigfoot only 3 tall eating tomatoes in her garden; footprints found.
Aug. 1974 Cascade Mtns, OR Steve & Jean Fitzgerald & children Dan (16) & Gloria (9) While holidaying on remote campground, saw Bigfeet several times. They were apparently curious, and watched the family, often coming around at night. Once when gathering wood, Jean found herself face to face with a Bigfoot and fainted.
Summer 1974 Columbia River nr Stevenson, WA Indian boy Twice, while fishing, saw Bigfoot at first light standing still in shallow water; went into bushes when spotted.
Summer 1974 Big Rock, CA Terry Albright Almost hit 7-ft black Bigfoot while driving down mountain road.
2 Sept. 1974 Blackburn State Park nr Dahlongea, GA Les Alexander, Bob Martin & Chris Stevens 8-ft Bigfoot seen eating out of rubbish bins in the early morning. The 'Billy Holler Bugger' had been seen before by local residents.
6 Sept. 1974 Nr Jefferson, SD Jim Douglas Saw very tall, sandy Bigfoot dragging red furry object through alfalfa field. It stood and watched Douglas.
Sept. 1974 Palm Beach County, FL Security guard Fired at and hit Bigfoot, which fled.
Sept. 1974 St Mary's Peak in the Bitterroot Mtns, MT Chris Tobias, Diane Stringen, Kathy Mudd & two other university students While hiking, saw two black-haired Bigfeet walking along ridge.
Sept. 1974 Antelope Valley, CA Neil Fern & Rich Engels At night saw 7-ft black-haired Bigfoot standing on rocky crag; 3-toed, 15-in footprints later found.
Mid Oct. 1974 Nr Holly Springs, AR - Several sightings; one man shot at and hit Bigfoot.
31 Oct. 1974 Nr Fordyce, AR Myzell Thompson Heard dogs barking, saw something outside, and went out to see 7-ft Bigfoot in flashlight. Shot at it; it walked slowly away.
Autumn 1974 Carol Stream, IL Several Bigfoot with glowing red eyes and gray-tipped head seen, and footprints found.
Nov. 1974 Nr San Antonio, TX John Martinet & friend Rick While hunting rabbits, saw 6-7-ft Bigfoot with long matted hair on head; dog snarled at it.
7 Dec. 1974 Richmondtown, Staten Is., NY Frank Piztolato (11) & Philip Vivolo (12) In woods saw 6-ft, black, upright 'bear' which roared at them.
31 Dec. 1974 Newhall-Saugus area, nr Canyon High School, CA 5 children aged 5-14 Dark-colored, 9-ft Bigfoot raised its arms and jumped off rock into canyon.
Dec. 1974 McCall, ID Two boys (10) When out playing, saw 7-8-ft upright animal 'flopping its arms and screeching' at them.
Dec. 1974 Bootlegger Trail, MT Coyote hunter Fired 3 times with 30:30 at 7-8-ft Bigfoot, and escaped in car when it kept coming.
Dec. 1974 Nr Port Angeles, WA Richard Taylor & Larry Followell Driving at night, swerved to avoid Bigfoot in road; car wrecked and men injured.
Dec. 1974 County Road W, nr Frederic, WI William Bosak Saw humanshaped, fur-covered creature inside a UFO.
1974 Nr Castlegar, BC Young couple Driving at night, saw Bigfoot standing beside road.
1974 Nr Stone State Park, Sioux City, IA Man Wounded Bigfoot with deer rifle
1974 South Mountain, NC Man While camping, had fourth sighting of Bigfoot in 20 yrs. 7-ft Bigfoot stood up by camp fire, but went away when fired at.
1974 Jamonville Summit, PA Thirteen Chased Bigfoot in car; it looked in at them, then hid behind a large stone. It seemed to move almost instantaneously from one side of them to the other.
21 Jan. 1975 Richmondtown, Staten Is., NY Mrs. D. Daly Driving late at night, had to brake to avoid Bigfoot under 6 ft tall crossing road from church car park and heading for rubbish dump and swamp behind church.
21 Jan. 1975 Richmondtown, Staten Is., NY Young couple Saw Bigfoot on church car park in early morning.
23 Jan. 1975 Miramar, FL Rim Dunn (rookie policeman) Saw Bigfoot loping across road.
Jan. 1975 Watertown, NY Steve Rich (11), Jerry Emerson (11) & another boy Saw Bigfoot about 5 ft tall walking along edge of forest.
