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Title: July 31 2012
Description: Todd/Carly/Johnny scenes

LindyCFF - July 31, 2012 11:52 PM (GMT)
Loved the Todd/Carly/Johnny scenes in todays show. I was LMAO when Carly was smacking Todd with her purse when she found out Todd saw her and Johnny having sex. I also loved how Carly demanded that he apologize and when Todd told her he was sorry she was like NOT me HIM! And you know the last thing Todd wanted to do was say he was sorry to Johnny (I donít blame him considering what he knows Johnny did). I do love the fact though that before Todd left he apologized to Carly again since we all know he doesnít want to lose her as his friend and that Carly accepted his apology. I also loved Todd in protective mode when he met Jason and asked him why he wasnít telling Carly she could do better boyfriend wise and Jason replied back that Carly would figure it out sooner or later.

I loved the Carly scenes in todays show but I was like WTF when Carly said Josslyn camp since Josslyn was too young for summer camp. I hope that doesnít mean the show plans on aging her a lot.

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