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  Complications, Nate&Ada&Nettie
Nathaniel Isaac Washington
Posted: Apr 25 2011, 01:49 PM


Nate was all dressed up. he loved dressing up. since the ball was a masqurade ball he had on a mask. He had a hard timing choosing who to take to the ball. it was difficult and he didnt know if he was going to regret his choice. it was a shame to think of how he was behaving. he hated himself for not being able to choose. Nettie was his equal and Ada was the love of his life. he liked who he was when he was with Nettie but when he was Ada he was the person he had been trying to be. it was hard on him. it was like picking between being king and being happy. he couldnt let his father down but he didnt want to give up Ada.

he got all dressed up and fancy. he got in the limo and drove to the girl's house. he was nervous in more than one way. he knew that the other one will be there and yet he's taking one of them. he wished that they wouldnt meet but they were bond to find out. its not like her just couldnt go.. he had to.
Adelaide Elena Renault
Posted: Apr 25 2011, 06:21 PM


Ada pulled the zipper up her gown to the top of her back with a finishing zip. Everything was set. Her hair was perfectly straightened, and her drugstore makeup was flawlessly done underneath her authentic Venetian mask. The mask had been a gift from her parents years ago, right before she moved to Glassview; a little token of her home to remember them by. She had never had an opportunity to wear it, until now.

All of her hard earned money for the last month had gone into the strikingly gorgeous purple ball gown that highlighted her every asset. She had never spent that much money on one single item of clothing in her life, but it was not every day Ada was invited to a ball by her boyfriend, a Prince. She flew down the stairs of her ramshackle apartment, heart beating loudly in her chest. She wondered if his fiancee would be there, and if she would be more beautiful than she. Ada knew she couldn’t afford much more than the dress, so the accessories were the best she could purchase, though she thought she had done quite well for herself. She heard the rap on the door, and took a deep breath as she prepared herself for quite an eventful night.
Nathaniel Isaac Washington
Posted: May 12 2011, 07:59 PM


Nathan took a long deep breath. he was ready to take Ada to the ball. he was ready to see Nettie at the ball and he prepared what he was going to say to both of them. he had settled things in his mind but now it was time he actually had to deal with his problems instead of running away or avoiding them. he loved Ada. he slept with Nettie. he had to be king, he didnt want to be. he had to be strong for everyone in the country. he had to be a good role model for Ethan and Kendall. he had so much stress and pressure on him that he didnt know what to do. he knew it wasnt okay to love them both even though he did.

with everything swirling around in his head he let out his breath and knocked on the door. he put all the stress and pressure and unhappy thoughts in the back of his mind and smiled. he was going to have fun at the ball no matter what happens. he was going to have fun with Ada and no one else. he belonged to Ada tonight and he was happy.
Adelaide Elena Renault
Posted: May 27 2011, 08:22 AM


Ada swung open the door at the sound of Nate’s knock. She had mentally prepared herself to the limit for this ball, and nothing was going to keep her from enjoying herself. Not even his new fiancee.

”Nate,” She started, smiling. Her mood instantly brightened at the sight of him. ”You look handsome.” She grinned before twirling around in her dress. ”Is this alright? It was the best I could do.” Ada said earnestly, referring to her dress. It truly was the best she could do. She had saved up for months and months for this dress, and she had never felt more proud wearing a garment than she had wearing this one. She peeked around his shoulder and glanced at the limo awaiting them. She couldn’t believe she was about to go to a masquerade ball, with the prince of her dreams. If only his family would approve of her, their life would be so much easier.
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