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  Wanna see what happens?, The ken Twins (Kendric and Kendall)
Kendall Marie Davis-Washington
Posted: Feb 21 2012, 08:35 PM

Tethy | Royal | America | College
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Group: College
Posts: 187
Member No.: 24
Joined: 13-January 11

Kendall met Caelan for lunch. She didn't have to buy she wanted to. She felt lonely at the hyeung weekend house all by herself. She had no idea where con was not that it mattered much to her since they never really got along. Obviously Caelan and Mia were at school. She was just sitting in the disturbing baby room that Caelan put together when she just had to get out of the house. She needs some fresh air and she really just wished her and Caelan were in the same grade. She took a town car and got Caelan to meet her in the field. They had a nice little picnic which would have been a little nicer if his jock friends weren't around picking on him about how whipped he is and what not. Kendall didn't mind all that much though. Seeing Caelan happy and laughing with his friends again made her feel so much better. Not just because being around normal high schoolers made her temporarily forget that she was pregnant, but because he seemed so normal again. She saw him as the happy go lucky Caelan that she originally fell in love with. She was feeling like everything was a little normal. But of course, it wasn't. She knew that somewhere in the back of his mind he still feared the rape thing and almost suicide. But on the other hand even the shrink said that he has made some serious improvement. She can only think of one cause: the baby. Kendall wasn't so happy about the idea of being a mother or the thought of having something alive inside her... Actually the thought of it kind of made her feel sick. But the fact that the baby is helping made Kendall want to try to make the baby thing work.

The bell rang and Kendall walked him to class lingering as they walked just so she can spend a little more time with him. Hand in hand her smile started to fade because she knew she'd have to leave him at the academy because she doesn't actually go to school there anymore. As they get to his class. She refused to let him go inside. He pinned her to the wall right outside the classroom. They playfully kissed until the bell rang and the teacher yelled at him to get inside before he's marked tardy. She watched him walk inside reluctantly letting go of his hand. The hall emptied and she was suddenly standing there alone.

She sighed as she pushed herself off the wall. She ran her fingers across the lockers as she made her way to the front of the school. She didn't know what she was doing. She knew she didn't want to go home but she also knew she couldn't stay here. If they caught her they would make her leave after they accused he as a student and try to make her go back to class.

She walked out the front doors and on the the front field. She sat down in the grass and just watched the clouds float by. She had so much stress in her life lately that just trying to make things slow down was slightly helping. She needed things to stop. She didn't want to be pregnant and she most certainly didn't want to be queen. She loved Caelan but even he knew that she wasn't ready for that. She has only been a princess for a year and even that was wearing her down. She couldn't even imagine what it would be life if she was queen. She slowly closed her eyes. Eventually lost in thought she drifted off into a light sleep. Not like real sleep because she was in the grass and in public... But she mostly just had her eyes closed and she was laying down.

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Preggo she is Princess of America Belongs to: Caelan Hyeung!
Kendric August Hall
Posted: Mar 25 2012, 12:59 PM

Maddie | Royal | Scotland
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Group: Year Five
Posts: 10
Member No.: 140
Joined: 21-June 11

August was still kinda of upset about the earlier encounter with his ex. An ex August hadn't even known he had... it pissed August off. Not enough to put him into a black-out, but still pretty pissed, August didn't even remember what had happened that had made her so afraid of him, and had made her run to that inferior man. August could guess though, she must have triggered something that had made him black out. He regretted it, since she was still his fiancee, but he could live without her for awhile, and with the committee in town, they would make her stop dating him... maybe. Either way, August went searching for something or someone to pass the time with. August didn't really care who or what it was. He was bored. That was when he saw her, at first he thought it was Jessica, but she didn't hold herself right. Which meant it had to have been that previously lost American Princess... what was her name? Ahhh, Kendall. August knew she was taken by Lan, but that didn't really matter to him, she was pretty, he was bored.

She was lying under a tree now, and August decided to see what she was doing here. He was suddenly very grateful that he didn't have class today. "Hello there, princess." He said, suddenly very glad for his accent. His scottish accent was strong, but not too strong, people still understood his English. Thank God for that. "Are you waiting for someone?" He asked her with a smile. He needed to forget his Em. Otherwise he would be beyond hopeless. And Kendric August Hall, heir to the Scottish throne, was never going to be hopeless... not again.

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