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Title: 5/4/2012 show

LindyCFF - May 4, 2012 09:10 PM (GMT)
Loved the Sonny and Starr scenes. I love how Sonny pointed out to Starr he could have taken the gun away from her anytime. I also liked how Sonny tried to talk Starr down.

Michael sucker punching Johnny was great. LOVED that he did it because Johnny hurt his mom. I also loved how Michael rushed off to save his father from Starr.

The Carly and Jason scenes ROCKED. I love Jason and Carly talking about
Kate/Connie and how they tried to figure out what was really going on together. Felt like old school Jarly and I loved it. I was also happy that Jason seems to think that Connie may have been the one to have shot out AZ tires since I have thought that all along.

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