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  Time is riding on me, Vlad, take it away
Vladislav Taras Svyatoslav
Posted: Aug 25 2011, 10:37 AM


~OOC: If I may ask, how old is Colin?~

One of Vladislav's eye-brows shot up towards his hair-line. For the first time during their conversation, Vladislav was beginning to catch on to what Colin was trying to do. It would appear that the other prince was attempting to come on to him. How interesting...

Vladislav decided he wasn't going to make it easy. Some teasing was in order.

"You of all people should know that kissing has little to do with romance in our cultures. Where we are from, a peck is a form of greeting. As such, I have been kissed by many men, and I have kissed many men. Would I mind if I knew they were attempting it in a more Westernly sexual way? I am not sure. No one has ever tried, but that could be a side effect of my reputation as a ruthless and violent man."

The Russian prince cocked his head and gave a charming grin at those words. Most people he met tended to gt along with him easily because he was rather easy-going for the most part, but the few that he ran into and didn't get along with usually ended up hurt or worse later on. The effects of his hatred were not always fast, but he always got them back.
Warren Joel Cipriano
Posted: Aug 25 2011, 02:12 PM


((OOC: Colin is 16))

Colin felt like he had been punched in the gut, he should have never asked that question, it could have given hints to Vlad that Colin was into him. This was the stupidest thing he could have ever done in his life. He felt horrible and wanted to puke.

Colin followed what he was saying, had he figure out what Colin was doing? He wasn't hoping on that, he felt embarrassed now.

Right... he picked up his bag and started to put his stuff in, he felt like crap, and Embarrassed. Vlad probably figured it out, and there was no point in trying to hide it. Colin never just gave up and ran, but the guy was really cute. And he didn't want to further it
Vladislav Taras Svyatoslav
Posted: Aug 25 2011, 05:42 PM


The moment Colin appeared to show signs of retreating, Vladislav strove to make himself seem more casual. His body slumped more firmly against the back of the couch, and he laid his head back so that it could rest against the rim of the furniture. All the while, he kept his gaze level on the Spanish prince. Vladislav had been enjoying that conversation, as much as he refused to admit it, and he wasn't about to let the other man retreat.

"Do you have somewhere to be, друг? If so then I can escort you there. In not, then why are you in such a hurry to leave? I have heard I am frightening, но геэз."

Patting the spot of couch next to him lazily, Vladislav indicated that Colin should sit next to him. He was quite interested in finding out just why the prince was drawn to him. Besides, he had never been 'hit' on before. It was an amusing experience. Vladislav wanted to know more.
Warren Joel Cipriano
Posted: Aug 26 2011, 10:15 AM


Colin felt embarrassed, Vlad probably knew what he was doing. But did that mean Colin should give up? No..Colin would just have to fight for what he wanted, Although Colin was kinda bad at flirting, he would just try and make a impression. But for Colin. It would be pretty hard.

Colin glanced at Vlad, and nodded. He moved his body back, and with that, his arm came up behind Vlad's head, Colin started to stroke Vlad's hair, I wonder why your still single, your really attractive Colin couldn't help but smirk to his words, Why not flirt a bit. He was already embarrassed enough, why not continue?

He was having fun with this, even if he was really bad at flirting. Things we're moving along easily, and he felt a bit better, now that he was probably embarrassing himself a lot more
Vladislav Taras Svyatoslav
Posted: Aug 26 2011, 10:44 AM


Vladislav allowed his head to fall back onto Colin's arm. He could not remember a time when someone had touched his hair in such a way, and it felt nice. Now he knew why the cats he was always finding the time to pet would always butt their heads against his hand until he resumed his scratching. Only one thing could make this better.

"Use your nails."

It was more of an order than a suggestion as Vladislav's less formal, less polite side began to show itself. He was beginning to truly relax and act more like a man than a prince.

"So you think I am attractive?"

The words were playfully delivered, as Vladislav cocked his head and half closed his eyes, resulting in a very unintentionally coy look. This flirting thing was undoubtedly amusing, and Vladislav could not remember when he had last enjoyed himself this much when actually interacting with another human being.

"Perhaps I am still single because people tend to be wary around me. My family and country has long been known for its hardheartedness. More's the pity with them when someone as bold as you comes along, дa"

Smirking dangerously, Vladislav managed to look completely in control even as his throat lay bared and his head rested on the arm of another man.
Warren Joel Cipriano
Posted: Aug 26 2011, 12:30 PM


Colin felt pretty pleased with himself when Vlad had put his head on Colin's arm, Colin didn't remember the last time he had been close with another man, This was just..a bonus.

