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Title: 4/17/2012

LindyCFF - April 17, 2012 09:31 PM (GMT)
I'm happy that Michael isnít angry with Carly about Johnny even if he doesnít like the fact she and Johnny are together. I also loved the fact Carly was happy that Michael was there for Starr because Carly knows better than anyone how it feels to lose a child from her two miscarriages, when Michael was believed to be dead and he was in a coma and was told Michael would probably never wake up from his coma.

Loved the Jason and Carly scenes in todays show. I was LMAO at the looks Jason and Carly were giving each other when she first walked into the courtroom. I love their bond. I also love how Jason and Carly broke up the Johnny and Sonny fight and then Jason warned Carly to be careful. Even when they donít agree with each other Jason and Carly always have each otherís backs. Just love their bond.

Loved the short Sonny and Carly scenes in todayís show. Just wish the rift between them would end soon.

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