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Title: Lockhead Martin
Description: MasterCAM X4, CNC lathe and mill

Joshua - November 29, 2010 06:19 PM (GMT)
Hi Jack,

Here are the requisition numbers for the openings here in Denver. These jobs are not entry level, they are for people with some machine shop experience who can be given a job and can make parts from day one.
A good working knowledge of mastercam x v.4 is needed as well as experience on c.n.c. mills and lathes, manual mills and lathes. We have Hurco, milltronics, and haas equipment that is less than 1 year old and the
Prototype development center is a new facility. Itís a great upgrade from our old shop. The work is challenging but not difficult. Flight hardware is typically done by seasoned veterans (old farts) like me. New guys
Will most likely work on tooling. Oh, this is importantÖ..we do work for all programs, and if a program is cancelled it doesnít affect us in the form of layoffs.

The first step for applying for these jobs is to access the Lockheed Martin careers website and apply using the req. numbers.

Next, send a detailed resume directly to me and I will forward it to the correct people. As you know, big companies like this have many cracks for things like resumes to fall into, so sending that information to
Me assures that the right people will get it. My e-mail is

The requisition numbers are as follows:

184713BR and

These numbers are good internally for 1 week and then after the week they will appear for anyone from the outside to bid on. †Read the job description carefully and ,if qualified, apply. Everyone interested
Should apply.

Lastly, This is a great place to work. Pay and benefits are second to none. Donít let the winters here scare you. It snows †but it isnít like back east where the snow is on the ground all winter and the skies
Are slate gray from October to May. Itís sunny 300 days of the year and when it does snow it typically melts within days.

Thanks Jack, †and have a happy holiday season

Ray Clark

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