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The Year was 2012, it was a normal December night, but suddenly there was a huge light that was seen around the world. Everything fell apart quickly after society fell. It was three years before the Committee for Better Living was formed. This Committee set up a system of monarchies, an illusion of control for the people. It is now 2054, and the next generation of royals are in high school. Welcome to High School, Your Majesty! Enjoy your stay!

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  It's a new year, babies.
Miss Nikki
Posted: Jan 24 2012, 11:32 AM

Gossip Queen
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Group: Gossip Expert
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Miss Nikki, queen of gossip.

New Year

It's a new year, which means a whole new opportunity for drama! I, Miss Nikki, will be posting a fabulous new gossip section every month, which you can read or even add onto. I am always open to new gossip, and if you're up to talk, I'm certainly up to listen. I considered making my new year resolution to be nice to people, but then I realize that I hate everyone. Except for you, blog buddies, I love you bitches.


I'm horribly disappointed. My favorite playboy-japanese-badass is... whipped. I am ashamed to say that Keiichi was seen in a fancy Italian restaurant with a beautiful-but-stern Gisele. How he fell for someone as unyielding and as bitchy as her, I will never understand. I weep for the day a gorgeous man bows down to the will of a vagina. So, with tissues in hand, I sadly announce that Keiichi is no longer single. Single, slutty women everywhere have lost one sexy piece of man.


Nikola and Sofia were seen talking! Eek! Well they seem to have not spoken in a while, and Sofia seems oblivious as ever. Nikola was seem confessing his undying love or whatever, and from what people tell me, this is going to end wonderfully. Those two seem to have liked each other for god knows how long and has done absolutely nothing about it. How boring. Honestly, I just wanted to let you guys know, but I see no fun in this couple. B-o-r-e-d.

Featured Babe

I think I've spoken about this slut before, her name is Isabel and I have to admit I've grown a little fond of her. Even though she took one of the hottest bachelors, Ciel, she's fiesty, and you can't hate a feisty woman. Speaking of her, I saw her with some mystery woman at the mall, and they seemed to be talking a lot. I, surprisingly, don't know this girl but she went by Grace. Suspicious? I think yes.

Reoccurring Couple

Valentina and Kellen were seen together in the foyer earlier this week, and I have the feeling that shit most definitely went down. Now, I don't remember what previously happened with those two, since it was probably not interesting and I got bored of them, but I have the feeling that we have a returning couple, which is always fun. I hope they get back together, maybe this time they won't fuck up, and will stay together? Miss Nikki thinks not. Still, I hope the best or whatever.

Hotel Booked

So, in my last post I spoke heavily about how Sophie and Kasper were fighting, but guess what? The entire area for the swanky hotel was booked by the young Kasper. From what people saw, he is planning something huge! I saw instruments being carted in, and some acrobats stretching outside. That couple will never stop fighting, I swear. But they love each other too much to break up, and I think this is the first couple I've seen like this ever that I actually approve of. Bravo.

Call me!

Anyways, that concludes my gossip rant! If you would like your characters to be featured more, either talk to me about it or cause more drama! Either way, Miss Nikki is very pleased with this year.

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