2 Feb. 1975 Cape Coral, FL Richard Davis Shot once at 9-ft Bigfoot but could not shoot again.
Feb. 1975 Nr Gainsvilie, FL - Bigfoot hit by car.
Feb. 1975 Bear Swamp, NJ Motorist Twice saw Bigfoot cross road; other similar sightings.
6 March 1975 Nr Lake Okeechobee, Martin County, FL Steve & Mrs. Humphreys At night, collided with Bigfoot running fast across road. Much damage to car, but no victim could be found.
24 March 1975 Black Point - Goulds Canal, Dade County, FL Michael Bennett & Lawrence Groom Watched 8-9-ft Bigfoot, rocking blue car with hysterical man inside.
March 1975 Camden, AR - 7-8-ft Bigfoot seen.
28 April 1975 Rocks, MD Peter Hureuk Driving home at 3 am he hit Bigfoot, which ran off clutching its side.
19 May 1975 Nr Jeanette, PA Male driver At dusk saw ape-like creature running on all fours. It stood on 2 legs and ran into woods. It was 7-8 ft tall with thick black hair. UFO seen previous evening not far away.
May 1975 Cascade Mtns, OR Camper Bigfoot watched for almost an hour as witness cooked and ate dinner.
7 June 1975 Nr Venice, FL Ronnie Steves (12) Was alerted at night by his ducks and went out to see a 6-ft Bigfoot with shaggy hair leaning on post looking down at ducks; tracks found later.
June 1975 Nr Beausejour, Manitoba Youth Bigfoot banged on car boot as he turned on the road around 4 am.
June 1975 Route 3 nr Saranac Lake, NY 2 men in car Saw Bigfoot squatting beside road; walked away on 2 legs as they approached.
c. 10 July 1975 Preble County or Drake County, OH Two l0-yr-old children and one aged 12 While playing on farm, saw brown-haired creature watching over 6ft-high corn. They watched from a roof as it ran off very fast. Seen again 2 days later, watching child play with football.
July 1975 Murphysboro, IL - Return of'The Big Muddy Monster,' reported in the area in 1973 and 1974.
July 1975 Turkey Creek area nr Lockridge, IA Gloria & Wendell Olson Saw large bushy-tailed animal with monkey face near deserted farmyard
July 1975 Long Plains Reserve nr Portage La Prairie, Manitoba Two teenage boys Saw dark, 8-ft Bigfoot near house at night; 5-toed, 20-in footprints found next day.
July 1975 Nr Long Plains Reserve, nr Portage La Prairie, Manitoba Farmer A few days later, saw Bigfoot in field 8 miles from boys' sighting, but tracks found only 15 ins long.
14 Aug. 1975 Corona, CA Irene P. Rambo 10-ft Bigfoot with black hair and human-like teeth looked over her fence in the afternoon. There had been other sightings in Corona.
17 Aug. 1975 Corona, CA James Mihalko, Emest Palmeira, & two teenagers Saw 10-ft Bigfoot with red eyes and black shaggy hair in citrus grove in powerful spotlight.
Late Aug. 1975 Tygh valley area, north-central OR Robert Bellamy, Jr., Mrs. Bellamy, another couple & two children Stopped car to watch Bigfoot standing on hill.
Summer 1975 Sequoia National Park, CA John Clark While camping saw a 9-ft Bigfoot either covered with long blond hair or wearing something that gave such an appearance.
Summer 1975 Colorado Springs, CO Boy Heard screeching and saw darkbrown 7- or 8-ft Bigfoot walking across park.
Summer 1975 Nr Rutherford, NJ Two boy cyclists At dusk near lake saw Bigfoot nearly 9 ft tall on trail ahead of them.
Summer 1975 North Fort Myers, FL - Bigfoot seen.
3 Sept. 1975 Oroville, CA Mark Karr Saw 6-7-ft Bigfoot with long arms in early morning while driving; sighting caused him to run into tree.
Mid Sept. 1975 Nr Waterloo, IN Farmer At 3 am saw UFO in field, and a large two-legged'animal' walking towards it. It vanished when the light changed color and went out.
Mid Sept. 1975 Nr Indianola, OK Three people Had close sightings of Bigfoot.