Colin smiled when Vlad told him to use his nails, Colin did as Vlad wished and used his nails against his hair, he was so cute, and Colin would do anything to have Vlad in his arms. He kept his gaze on Vlad's face, it made him smile a lot more.

Colin nodded lightly, Who wouldn't? Your just..What I want.. he said this with a serious look, it was true. He was just what Colin wanted, but he wanted to continue this, later he would probably laugh about it even if it did sound corny.

Vlad was single, great. Then you would have no problem with me doing this.. Colin leaned his head down onto Vlad's neck and started to kiss him there. He was acting like those whores, but it was pretty funny. Vlad would walk away anytime. Of course the chances of getting with Vlad would be pretty sucky, but it was worth making a joke or two on this.
Vladislav Taras Svyatoslav
Posted: Aug 26 2011, 12:59 PM


Bold had perhaps been an understatement. This man was forward, and Vladislav was unsure of what to do. He had never even been kissed much less have had a make-out session, and yet he found himself in a precarious situation that included having his throat assaulted by a rather talented mouth. It wasn't unpleasant. In fact it felt very good, but he was having trouble holding still. His military training wanted to kick in. No one had ever been this close. Never had Vladislav been this vulnerable.

"Вы двигаетесь быстро. Ugh, очень быстро."

It was very distracting to have someone lavishing attention to your neck, and it didn't help that his neck appeared to be a very sensitive spot for him. English was not foremost on his mind, but he managed enough.

"Do ты want to try a tad дальше вверх? Perhaps a поцелуй on the губы? I have yet to be kissed, and is not prudent to start there and move ваш way вниз?"

Vladislav's accent was thicker than usual, and Russian had begun to bleed more into his English. It was such a jumble that Vladislav wasn't even sure his message would be properly conveyed. So he decided to take control of the situation. Sure he didn't know what he was doing, but that had never stopped him before.

Reaching up so that he could wrap his fist in the fabric of Colin's shirt, Vladislav roughly pulled the Spanish prince from his neck so that he could properly make out with the other man. With no idea what do to now that he had pressed their lips together, Vladislav attempted to copy what he had observed other people do. It wasn't the best of kisses. In fact one might say it downright sucked, but the Russian prince would get better with time and practice.
Warren Joel Cipriano
Posted: Aug 27 2011, 05:03 AM


Colin was having fun with this, the man was cute, and Vlad wasn't pulling away. Did Vlad want this? If he did, Colin could provide more. At the moment, Colin was falling head over heels for this man, and yet he just met him. But who really cared, Colin was in love with Vlad, that was that. None could ever change that.

He couldn't understand the Russian, if that was what it was. He just continued to kiss Vlad's neck. The Neck felt smooth to him, and it felt so good to do what he was doing at the moment.

Colin felt something on his chest, and being pulled up. He had been having fun with Vlad's neck, when Vlad had pulled Colin into a make out session Colin's chest had given a extra beat to it. Although it wasn't the best make out ever, it was just what..He needed at the moment.

Colin fixed himself, so that he was on top of Vlad. He continued to kiss the Russian Prince. Why did this feel so good? Nothing had made him more happy then this very point.

Vladislav Taras Svyatoslav
Posted: Aug 27 2011, 07:39 AM


Not one to be out-done, Vladislav decided to allow Colin to remain on top in favor of burying his fist in the Spanish prince's hair. Now Colin would only be allowed to move his head if Vladislav allowed it. The Russian had years of extensive muscular training behind him, and very few people in this school would be able to over-power him. That was why he felt little threat in Colin's seemingly dominant position.

Turning his head, Vladislav broke the kiss in favor of breathing. He was panting lightly because he refused to gasp for air. Vladislav tended to strive to look elegant in all he did. Even with his hair mussed and his clothes rumpled, Vladislav looked every inch the prince he was.

Once he got his breath back and his pounding heart under control, Vladislav found his English to be much improved.

"Perhaps I would not mind exploring what 'attraction' is further. Kiss me again. This time, do it slowly. I want to learn how do this properly."

It was true. Vladislav hated being second best to anyone that wasn't the current Crown prince of Russia. He was going to master this make-out thing, and he was going to enjoy dong it as well. Colin was making him interested. More so than he had ever been in another unrelated person. How odd that they had only been acquaintances for only half an hour.
Warren Joel Cipriano
Posted: Aug 27 2011, 10:33 AM


At the moment, Colin was just loving every minute of this make out session. It couldn't get any better then this. Colin felt a fist on his head but didn't care, he continued to kiss Vlad.

