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LindyCFF - July 24, 2012 08:52 PM (GMT)
Todays show rocked LOVED all of it but the BEST parts of GH for me was the Todd and Carlyís scenes . Now Iím a Carly fan first and I like Carly had to laugh at Todd thinking Carly hadnít done her share of wrong doings. But regardless of Carlyís faults I love that she doesnít sugar coat things and she does truly regret a lot of the stuff she has done in her past. Iím really enjoying their friendship but there is a big black cloud hanging over their heads because we all know Toddís secret involves Carlyís BFF Jason. Iím not sure how Carly will get past it or if she will but I hope with a lot of good writing she will because I really do enjoy Todd and Carly scenes they always make me LOL

I also like that GH had Carly tell Todd she was going to check in on Olivia since GH had seemed to drop the ball on that friendship.

I hope when Carly goes to see Olivia she will bump into Lulu and be there for her as moral support and to make sure her uncle Luke is okay

Loved the Lulu scenes of todays show. I liked how she wouldnít let Patrick off the hook. I also felt really bad for her when she found out her father was shot. It was so sad to watch.

Happy that Dante and Lulu arenít fighting and were there for each other in todays show. The hug was soooooooooooo nice to see

Love Dante but IMO today he left Steve off the hook too fast for allowing Heather to get away with all her crimes since HE was supposed to keep his eyes on her and for not believing Olivia.

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