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 Bloopers! Wip, there'll be no mercy!
Posted: Feb 23 2011, 04:39 PM


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From Aw.... Shit

Alice didn't hesitate, immediately she went for her bags on the back of her bike, rummaging through the many holsters of handguns and submachine pistols that were stored there, instinctively grabbing the nearest gun that resembled the one that she ws looking for (but wasn't) -breaking the lock on the holster, she pulled out the Ruger Mk II pistol, believing it to be preloaded.

-"Damn thing made it through in on-"

Alice didn't even let the woman finish her sentence before she dpressed the slide stop, the slide coming forward with a resounding click, aimed for the dogs chest, and fired.


Her eyes went wide in terror as the recoil traveled up her arm as the flash was thrown along her face, upper and lower chest as the slide drew reward with a resounding clickas it locked to the rear, ejecting the spent .22LR casing and sent it rolling to the pavement below her feet followed by the impact of the .22 caliber bullet as it forced the dog's chest inward with a deafening yelp, before the wound filled with blood and began to drip on the pavement.

"H'oh Fuck..." She said as she slowly lowered the smoking pistol....

"WHat the fucking hell is wrong with you!?" Claire's voice rang out. It echoed out into the distance a good ways before dying off and leaving them in silence once more.

(same thread)

Slapping the final black disk on the side of the wall, Alice pulled otu the ballistic computer, opening it up and pulling back the monitor, entering her former Umbrella Corp. ID information and entering the execute file, it was then that all the disks that she had placed along the wall began to blink with a red and blue light, indicating that they were armed.

"Don't cross the disks without this on your wrist." Alice warned as she placed hers to the side and tossed one to Claire, reaching for her pack of cigerettes and lighting up, "That way they don't set off a nasty ala-" BEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP -Her eyes widdened in terror at the device on the wall, watching blue light flash orange, coming into realization that what she laid down was NOT a proximaty alarm.


An flash of fire, dust, smoke and debris concaved around her as she threw her arms out -the concussion lifting her off her feet and throwing her body against the shelves as papers and various other items were thrown out of the store windows as they billowed out with smoke.

From Wait! We're Here to RESCUE You!

"Go On... shoo..." O'Niell nudged the snake of with his boot, the stubborn reptile evading, turning it's head again to threaten him once more.
"Persistant mother fucker, arn't you?" he said as he continued to piss, nudging his boot closer in attempt to scare the snake off, only this time, instead of it eveading, it struck... Jack leaping to the side, eyes widdened as the blured white of fangs scraped the side of his boot, dripping piss over himself as he lowered his right hand to his holster, depressed the button and drew his MEU 1911 .45, lowered his thumb across the safety, applied pressure to the beaver tail grip safety and squeezed the trigger, the resounding pop -followed by the rolling thunder as the slide blew back to the rear, ejecting the spent casing and stripping another from the magazine as he watched the snake fling up in the air as a splash of sand shot up into his face, before the snake landed in the sande once more, head blown in half as specs of blood splattered arcoss his boot. -As the shot went off, the private at the mounted gun whirled to the front, turned the turret to 3-o'clock, face red as though he had just woken up from a nap, finger on the trigger as he widdened his eyes in terror befor plunging the trigger... Before Jack even knew what hit him,splashes of sand went up all around him before bullets of the 7.62 caliber drove through his body armor, throwing him on his back as his body refused to allow him control, only the bullets as they entered and exited his body, arms splayed out as his fingers went numb and his pistol fell from his grip....

From Taken

10 to 15 minutes later wnet by as you could see a dead man with his neck twisted around looked like it was snapped, floating by Alice's feet, then a hat floated by her feet shortly after. Soon Jill floated by Alice as she was face down in the river. The whole time Alice was coaxing Ambrosia on as she limped into the river, water splashing up along her chest and lower areas as she thought the whole thing was a game.

"Go on! -Get her!" Alice pointed to Jill, Ambrosia opening her maw and grabbing jill by her shirt and proceeded to drag her through the water and back to shore, when her fangs slipped.

Alice was caught turning her head when she saw the fiber tear -turning her head to the front when Ambrosia came back ashore, with only Jill's familure blue shirt and black bra...
"Uhhhh.... Claire?" Alice pointed to the river... as a now topless Jill (face-up) continued to float down river.

From Death By Fire

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