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 Shoutbox Rules
Posted by kimyu - 05-29-10 17:16 - 0 comments
The Shoutbox Rules

01. No bashing whatsoever, whether it be a celebrity, and the member, your sister, or whoever etc.

02. Be respectful & nice. Don't just tal more
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 Apply as a Staff
Posted by kimyu - 05-25-10 22:51 - 0 comments
Apply as a Staff Member!!

Tech Admin
- When applying for tech admin, list what 'languages' you know and what sites you've worked on in experience.
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 FAQ's & Forum Map
Posted by kimyu - 05-24-10 01:28 - 2 comments
Please come in here and read the FAQ's before asking any other questions.

Main forum questions
What/where are the forum rules?
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 Board Rules
Posted by yutaek - 05-24-10 00:20 - 0 comments
Forum Board Rules

Please do not use any abusive, vulgar, racist or send hateful comments to any particular person or member of this forum. And a more
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