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Title: St. Tudy - Sunday 27th June
Description: Posted for Pam...

Beebass - June 13, 2010 12:02 AM (GMT)
Posted for Pam...

Thanks everyone for replying re : the visit to both John's and my hives in St. Tudy, looks like we are going to have a good crowd of us.

Like lots of you, I am a first time bee keeper and these are my first ever bees and I had no experience at all except I have always wanted to keep bees and have always loved them, and I am so glad I came accross the Top Bar Hive way of doing things.

Hopefully your visit will be interesting as I collected my swarm from Vini on the 21st of May, and we went and collected John's swarm about a week after that - will get dates organised and some photo's printed off for comparison. It will be interesting to see the progress mine have made as they came from an existing Top Bar Hive compared to John's who were from Newquay somewhere, i.e., how they have both taken to the Top Bar Hive - Vini's who were from a TBH and John's who we are guessing were from a National.

I am also keen for those who haven't got their bees yet to see what is happening early on in the process as it has been a learning curve for me especially when the swarmed again after three days - I was very insulted that they did this as I had provided what I thought was a wonderfull home for them, but as a consequence, I found everyone I asked to search in their gardens were very much in favour of me keeping bees and everyone has been so interested they want to come and see, so all positive stuff which is good support compared to what Vini is suffering at the moment by the sounds of things.

Anyhow, the details of the group meeting: Start 10.30 - what does everyone think about starting at this time?

St. Tudy can be approached via Bodmin or Wadebridge, being approximately 6 miles from either. My post code is PL30 3NE, for those with Sat Naff.

If you park at the Village Hall on Wadebridge Road, we can start at John's place as it is only two houses away. We can have a look at his TBH and also at his National if you want for comparison, but he has only got his nuke last week for that.

Once we have finished at John's, we can just walk up the street - I am only 1 minutes walk away, and the villagers are used to seeing strange people in bee suits walking up and down the road!

I only have one hive, but as it is totally new, I hope it will be interesting for the first timers like me, and I am hoping to learn a lot from those more experienced.

We can have a cuppa afterwards and a piece or two of cake!

St. Tudy also has it's garden open days on Saturday the 26th 11.00 - 6.00 and Sunday the 27th - 12.00 - 5.00, and it will be held just about 5 minutes walk around the village at a house called "Hooters Cottage", Hengar Lane, St. Tudy - as the address suggests, it is on the way back onto the Bodmin Road and Hengar Manor.

They will be serving ploughman's lunches and cream teas - not sure of the cost, and although I haven't seen it, I believe it is a lovely garden to have a look around and entrance is by donation and all funds go to St. Tudy Village Hall.

So, hopefully the weather will be with us and we will have a good meeting.

Oh yes, has anyone got any spare suits/veils etc., as I want to encourage my neighbours to come around and will need three if I can get them.

Thanks all, and I look forward to meeting you all.


p.s. Anyone wanting further directions, my number is : 07890 629902.

Vee - June 21, 2010 06:14 PM (GMT)
Hi Pam,
I've got 2 'occasional' tops with veils (no bottoms) - shall I bring these along?
All the best, Vini

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