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 The World of NCIS [LB], Advert
Kate T
Posted: Nov 27 2010, 02:00 AM


    user posted image

    The World of NCIS
    as seen by Kate Todd

    "I was shot over three years ago. The bullet was aimed for in between my eyes, but Ari missed. Tony calls it destiny... I call it chance. I was supposed to die that day, but here I am. I am still working for NCIS; like my colleagues risking my life during every investigation. They may seem the same for outsiders, but for us they are all unique bitter experiences, even though they follow similar patterns. We receive a call... drive like crazy to the murder scene... explain that we are NCIS and no it isn't CSI spelled wrongly... search for evidence; bag && tag it before sending it to Abby Sciuto, our amazing Caf-Pow addicted goth Forensic Scientist... sometimes we have a corpse for our M.E. , Scottish Dr 'Ducky' Mallard who entertains us with his stories... we follow leads... interrogate suspects... && finally, more often than not, uncover the truth and catch the culprit.

    We are the Infallible Five or as the agency calls us, the Alpha-Squad. L. Jethro Gibbs is the special agent in charge; he seldom smiles and has the inate ability to appear when you least expect him. At the start of my career with NCIS, I was attracted to his rough personality but by time he become more of a father figure. I work my butt off during every case to prove that I'm up for this job. Then there's Tony DiNozzo. We are all the time at each other's throat for some reason or other. He adores junk food and quotes movie lines all the time. Tony is a womanizer and he's all the time going through my stuff. He has many bad qualities, but I still care about him. He's like a brother to me. Ziva David joined our team not long after I was shot. We met her when we were working on Ari's case. Like her brother, she was a Mossad agent. && after his death she become a liasion officer to NCIS. I'm not sure we are yet what you would call close friends, but we get fairly well along especially at work. Last but not least is Timothy McGee, our computer geek. He's very intelligent and resourceful, however he's way to easy to pick on. He started off as shy and suffered in silence, but now he started stepping out of his shell.

    However, it's not only us seven that make up the whole of NCIS. There's Jimmy Palmer [Ducky's assistant], Director Jennifer Shepard and other teams who are generally refered to as the Beta-Squad. From time to time we are forced to work with the Army, FBI, CIA and even JAG. We don't really have a choice, although we do tend to 'accidentally' not give them all the information. Our families, sometimes get involved in investigations and that is never pleasant.

    If you would like to know which of us and of our co workers, family and friends are available simply visit the Canon List Like all respectable agencies we have our Rules and we're very strict about them. If you're interested in a tour of our HQ visit us on The World of NCIS"
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