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Title: 09/08/2012

LindyCFF - August 9, 2012 10:46 PM (GMT)
Loved the Todd and Carly scenes they always make me laugh and smile. I love that Carly was trying to find Todd a new love and that she ended up being a 7 LOL. It was too funny how fast Todd ran to see what Carly’s number was in the magazine after she left. Its so nice to be able to see Carly enjoy herself even if the storm is heading her way AKA Jerry. I really want Carly to kick Jerry’s butt fo
r whatever he has planned for Josslyn and I hope she gets to kick Ewan’s butt too (even if he didn’t want to do it but will because of whatever Jerry has on him). You don’t mess with Carly’s kids and get away with it.

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