He glanced at Vlad as the kiss broke, Colin panted watching Vlad with a smile, at the moment. He was really in love with this man. Colin thought this was better then when he had his first male kiss, except that only lasted for 4 seconds. Still it was the deciding kiss that made him the man he is today.

He nodded at him, Vlad wanted to kiss again but slower. Colin could do that, He leaned his head back in, and started to kiss him once more. This time he slowed down a bit, he really didn't care as long as he was kissing this man, he'd be happy for a while. Things we're finally looking up for him, and today was probably the best day of his life
Vladislav Taras Svyatoslav
Posted: Aug 27 2011, 11:26 AM


There was a solid thunk as the book that had been in Vladislav's lap slipped listlessly to the floor below. The hand that had been holding it in place slid up Colin's body until it was resting in the middle of the other man's back. It was an awkward position, but it felt natural enough that Vladislav didn't move out of it.

Their kiss was much slower than before, and the Russian prince was taking cues from his Spanish counter-part. The kiss was still clumsy and untrained, but Vladislav was determined to eventually get better. It was odd to find something he wasn't naturally talented in, but so few would know since he could not at the moment imagine himself kissing anyone else in such a way. It was amazing he was even kissing Colin this way.

There was just something that had drawn him to Colin. Perhaps the attraction had started with the Spanish, but the initiative was a definite turn-on as well. Vladislav loved it when a person knew what they wanted and were willing to take it. It was a very Russian trait.

Breaking off to breath once more, Vladislav closed his eyes as he thought. He was not entirely sure why he was still allowing this to go on. Even with his willingness to let Colin be so foreword and his desire to get better at something, he was still unsure just what it all meant. What was he supposed to do now?

Opening his eyes, Vladilav looked back up at Colin. Whatever he chose at this point was no longer just about him. There was another person irreversibly tied up in his decision. It would not do to choose poorly, but that did not make it easier. Steeling his resolve, Vladislav made his choice.

"Is this the part were I ask you to dinner?"
Warren Joel Cipriano
Posted: Aug 28 2011, 06:33 AM


Colin didn't know what made him do this, but it was the right thing to do. Nothing was going to ruin the mood at the moment, he was just so cute, and Colin couldn't get enough of Vlad. Colin's hand ran up and down slowly on Vlad's chest, It was pure instinct to do that. But Colin liked feeling the chest of Vlad.

It was a bad kiss, but not all bad. It felt good, Colin liked the feeling of having Vlad's lips on his. He wondered how Vlad didn't have a girlfriend yet, he was just so damn cute.

Panting once more as the kiss broke, Colin just couldn't believe what he was doing. He stared at Vlad as his eyes went down, Colin layed his head on Vlad's chest, it felt so .. Comfortable. Not like Colin would tell him anyways.

Colin just moved his head back up to meet Vlad's, ''Is this the part, where I ask you to dinner?'', Colin thought about going to dinner with this man, Nah this is the part where I- Nevermind he smirked some, it was a joke after all. Yeah, I guess so. Colin just smiled, it didn't matter, he'd go anywhere for Vlad and with him.
Vladislav Taras Svyatoslav
Posted: Aug 28 2011, 08:32 AM


Vladislav stayed in his position for a comfortable amount of time after Colin agreed to have dinner with him. This would be his first date, and he was going to go and research how to properly handle such an affair. If he could, he would try and ask his brother.

Looking down at the head on his chest, Vladislav decided to return the earlier favor of being petted. He slid his fingers through the light hair briefly running his nails gently against the scalp as he repeated the process. It was a relaxing feeling, almost like petting a cat, but it couldn't last.

The shrill ring of his phone cut through the peaceful atmosphere, and Vladislav let out a soft Russian curse. The curse had no English equivalent, so he doubted Colin would know it.

Vladislav hit the answer button violently, cutting off the screech of the third ring. Since he had never seen any reason in getting his phone personalized, it still sounded like a house phone and could get really annoying, , really fast. The name on the caller ID did little to improve his mood either.

"Здравствуйте, что это такое?"

There were sounds of muted voices as the person on the other line gave Vladislav some unfavorable news.

"Я буду прямо там."

Flicking the phone shut with an angry movement. Vladislav cursed again. Like before he used a words with no English equivalent.

"I have to go back home for a few days and straighten out something. It is a military matter, and that falls under my jurisdiction as prince. I will be back in time for our date."

Extracting himself from the embrace. Vladislav stood to his full height and stretched lightly. He would have to catch a flight tonight, so he needed to get moving. Before he left, Vladislav leaned down and whispered in Colin's ear.

"Four days from now at the Tour sur la Rivière, nine o'clock. Не опаздывайте, мой испанский пламя."
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