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Title: Ricky Hanson Strikes Back

Race's Girl - June 4, 2009 12:15 PM (GMT)
Chapter One- Surpise

It was early evening in Blackfriars and a car pulled up to the curb as three men got out of it. Jack Halford, Brian Lane and Gerry Standing slowly started to walk towards Blackfriars Pier to see a lot of ships pull into the dock.

"I think it's best if we get as far away as we can as Ricky Hanson could be around here." said Jack knowing that the ships manoeuvred less like cats and more like elephants.

"Jack's right, we ain't gonna be able to dodge Hanson if he shows up." Gerry agreed.

"Is it just me or is Ricky hanson following us?" asked Brian feeling Ricky Hanson's presence.

"You would be right there, Brian," said Jack. "You go and find Ricky while me and Gerry go Trio hunting."

"Good luck!" Brian yelled as he left to investigate why Ricky was following UCOS.

As the door to the nearby dockhouse opened, Brian decided to sneak in unsupervised but got hit in the back of the head causing him to lose consciousness.

"Wait 'til you wake up, mate," a voice told him. "Me and Uncle Ricky don't want you getting hurt now, do we?"

Brian groaned as he regained consciousness an hour later. He could feel that he was tied to a chair and tried to lift his hand to grip his aching head but immediately felt the pull of the rope that prevented him from raising his arms from behind his back.

Trying to move, Brian realized that his wrists, legs and ankles were bound as well. He strained to see his surroundings in the darkness of the boat he was being held hostage on while his mind raced trying to remember what had happened to him.

After a few minutes, Brian began to hear voices outside the room. The fact that he recognized the second one all to well worried him.

"We were only able to capture one of them, Uncle Ricky." said one voice.

"Yeah but ole Bag-Eyed Brian Lane'll do good for now." said the voice of Ricky Hanson.

"Do you want me to let the Trio go after Messrs Halford and Standing?" asked the first voice.

"Yeah but give me some time with this one first, Hal!" replied Ricky as the door opened. Brian tried unsuccessfully to stifle a snarl as Ricky appeared before him silhouetted in the doorway.

"Well, well, if it ain't Bag-Eyed Brian." Ricky said as his voice echoed through the small room. Brian summoned all of his concentration to try to keep himself from trembling.

Brian tugged at the ropes that bound him and yelled "What do you want with me, Ricky?"

Brian knew Jack always told him not to talk to Ricky that way. He gulped hard as Ricky took a step toward him and smiled at him.

"You ain't got nothing to fear from me, Bag-Eyed Brian." Ricky continued.

"Oh, right! Is this how your uncle treat all his guests?" Brian asked summoning a voice that was as demanding as possible but still not wanting to meet the fiery embers in Ricky's deep set blue eyes.

Ricky's sinister smile widened and Brian could feel the precariousness of his situation throughout his whole being.

"Don't worry, mate," Ricky sneered drawing closer to Brian. "You're staying here 'til my demands with Jack Halford are met."

"Not on your life, Ricky!" Brian snarled as Ricky's eyes bore through him and he was gripped by an intense desire to turn away but he was even more afraid of revealing his paralyzing fear to his captor. So, he continued his standoff with Ricky, his chest rising and falling quickly with every panicked breath.

"So be it," Ricky said in a tone that angered Brian even more than had their staring contest. "This is your last chance to help me willingly, you Northern twat."

"No!" Brian growled through clenched teeth.

"Fine, we'll do this the hard way," said Ricky evilly. "You'll tell me where your Jack Halford is, Wiseguy."

Brian turned away still breathing heavily. Never removing his eyes, from Ricky, he said "No chance, pal."

As Hal arrived, he shot a deadly look at Brian, picked up the piece of cloth Ricky gave him and gagged him instantly.

Race's Girl - June 8, 2009 02:59 PM (GMT)
Chapter 2- Look Who It Is

It was nearly 8:30pm when Jack and Gerry were looking for Ricky but still saw no sign of Brian but as Jack's cell phone started ringing, he answered it.

"Jack Halford?" Jack said. "Ricky Hanson, where's Brian if you've got him? Let me talk to him. I'm sorry, Brian. Brian, are you okay becuase I can't understand a word you're saying. Me and Gerry will try the best we can."

