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Title: 4/20/2012 show

LindyCFF - April 20, 2012 09:43 PM (GMT)
LOVED the Carly and Michael hug in today’s show. I also loved the talk they had. Its so nice seeing Carly with her children. :) Laura rocked her scenes in today’s show as always

I love that Michael is on team Carson and he got Carly to agree to come to Sonny’s b-day party and he pointed out that even when they are fighting Carly knows Sonny better than anyone. I also LMAO when Michael told Sonny Carly was coming to his b-day party without Johnny and he smiled at Michael and told him that he hopes Carly comes without Johnny more and more. You can tell Sonny soooooooooooo hates the fact Johnny and Carly are together. I just hope Carly admitting she’s starting to believe that Sonny is innocent that they will find a way to mend their bond together. Also hope we get a lot of Carson scenes next week. Chad and Mo rocked their scenes today.

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