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Title: 7/18/2012

LindyCFF - July 19, 2012 03:03 AM (GMT)
Best Part of todays show was the Todd/Blair scenes and the Todd/Carly scenes. I was LMAO at how Todd was pacing the room while telling Carly that Olivia had messed up and didnít get her message. I just love the vibe between Todd and Blair but I have a feeling his feelings will be hurt since somehow I donít think Blair wants him back even if I enjoy seeing them in scenes together. I did LOL when Carly told Todd that his friend Carly doesnít like to be blackmailed and to ask her nicely to help him with Blair. I also loved the look across Toddís face when Carly told him she would help him not because she wanted something out of him but because they are friendish. And I really love that GH seems to want to keep Carly and Blair on good terms and I hope that continues and they get to become friends even if its off screen. Carly needs a female friend in her life and I sooooooooo hope they get to have drinks together again.

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