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  Tears Don't Fall, Kat and Cedric
Katerina Evelyn Vasa
Posted: Aug 9 2011, 07:37 PM


To graduate from the academy Kat was told she had to have some sort of community service. she decided to volunteer at the hospital as most teens do. of course when she got there they thought she was pretty much crazy because of how up beat and happy she acted but she looked past that. she was one of those people that read to the kids and brought people food and hung out with old sick people. she was just uber friendly.

She got dressed in her little volunteering outfit and picked out cute little heels with big bows on them. she loved those shoes. she drove herself to the hospital because she can. she was finally old enough to drive on her own and she refused to let anyone drive her around. she actually didnt like the hospital much. the place was a little depressing. she tried her hardest to keep people from being sad but sometimes she couldnt help people. When she got there the head nurse told her that she was on food duty for the day. she liked delivering food. she liked watching hungry people eat. something about it just made her feel all giggly.

around two in the afternoon she stopped on the third floor. her arms sort of hurt from carrying heavy food and empty plates around all day. the third floor was for just injured people. pretty much just temporary patients that would probably end up going home in about an hour or so. she didnt think they would need any food but she knew it was still polite to ask if they wanted some. plus it wastes a little time.

she walked into room 504 carrying a platter of Mac & cheese. she looked at it thinking that she was starting to get a little hungry. she smiled at the patient without looking at them and carrying the platter over to the night stand. "Are you hungry? I know you'll probably just be leaving soon and you can get like real food but I'm sort of wasting time by asking temporary patients like you." she said in her normal girly kind of voice and finally looked at him. he was cute so she smiled again and blushed a little.

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Cedric Akira Riddle
Posted: Aug 9 2011, 08:53 PM

Tethy | Noble | Italy | Fourth Year
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Group: Year Four
Posts: 20
Member No.: 167
Joined: 9-August 11

Cedric was kind of frustrated, turned out he had broken his wrist pretty badly thanks to a skateboarding accident. He was frustrated because he never got hurt skateboarding or in sports. he was always good at sports and things like that so he wasn't used to the idea of messing up and getting hurt. He was the kid did everything right and barely made mistakes. Everything came easy to Cedric. It didn't help that Cedric thought the doctors were complete and total idiots. Then again Cedric thought he knew everything and thought most people were complete and utter idiots.

Cedric had been at the hospital for about 3 hours and was bored out of his mind. He was also a little hungry so he couldn't wait to get out of there and get some food. While he was waiting he figured he would try and get some rest and maybe fall asleep. The medicine he was on made him pretty relaxed which help but unfortunately not enough to get him so sleep. So instead he decided to zone off and wait for a doctor to come tell him he could leave.

After a while a really cute girl came in carrying food. She was probably one of the royals doing their community service requirements. . "Are you hungry? I know you'll probably just be leaving soon and you can get like real food but I'm sort of wasting time by asking temporary patients like you." She asked. I was starving and would never turn down food. I wonder how she would be wasting time by asking temporary patients she still has to ask why not ask someone who needs the food but either way if she hadn't came through the temporary ward I wouldn't have seen her in the first place so I'm not complaining.

It smelled good and I didn't want to seem like a complete ass so i figured I would take it. "Thank you, it's smells great. Did you make it? or are you just the delivery girl? By the way I know this is random but you're really cute." He said the last part with a cute smile.

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Katerina Evelyn Vasa
Posted: Aug 9 2011, 10:29 PM


Kat smiled. well he was nice. she blushed and smiled. "Actually I didnt make it. If I did I probably would have eaten it. I mean I've been like working all day and havent had a break yet. All I do is deliver food which of course having food just around makes me hungry." she said slumping into the chair closest to her. she didnt mean to ramble like that but she did. she always did that. she was being honest though, she was hungry and it was like torture carrying food around all day and not being able to eat it.

Kat started thinking about food. she wanted to go to this one place that was basically her favorite place to go. sadly she was still on the clock. of course if she wasnt at the hospital she'd be stuck at home with nothing to do at all. she would probably running around in the field behind her house. it wasnt a terribly big field but her house staff kept it pretty. it has really bright green healthy grass and a bunch of pink tulips which were Kat's favorite flower.

she was totally spacing out and when she came back to reality. "Nehh I'm sorry! I spaced out for a second." she said sheepishly standing up quickly like a total spaz. she looked at him. he was pretty cute himself but sadly she wasnt good at flirting at all. [b]"But why are you in the hospital? she asked curiously. it just occured to her that he had to be in for some reason. she didnt think about it. she never really got to talk to any of the patients so she never bother to ask. but she figured this guy and her can be friends. maybe they would like hang out when he gets out of the hospital.
Cedric Akira Riddle
Posted: Aug 10 2011, 12:18 PM

Tethy | Noble | Italy | Fourth Year
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Group: Year Four
Posts: 20
Member No.: 167
Joined: 9-August 11

He thought it was cute the way she rambled though he was able to tell she was hungry and had been working all day so he decided to be nice and offer her the food considering he would be leaving soon and could get food after. "You seem rather hungry, who you like some of the food you brought me?" He asked point to the tray of food on the stand next to him.

He thought it was cute the way she spaced out for a bit then had a little spaz attack when she came back to reality. She asked why he was in the hospital and he laughed. He figured the cast and sling were pretty obvious and wondered why she hadn't figured it out before. "Well as you can see i have this neon green cast on my wrist from falling today while skateboarding. So because of breaking my wrist i'm in here. Though if I'm lucky I should be able to leave within the next half hour. So you can take the food if you're hungry and pretend I ate it, or if you want after we both get out of here we can go get food somewhere and hang out." He said to hoping for the later considering he wanted to hang out with someone new for a change.

"By the way, I'm Cedric Riddle. What's your name?" He asked after realizing they had never introduced themselves.

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