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Title: 04/09/2012 show

LindyCFF - April 10, 2012 04:52 PM (GMT)

I donít know what Jonny was thinking but I knew right away there was no way that Michael would like the fact he is with his mother. Carly should have known it too and I think deep down she did. Iím just happy Carly and Michael didnít have a nasty fight like they did when Carly kept Jaxís secret because I hate it when Carly and Michael fight.

Loved the Sonny/Carly/Johnny scenes in yesterdayís show. I hate that Sonny and Carly are still fighting but at least its not as bad as before. I just wish they would mend their bond already!! LOL. Theyíve been fighting for far too long now and itís time for a BIG make up and a well written reunion LOL. Iím still hoping Carly will be the one to save Sonny from crazy Kate/Connie (not a spoiler

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