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The Year was 2012, it was a normal December night, but suddenly there was a huge light that was seen around the world. Everything fell apart quickly after society fell. It was three years before the Committee for Better Living was formed. This Committee set up a system of monarchies, an illusion of control for the people. It is now 2054, and the next generation of royals are in high school. Welcome to High School, Your Majesty! Enjoy your stay!

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  Can It Get Any Better?, OPEN
Calista Alixandria Nasso
Posted: Jun 28 2011, 08:07 PM

Kyler | Royal | Greece
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Group: Year Five
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Calista threw her hand over the alarm clock that was next to her bed, striking the snooze button so it wouldn't disturb Kendall. It was about 7:00. Being up this early on a Saturday was unusal for the youngest Greek royal but she had decided the day before that it was high time she took her beloved andalusian, Ambrose, for a ride. It had been way too long since their last hack and she was dying to go. Studying and other extra-curricular activities had taken up most of her time when spring had finally rolled around but Cali had gone out of her way to make sure she scheduled nothing for today. There was so much she had to think over, everything from her trip with Alexander to the way her brothers had reacted to her engagement. She couldn't think of a better place to mull things over than with on the back of her horse on a quiet trail.

She sat up in bed and her eyes eyes settled on the window. The sun was shining brightly and the sky was a wonderful shade of blue, a perfect day for a ride through the woods. The trees were so dense that the heat wouldn't bother them if mother nature decided to crank it up. The princess pushed off her purple silk covers and gently set her feet on the floor. Calista pushed up off her bed and quietly made her way over to the enormous closet she and Kendall shared. She quickly pulled out a pair of black riding pants, a bright green tank top, and her boots. Calista pulled off her pj's and dressed in the familiar clothing. An excited smile spread across her face as she pulled on her pants and boots. It felt so nice to wear them again. The princess sat in front of her vanity and combed out her long, wavy locks of light brown hair. After running her hair through the straightener, she applied a light amount of make up. Cali was always the last one to be ready whenever she was going out with Alexander or her friends. She liked everything to be perfect but today it felt right to just be simple about it all. Ambrose wasn't going to care how much make up his mistress was wearing. The princess then proceeded to replace her engagement ring on her finger, place a black rosary, which she had "borrowed" from her mother, around her neck, clasped a black and silver chain cuff around her wrist, and finished off the accessories with a pair of beautiful diamond earrings her brothers had given her as a birthday gift. While simplicity had been her goal, she just couldn't help herself sometimes. Feeling satisfied with overall effect her outfit had, Cali grabbed the backpack she had packed the night before and her iphone as she headed out the door, closing it quietly behind so as not to wake Kendall.

The walk down to the stables had taken no time at all. One minute she had been looking down at her phone, trying to send Alex a text letting him know where she'd gone to, and the next she was walking through the stable entrance. The familiar smells of hay and horse reached her nose. She loved those smells. They reminded her of the rides she often took with her mother back in Greece. Other than shopping, it was the perfect way for them to spend time together. She had started riding when she was just a little girl and loved every minute of it. Every sore muscle, bruise, and fall. She never let any of that stand in the way of riding.

A bright smile swept across her face as Ambrose came into sight. The andalusian had been a gift from her mother a few years ago. He was an impressive creature, standing at 16 hands with a bright white coat. Cali had fallen head over heels for the gelding as soon as her mother had brought him out to her. He was the sweetest horse and always took good care of the princess when they were riding. Needless to say, the pair had become fast friends. When his large dark eyes spotted his mistress coming over, Ambrose let out a gentle greeting. "Kali méra kai se séna agóri . Sas écho chásei ! Eíste étoimoi na páte gia mia ómorfi vólta sí mera?" She asked as she rubbed his nose. All of Ambrose's tack was set out for her, waiting for her to saddle him up. Calista quickly went through the routine she had done thousands of times before and in no time at all was all set to go. Cali led Ambrose out of the stables and mounted up. It felt amazing to be back in the saddle after so long. The princess directed her mount towards the woods and the pair set out on what was sure to be a long, relaxing ride.

("Kali méra kai se séna agóri . Sas écho chásei ! Eíste étoimoi na páte gia mia ómorfi vólta sí mera?" means "Good morning to you too boy. I've missed you! Are you ready to go for a nice ride today?")


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Greecian Princess. 3rd in line. Falling?
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