An hour later, Jack and Gerry entered the boat Ricky held Brian hostage on as Jack looked around and said "You keep a lookout for Ricky while I go after Brian."

"Good luck, Jack." yelled Gerry as Jack ran off and a few seconds later, Jack found Brian bound and gaggged.

"Brian, how are you feeling?" asked Jack as he pulled down the piece of cloth gagging Brian.

"Jack, I'm so glad to see you!" whispered Brian.

"Hello, Jack." Ricky Hanson's voice said from behind Jack causing him to turn around and face his evil nemesis.

"You kidnapped Brian, Ricky," snarled Jack as he attacked Ricky. "By the looks of it, he might have had your nephew attacking him and I think he's suffering from a slight concussion!"

"As I told you before," Ricky said as he pinned Jack to the floor. "Jack... Jack... Say hello to the wife."

Brian was scared as he watched Ricky grabbing a baseball bat and knocking Jack out with it. Later, he dragged Jack to the chair on Brian's right and tied Jack to it while humming Almost Human.

Race's Girl - June 12, 2009 10:43 AM (GMT)
Chapter 3- The Captives

Jack slowly blinked his eyes which were having problems focusing at the moment and his head ached terribly. While still trying to get his uncooperative eyes to focus, he tried with his other senses to figure out where he was. The sight of Ricky Hanson before him peaked his interests as did a tug at his wrists and as he turned, he saw Brian tied to the chair next to him.

"What am I doing here, Ricky?" snarled Jack as he turned from Brian to Ricky.

"Look here, Jack," Ricky replied. "You're tied next to Bag-Eyed Brian who's pretty glad to see you."

"Leave me alone, Ricky," Brian stated. "I haven't done anything to you."

Ricky slithered back over to Jack until their faces were inches from each other.

"You tell your mate to shut up," hissed Ricky. Jack couldn't keep the loathing inside anymore as he bit Ricky's left hand as it was run across his cheek. Instead of exploding, as Jack and Brian had thought and hoped, Ricky stood by the door and pulled out a gun pointing it at both Jack and Brian. "I've been looking forward to this."

"And I've been looking for you." said the voice of Gerry Standing from behind Ricky.

"Gerry!!" said Jack and Brian together.

"Last Man Standing?" asked Ricky turning his head to face Gerry.

"That's me," said Gerry as he walked over to Ricky until they were both face-to-face. "Sorry to interrupt the show, mate but you're in deep shit and we're here to arrest you."

Just then, Hal entered saying "Hey, Uncle Ricky, I can take my part of the deal, right?"

Gerry grabbed Hal, put a gun to his head and told Ricky "It seems the tables have turned, Rickay."

"Not really," said Ricky unintrested. "Kill the little bastard. See what I care."

"Uncle Ricky, we just made a breakthrough in group!" said Hal.

"You're not Luke, you little shit," said Ricky as Jack managed to get himself free. "The group called me a twat."

"That's cause you are, you old bastard," said Hal. "Dad was right about you."

"Hal, don't say that..." Ricky began but Hal ran off. In the confusion, Jack signaled to Gerry to untie Brian which he did and they all left the boat.

Race's Girl - June 22, 2009 02:32 PM (GMT)
Chapter 4- Glad to Be Away from Ricky

A few days had passed and Jack, Brian and Gerry were all at Costa Coffee in Notting Hill gate but Brian remembered that during the night he was kidnapped, he was injured but was glad to go home and told Esther but she had been nonstop in her gratitude for Jack and gerry for saving him and that gratitude extended to them.

"Esther wants me to know how grateful she is to you two for saving me." said Brian.

"It's okay." said Gerry as he looked at Brian.

"You know, it's okay to still be scared of Ricky Hanson," said Jack to Brian. "That would have been traumatic for me after that incident in the hospital, let alone you, Brian."

"Really?" asked Brian.

"Really," said Jack. "Like me when Ricky got me while I was trying to save you, you didn't panic, you held up, you acted like a real hero and me and Gerry are both proud of you."

"Thank you, Jack." Brian smiled.

The three of them drank their coffees and headed back to Gerry's car knowing things would be different for them from now on.


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