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Title: 04/10/2012 show

LindyCFF - April 10, 2012 11:05 PM (GMT)

Loved the Carly scenes in todayís show but today proved just how coo coo Kate really is if she thinks she can use Carlyís kids against her in a fight. Carly IMO could so kick her ass and I so loved that Carly was getting to Kate by calling her Connie and throwing in the fact she was ashamed of her family and she was nothing but an empty suite. I was sooooooooo on team Carly!

Loved the Sonny and Carly scenes I find it funny how Sonny thinks Carly is using Johnny to get to him and that Johnny is using Carly to get to him. I feel bad for Sonny and I think heís a little jealous of Carly and Johnny as a couple but I also love a jealous Sonny even if heís trying to hide the fact heís jealous. I just hope their fight ends soon and that they will be able to work out the mess that happened last summer. This fight has gone on for far too long and you can tell it kills Sonny that Carly no longer has faith in him anymore. At first I was mad when Kate told Carly that Sonny said that it was hard for him to raise kids with Carly but Iím happy that Sonny corrected Kate and told her that Carly was a good mother. I think he just didnít correct Kate in front of Carly because heís upset with her.

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