22 Sept. 1975 Manchester, ME Girl (15) & younger sister Saw Bigfoot watching man chopping wood. It had long brown hair with a white patch on chest, and ran away when they screamed.
Sept. 1975 Nr Kelly Lake, S of Golden, ID Several youths Watched Bigfoot for more than an hour, as it moved about mile below them.
1 Oct. 1975 Section 3 Lake, Pinegrass Ridge, nr Rimrock Lake, WA Tom V. Gerstmar (17), Earl Thomas (18), Jerry Lazzar (16) While camping, saw 8-10-ft Bigfoot with black hair and long arms; noticed a bad smell when they left.
2 Oct. 1975 Nr Sexsmith, Alberta Bob Moody Saw 7-8-ft Bigfoot beside road, with two others, c. 3 and 4 ft tall.
3 Oct. 1975 Turkey Creek area nr Lockridge, IA Herbert Peiffer Driving tractor late at night, saw 5-ft shaggy black creature on all fours get on hind legs and walk towards him. He left the area quickly. A hunt was unsuccessful, but partially eaten turkeys were found.
4 Oct. 1975 Nr Jake's Corners, Yukon Territory Ben Able After passing figure on road, backed to offer a lift, but it didn't answer. It was 5 ft tall, gray-faced and with bluish fur, as seen in car headlights.
Early Oct. 1975 Lummi Indian Reserve nr Bellingham, WA Captain of the police force Shot at Bigfoot over 6 ft tall.
24 Oct. 1975 Lummi Indian Reserve nr Bellingham, WA Sergeant Ken Cooper & others Sgt. Cooper saw Bigfoot at close range for several minutes.
24 Oct. 1975 Nr Orofino, ID Elk hunter During a snowstorm, saw Bigfoot and took movie film, but quality poor due to distance, weather and bad light.
Oct. 1975 Agassiz Provincial Forest, Manitoba Man looking for mushrooms Saw Bigfoot running through pine trees; less than 6 ft tall.
Oct. 1975 Pacific, MO Woman Saw Bigfoot, known in area as 'Brush Ape'.
Oct. 1975 Giles County, TN Farmer Watched Bigfoot in barn kill calf by throwing it on ground.
Oct. 1975 Lummi Indian Reserve, nr Bellingham, WA Sergeant Ken Cooper Bigfoot yelled as it ran alongside his car at 10 mph.
Sept. & Oct. 1975 Nolde, OK Several, including Kenneth Tosh, Marion Parret, Clifford Bentson, Gerald Bullock Many sightings of, and futile attempts to kill, Bigfoot.
Autumn 1975 35 miles N of San Antonio, TX Man Watched graylwhitehaired Bigfoot 8-9 ft tall through rifle scope as it moved tree limbs around at lonely lakeside.
1 Nov. 1975 Nr Mount Hood, OR Leroy Lucas Saw 7-ft Bigfoot, a dirty-gray color, cross mountain road.
Nov. 1975 Pine Grove, CA Rick van Deli (14) & Joe Coughlin (13) Saw Bigfoot twice within weeks
Nov. 1975 Big Days Swamp, Harewood Park, MD Three boys (16 & 17) On 3 nights saw 7-8-ft Bigfoot with bad smell.
Nov. 1975 Manchester, ME Woman From parked car, saw 6-7-ft Bigfoot by tree. She hooted lightly to attract her husband, but the Bigfoot came towards the car, so she hooted loudly and it went away.
26 Dec. 1975 Vaughn, MT Two teenage girls Fired into air above Bigfoot, which dropped to ground and was helped into thicket by others.
Dec. 1975 Between Lac Du Bonnet & Beausejour, Manitoba Youth Saw 7-8-ft Bigfoot approaching his parked car; next day found 15-in prints in snow.
Late 1975 Spottsville, KY - Bigfoot seen.
1975 Yarnell, AZ Motorist Saw Bigfoot running behind car; it ran away when he stopped and got out. Saw it again next day on mountainside. It had long arms which swung as it lumbered along.
1975 Nr Saugus, CA Man Top half of Bigfoot holding small animal seen briefly in flashing light of advertising sign.
1975 Nr mouth of Yashau Creek, Little River, OK Hunter Saw long-armed, 8-ft Bigfoot with grayish-black hair which ran off when it became aware of witness.

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