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Last 10 Posts [ In reverse order ]
Janco2 Posted on Aug 31 2011, 05:08 PM
  We must look into how to split a colony so we'll ready for next year if the occasion arises.

We would like to increase our number of hives to about 3 eventually but we are happy that we do still have the one hive as others haven't been so fortunate.

We haven't taken any honey this year so are hoping we won't need to feed them.

Wasp problem seems to have diminished now.

Pity you were unable to catch your swarm, our daughter was in the same situation earlier this year as hers swarmed on one of the days that she was working.

Paul Posted on Aug 29 2011, 08:23 PM
  Jan & Clive,
You may be able to split your colony next year.
I planned on splitting mine, however being inexperienced in these matters I was relying on a friend to assist.
Unfortunately he went on holiday and the bees didn't wait until he returned.
They swarmed early on a Monday morning as I was leaving for work and as result I couldn't recover them.
Vee Posted on Aug 29 2011, 08:19 AM
  Hello Everyone suffering from wasps,

Others are also having problems this year which may link to the weather conditions that has allowed an amazing fruit harvest.

Despite waspinators I've seen wasps cruising round my 5 hives and have accidentally come up with a way of distracting them - I feed blackbirds (and some others) raisins / sultanas /currants which the wasps love and since they don't have to fight for them they concentrate on them instead of the hives. I also park a discreet trap nearby baited with 50/50 honey and water, allowed to stand for 24 hours to start fermenting. The bees won't touch this.

Apparently worker wasps are fed sweet stuff by their larvae in return to the meat they bring in during nest expansion but at this time of the year the job is over so the hunt for sweet food is on.

If rats are a consideration, a net container of raisins hung from a tree might help keep the furry lot at bay.

All the best, Vee
Janco2 Posted on Aug 23 2011, 06:54 PM
  Hi Paul,

Yes, our hives are both in an orchard. For some reason we have had a lot more wasps around this year both in the orchard and all around. We had to destroy a wasps nest very close to our house earlier this year as they were too close for comfort and we have our grandchildren around quite a lot.

We will be more vigilant in future. There were literally many hundreds of wasps around the hives and the bees in the smaller hive were just letting them get in whereas in our main hive the bees were staying at the entrances and fighting the wasps off.

We have now placed a 'waspinator' near both hives which is meant to imitate a wasps' nest and thus keep them away. There are very few wasps around there now but that may be because we have cleaned out the redundant hive. We are keeping a close watch on our remaining hive.

It is a great pity that we have not managed to get together this year. We really enjoyed the meetings we had last year.

Sounds as if your two hives are doing well. That's good news. Perhaps next year we will manage to obtain another swarm or nucleus. We are just thankful that we still have the one hive.

Best wishes,

Jan and Colin
Paul Posted on Aug 22 2011, 08:55 AM
  Jan & Colin,

Sorry to hear that you've lost a colony to wasps.

I guess once they start invading there isn't a lot that can be done.
However having said that, I was unaware that the problem could get so severe that a small colony could be lost.
I have two hives in my back garden (small and large) and so far this year
I have hardly seen any wasps, but now I'll be even more vigilant
(especially since I removed some honey from my large hive yesterday).

Have you any idea why so many were attracted to your hives, for example, are your hives situated in an orchard?

Welcome MM, I live in Saltash and you are more than welcome to pop around and have a look at the TBH set up.

Janco2 Posted on Aug 20 2011, 12:19 PM
  Thanks Pam and Noel,

Sounds as if your Warre Colony are doing fine. That's good news.
Our main colony are keeping the wasps out fortunately.

We did everything we could think of to help our small nucleus to survive but really there weren't enough bees to fight off wasps. We also killed a large number in wasp traps and I went down every day and spent a lot of time killing the wasps as they were trying to get in the hive. Very sad but just one of those things I suppose.

We didn't see any wasps around our one hive the whole of last season.

Jan (and Colin)
Pamela Jane Posted on Aug 18 2011, 09:43 PM
  Sorry, Jan and Colin to hear you have lost a hive to wasps. They seem to be a problem this year. We have caught quite a lot in wasp traps and are keeping our fingers crossed for our Warre colony.

Pam & Noel
Janco2 Posted on Aug 18 2011, 09:04 PM
  Welcome M M,

Top Bar Hives are the way for you to go then or perhaps Warre hives.

We are back to the 1 TBH now having lost our 2nd one to wasps. Fortunately that one is doing well.

We live in Mid Cornwall but there are several others on this site from SE Cornwall.
Mellifera Mellifera Posted on Aug 15 2011, 11:11 PM

I live in SE Cornwall and am a conventional beekeeper interested in more natural beekeeping methods.

Namely, natural comb and not using chemicals in the hive; as well as only taking honey that is truly an the bees shouldn't need to be fed from taking their own away.
Janco2 Posted on Jul 24 2011, 10:46 PM
  Just wanted to say hello Pamela D.
Unfortunately all is quiet on this forum this year.
We have recently been given a small nucleus so now have 2 hives.
Currently we have a problem with numerous wasps robbing the nucleus.
We are hoping the weather will improve so the new bees can get out more and build up their colony.
The main Biobees forum is the place to go for information.
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